After the previous day I'd been on sensory overload. Why didn't I take an aspirin before I went to bed? …I rubbed my forehead remembering Emmett helping me upstairs.

"Knock, knock'

I rolled over and pulled the pillow over my head.

"Come on sleepyhead, Sunshine and blue skies await you…"

"Not yet Alice, I need sleep" she persisted for another 5 minutes before realizing I was NOT getting up yet.

"Ok but everyone is heading to the beach …" she didn't finish

"Don't care, don't wanna move"

"Have it your way but I'm coming back and bringing reinforcements" she closed the door behind her. I loved Alice but my brain needed down time and she only wanted the best for me. I knew she was trying to get my mind off the fact Anthony would be gone most of the summer and was secretly trying to keep me from slipping into sweatpants and buckets of ice cream until his return.

Silence came again and what later seemed like 5 minutes had actually been a few hours.

I squinted as I looked at the clock. "3:00 that can't be right" my stomach grumbled and the fog in my head had lifted, time for a shower.

A few minutes later I had slipped into my blue bikini and was brushing out my hair.

Alice had pulled into the drive, "Have you eaten?"

I didn't have to respond before she was handing me a sandwich and chips.

"Game is on at 4:30 and then we're heading over to Jaspers"

"Whatever you say Al, sorry it took so long for me to snap out of it"

"No worries honey, you've been busting your ass all year and now it's all about relaxing and enjoying some down time"

Um, with Alice there is no such thing as down time, mkay.

"Thanks, I'm not sure I'm up for the game though."

"I think we've got enough people so we should be fine but I'm not making any promises."

An hour later we were chillin on the beach, waves crashing on the shore and the sweet smell of salt in the air.

I found a spot in the shade and spread out on a lounge, shades on eyes closed.

I must've dozed again, I woke up to Alice making her move.

"Bella, we need one more come on, I said No promises"

"Ok give me a minute, I'll be right there" I rolled over to see Edward beside me, book in hand.

"Hey" he smiled, "I'll fill in for you if you're not up for it?" preparing to remove his glasses and put the book down.

"Thank you, I'm just gonna get wet before I start, you know wake me up a bit"


I was out and refreshed, feeling wide awake. The game went pretty quick and the guys kept hogging the ball, go figure, so I bowed out early. Thirty minutes later we were on to Jaspers' but not before I took another dip.

When I went back for my shades Edward was gone and I didn't see him again until later that night.

The party at Jaspers was like any other except I pretty much kept to myself. Alice tried to get to me to loosen up but my heart just wasn't in it; so much to think about, Anthony had only been gone two days and it felt like a week.

Amazing how different he and his brother were, Anthony had a big heart but sometimes it seemed like it was all about him. Where did I fit, we'd been together for almost a year now but there were times I couldn't help but feel closer to his brother. It seemed like Edward knew what I was thinking before I did.

I knew he'd be there for me the day of the race because he understood how much I wanted this, to go out with a win. Anthony knew it was important but he'd been so caught up with his scholarship and all that was involved. I was happy he showed up to say goodbye even though we'd officially said them the night before, I couldn't shake the feeling there were things left unsaid.

"Earth to Bella" Rose came over with 2 shot glasses, "Are you with me?"

"Yes, ma'am what are we drinkin?"

"Sex on the Beach bb, Sex on the beach"

"K, Rose how appropriate, where's Em?" she pointed to Emmett who stood facing her not 10 feet away.

3 shots later I found myself out on the pier. I saw a figure sitting at the end and made my way closer to the water. "Alice is that you?" I knew it wasn't

"No, just me"

I leaned down to sit next to him and my foot slipped over the side, the next thing I felt two strong arms around me lifting me up onto the pier dripping wet as I coughed.

"You okay? How much have you had to drink?" he said wringing his shirt out.

I just looked at him, everything seemed to run together, "Yeah, too much I guess"

"Let's get you inside" he was giving me the once over, something about the way his arms felt around me...

"Can we just sit for a minute?" I didn't want to go in.

"Well, let me go get you a towel," he went to move away

"No, don't go, just for a minute then we'll go in"

He agreed and we sat farther back from the edge this time and when I started shaking he wouldn't take No for an answer and we went back in.

"You guys go for a swim?" Emmett asked shooting Edward a look.

Alice looked at me, eyes getting Big and came right over.

"Funny" Edward said running his hand through his hair, "there's a loose board down at the end." he looked over at me with a smile seeing Alice was fixing me up.