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~ A Cold and Broken Phoenix ~

Love extinguished in an instant.
That cold white tomb.
Masterless? Friendless.
Swept into the shadows of solitude.
Alone, so alone.
A cold and broken phoenix,
Fading, falling.
Scattering senseless sparks.
I loved you.
Frozen feathers folding.
Dissolving to diamond dust.
Shards that are now shattered like glass,
Small and sharp, stinging the skin of those who unwittingly walk over them.
Settling into sediment.
... not rising.
Ascension is evermore unacceptable.
Black death and black rebirth.
From the ashes, something is born.
But it is not the phoenix, not anymore.
That bird is gone.



A/N: The last sentence is seven words (Kare wa kōri no ō to naru.), and it translates to "He becomes the ice king."

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