A/N: Here is the latest fic inspired by a #BonesBBDirtyDoings conversation on Twitter. Much thanks to B_BequalsLOVE for the quick read through and suggestions!


As Booth walked through the door carrying his treasures from the lower liquor store, he had a wicked glint in his eye and some extra pep in his step. He walked into the kitchen, placed the brown paper bag on the counter, and pulled out the Patron.

Grabbing the bottle, he skipped to his room, in a manly fashion of course, and prepared the room for this evening. With the lights dimmed to a barely there glow and the Tequila bottle shimmering on the bed side table, all that was missing was the naked body he needed to complete the scene.

As if the timing was planned, there was a knock at his door. With a smile and a shake of his head, he opened the door to a site that still takes his breath away.

"Bones, how many times do I have to tell you? You don't have to knock. Just come in."

With only a smile as her response, Brennan walked across the threshold and into the warm, strong arms awaiting her. With her head resting against him, she ran her hands slowly from his shoulders to his elbows and back up again. She felt every ripple and muscle and thinks she may now understand what Angela meant by "arm porn".

As she pulled away and looked into his eyes, she saw as much heat in his as she was feeling in her core. With a low growl, Booth said "If you keep looking at me like that, I won't even make it to the bedroom!"

With a snorting laugh, the likes of which only she could pull off as cute, Brennan pulled him along towards the room. Once they were through the door, she took in the view and turned towards Booth.



"In bed?"

"Uh huh"

"Where are the shot glasses?"

"We won't need them"

"Then what will we use?"

"Our bodies. They're called body shots"

"Body shots?"

"Yep. You'll see"

Then, just like that, hands were moving to touch and remove articles of clothing. Mouths were moving to kiss and moan sounds of approval. Legs were steadily moving them towards the bed, and by the time they got there, all clothes had been shed.

With a light shove and kisses that followed her down, Booth had Brennan on her back in the middle of the bed. Covering his body with hers, he continued his feather light kisses, moving from head to toe. Once he was done and on his way back up her body, he grabbed the Tequila bottle and dish holding the lime and salt.

Booth raised both her legs, knees bent and feet on the bed. The space between her hips and thighs made a sweet pocket he was powerless against. As he poured, the liquid pooled over her mound, and as he bent to take his first shot of the night, he couldn't resist a swipe of his tongue against her already swollen clit.

The shock of the chilled liquid and lightning bolts of desire that shot through her body made goose bumps appear all over her flesh. She purred and moaned, and bucked her hips, hoping for more.

Booth's next shot was in one of the more obvious places, her belly button. He poured enough to fill the small area and before diving in, he traced the surrounding skin with his tongue. The action caused a whimper to escape her lips and the sheets to be wrinkled in her clenched fists.

Booth knew the next shot could be his undoing. He instructed Brennan to scoot towards the head of the bed, with her upper body raised at a 45 degree angle. He then took her hands and placed them on the outsides of her breasts and pushed them towards the center of her body. He poured the Tequila and watched as it collected in her ample cleavage. He licked her left taut nipple, and then coated it in the salt from the plate. He took the lime and softly squeezed and rubbed the juice onto the left side of her neck. With all the preparations completed, it was time. He licked the salt off her puckered nipple and went face first into the glistening pool. Raising his head, he bent down again to suck the lime juice off of her waiting neck.

Brennan's writhing and moaning fed his lust as he sucked harder, clasped his hands in hers, and pressed the tip of his rock hard cock against her slick folds. He had a few more shots planned, but now those plans went out the damn window. With him positioned at her entrance, there was no way he could do anything other than grunt as he pushed forward into her sweet tight heaven.

As he was buried inside of her, he paused and rested his forehead against hers and said "I just have to be still for a second, baby. If I move now, it will all be over." She knew she should be still, but she just couldn't help but move. She shifted slightly, causing Booth to slip from her just an inch, then moved back into position, having him fill her again. Booth growled then kissed her lips roughly, biting her lower lip before pulling back to look in her eyes.

"I told you I needed to be still but you just couldn't listen, could you?"

She knew he wasn't angry, just that his willpower was being tested like never before. As she leaned up to kiss him, her breasts touched his chest and he snapped. He pulled completely out and then slammed back into her, repeating the motion over and over. Every nerve in Brennan's body was on alert, feeling every inch ramming inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked her feet behind his back, ensuring he went as deep as physically possible.

With each and every pound, Brennan's clit was being assaulted in the most pleasurable way. Booth would press against it, and then release that pressure, repeating the pattern over and over. Soon it was too much and the explosion that began in her core radiated outward and felt as if that energy had shot out through her fingertips and toes. As soon as Booth felt her walls loosen their grip, he let loose his own climax, pulsing and shooting against her cervix.

Booth quickly switched their positions, him on the bottom and Brennan half sprawled across his body. Her head rested on his chest, her hair looking wild. His arms were around her, and her right leg was draped across him. There was no time or energy to do anything other than fall victim to sleep, both their bodies satiated and content.