TITLE: She's My Everythin'


A/N: Ah the end of this little series. Hope you enjoyed these slightly extended drabbles, many hugs to all!

She's my everythin'. Now I ain't one with words, always did prefer a good tussle and strong drink to conversationalizing. But I guess they gotta be said sometime, an' now seems as good a time as any. When the girl first came aboard, 'part from the nekkidness, I couldn't see a damn good thing that could come of her stayin' on.

Course it didn't help that her brother had his head up his pi gu and the Alliance was on their tail. Guess it also didn't help that she was occasionally prone to some serious slashing of my own self. So a body can't be blamed if it looked like I was the last person on earth ta be sayin' any o' this.

But the girl is like a damn virus. Ain't necessarily her fault, she can't help all that long hair and those legs. But even if she is a fine piece of pretty it's still strange ta be confronted wit' all that crazy wrapped up in one little person.

Course, that was before I seen her jump through them blast doors.

Gotta admit, it got kinda hard ta look at her like a little crazy girl after that. Ain't no little girl who stood there when them doors was open, ain't no little girl who held them blades, who felled all them monsters. Not sure what that was, but it sure weren't no little girl.

It was a weapon, a damn shiny one too.

Now, anybody who knows me knows I can't go past a good weapon. 'Specially not when it's got legs up to here and a mind like quicksilver. But it also had a fearsome roundhouse and a brother who knew needles all manner of well. So it took me a while ta add it ta the arsenal, so ta speak.

Actually, I'm man 'nuff ta admit that she kinda did the adding. Seems unfair ta 'xpect a man ta say no when he's cornered in his own bunk by all that bare girl skin an' long curly hair.

Yeah yeah Ma, I'll get ta the point.

Point is, pretty soon I realized it weren't just the sexin'.

Ma, quit interruptin'.

Girl got's a sense of humour that's like ta make me blush, an' all manner o' shiny know how when it comes ta firearms and fightin'. Helps too that she's a gorram Reader, means I ain't gotta 'xplain e'ry lil thing I'm tryin' ta say. Keeps me from actin' like her fool brother when it comes ta talkin'.

She's my gun, my laughter, my right hand, my mate. She makes me wanna be better jus' so's I can stand next ta her proudly. Makes me wanna spend the rest o' my life showin' her how ruttin' grateful I am that she chose me. She don' care that I ain' all that smart, cuz she knows she got's enough smarts fer the both o' us.

Shiny as it is ta be callin' her my wife today, it don't seem to really cover everythin' the girl is ta me. So I guess I can just wrap it up with this.

She's my everythin'.

A/N: Thanks for reading guys!