Chapter 5 – Blood Vacancy

Once again another awkward situation was invoked by Robin's 'friend'. After demanding a look at school reference books and begin denied Rebecca decided to take matters into her own hands. She called it 'borrowing'. Robin called it anything but 'borrowing' even after pleaing with her the books remained in their room still. Without much choice Robin only sat and watched as her 'friend' continued to scan throughout the books. Tossing them behind herself one after the other still looking for her answer.

"Dammit!" she groaned carelessly tossing aside yet another book. Quickly replacing it with another as Robin only stared. "How many books have you been through?" she asked losing count after a dozen.

"twenty three" she answered her eyes reading down the B's in order, making sure not to miss any.

"How many do you have left to go through?" Robin asked as she began stacking the books in an effort to clean up the growing mess.

"I borrowed about..." the girl paused and began counting aloud on her fingers. "one, two...".
"Forty one" she smiled but soon frowned finding nothing yet again. Tossing aside and continuing to look for her answer.

Robin could've reported her to the headmaster or anyone else for that matter but she too was curios about the new students ability. Blood Vacancy, Robin only heard of the ability through elders but to what extent it was capable of she was unsure. It had something to do with drinking ones blood but other than that little detail as to what the affects are. Only Damien would know for sure, or anyone he's ever used his trait on but the headstrong Rebecca had to look for herself.

"Why do none of these books have anything?" she moaned throwing down another pile as Robin stood looking down only at the handful of books remaining. "What's the use" Rebecca put her head down at her desk. The loud bang making Robin cringe even herself. A small wincing noise followed but soon subsided. "Does he say anything else to you besides, good morning or good evening?"

"He says my name" Robin answered.
"Not what I meant"
"No not really" she said shyly.

"You know what I think!" Rebecca shot up from her desk with a twinkle in her eye. Robin worried what the young girl was planning whenever she got that look in her eye something odd would occur. "I think I'm going to request a challenge".

Robin stood dumbfounded and in awe of her 'friend'. "You can't be serious" she finally said.
"And why not?" Rebecca pouted her arms folding up as she fell back into her seat.

"We don't know what he can do".
"That's why I'll challenge him"
"Exams are going to be soon shouldn't we be studying"
"Robin you know what happens after exams even then we're bound to figure it out, but I want to know sooner than later".

She was right Robin knew after the exams the field testing would begin and the craft users skills would be tested against one anther to get a feel for the real experience of a hunt. "But we-" Robin shook her head. "You can't go against him" she corrected herself.

"See you're curious too!" Rebecca pointed to her. "You said 'we' which means it's either you or me who will challenge him!".

Robin shook her head again in disbelief "Wait I'm not going to challenge him"
"Why not you're one of the most skilled craft users here".
"What about you?"
"Alchemist duh" the young girl argued.

"Is that going to be enough"
"Hopefully if not I always have my staff.

"Are you doing this in hopes he bites you?" Robin finally asked staring coldly back at her 'friend'.
"I'm not hoping he bites me, I'm hoping he bites somebody".

"How can you say such things" Robin looked away in disgust.
"I'm not trying to be mean or wish harm on anyone" Rebecca sighed. "If we can't find anything in these books we can add something in"

Robin finally had enough as she grabbed a hold of a stray book tossing it to her 'friend'. Who in turn caught it as the book opened in front of her. "Hey watch what your-" the girl paused. Her jaw dropped Robin looked on still in anger. "Robin"

"What?" she snapped back.
"Thank you" she smiled. Robin turned her head at a loss.

"Look!" she sprang off her chair revealing to Robin the page she opened to the first word read 'Blood Vacancy'. "It's amazing...maybe we should get into arguments more often!"

"What?" Robin snapped back.

"Right bad idea, but still without you we would never have found this!" the girl pulled her in for a hug. Robin found the small embrace awkward but to see her 'friend' smiling after their first real argument. "I think you should read it" she said handing her the book.

Robin looked down the focusing only on the top word as her 'friend' held it out to her. "Alright" she said giving in taking the book into her hands and looking down at the description.

"Blood Vacancy is a trait passed down only to families who have agreed to an unbreakable allegiance to the original Count Dracula. Many existing families are deceased but the few who are living are given the ability to control any individual after biting and consuming no less than five ounces of blood. The price of the ability is as followed. One, all family members will be cursed to die alone" Robin stopped reading taken back by the bit of information but needed to continue on for her 'friend'. "Two, no living family member is allowed to marry outside the original allegiance pact. Three, all carries of the Blood Vacancy trait will be cursed with the eyes of the soulless. Four, once the head of a family dies a new one must take their place by feeding upon..." Robin paused again.

"Feed upon what?" Rebecca asked awaiting anxiously for her to continue.

"Feed upon the flesh of a new born family member" Robin looked to her 'friend' at a loss for words. So too was Rebecca but there was still more to be read. "Affects of Blood Vacancy's are recorded as being either the most pleasant form of release or an excruciating sensation ripping throughout the body until being released, which will then result in the immediate state of motionlessness until reawakening"

"Wow..." the two stood silent as they looked back at one another. "Do you think he's ever...".
"Ever what?" Robin asked.
"You know...bitten anyone?"

Robin closed the book handing it back to her 'friend'. "I'm not sure what to think".
"Do you think we should go through with the challenge?"
"...Challenge him still?" Robin looked on in awe.

"Yeah, we know what to expect now"
"Did you not just hear what he is capable of?"
"That's only if he bites us"
"No only if he bites you" Robin said pointing back at her 'friend'.

"So your not going to challenge him?"
"I don't see why you should either"
"Robin I know this may be the only time we've spoken anything other than work but if he does ever commit one in the school...wouldn't you want to witness it?"

Curiosity once again was still in her mind, but Robin needed to avoid it at all costs. "I think we should just leave it alone now!" she said heading for the door.

"Your not going to tell anyone are you!"

"No, just take the books back and don't say anything to Damien!" she said opening the door.