Title: Metempsychosis

Summary: AU In another universe, Zack Fair died during the massacre and burning of Nibelheim. Cloud Strife died during Hojo's experiments and Calamity destroyed the Planet. So, Zack Fair is sent back in order to ensure Gaia's life.

Characters: Zack and Angeal is the main pairing. There will hints of others.

Warning: Work safe now, but not later. But there will be cuddling. I'm such a wuss for cuddling! And angst. And it's AU and time-travel. The wonders of AU's and time-travel. *smiles and hums*.


Metempsychosis: the transmigration of the soul, esp. the passage of the soul after death from a human or animal to some other human or animal body.


Everything was vague. The pain, the screams and yells, the voices. He felt fuzzy. Liked he was buzzed from alcohol and someone had put ear plugs on him. He could dully feel and hear the deep thumps of his heart, the swishing noise resonating in his ear.

"This one…take him down to ShinRa Mansion's basement,"

He could hear, but only faintly. Tamed down. His super-hearing seemed to have gone from sensitive to almost nonexistent. But what he heard made him faintly feel the tiny muscles near his mouth twist into a grimace. Oily. Slimy. Like sludge dripping into his ears.

'Hojo,' his brain supplied him. 'It's Hojo.'

Why was Hojo here? Why was he here? He couldn't remember. It was

so vague and he couldn't recall why and where and how andwhathappenedwhereisit…?

'Nibelheim,' his mind whispered. 'Nibelheim. Mission. Sephiroth.'


And then it all rushed back.

Mission. Nibelheim. Cloud, Tifa, At the …itwassupposetobeaneasymission…! What else? What else? What else was he missing? Something vital. Something important!

"Sephiroth…you've surely done it this time…"


Sephiroth had seen the tanks. Those disgusting things in those tanks. Hojo's experiments. The disgust, the horror, the startling realization.

'But he's not one of them…he's not!'

And it was true. Sephiroth…Sephiroth was better. Sephiroth was cold and awkward, and he rejected everyone ever since Genesis and Angeal died an-

Pain. Pain. In his chest, his head, his eyes. Stinging and sharp.

'Don't remember that,' his brain scolded. 'Stop remembering that!'

Focus he told himself. Focus! Nibelheim. Cloud. Tifa. The small town in flames with the harsh smell of burning wood and sulfur he breathed in heavy in his nose and lungs. And Sephiroth…Sephiroth has been the one to do it.

'Why? Why? Whywhywhyhowcouldyou?'

But he already knew. Not because Sephiroth was crazy, though certainly the man he considered his friend was slowly walking down the path of insanity, but because of someone else. Not just because of the death of his…friends. Not just because of Jenova, the blue bitch. Not because of anyone but…

'Hojo. It's all because of Hojo!'

Hojo. The man who had never allowed Sephiroth to have a mother or father. The man who always prodded and poked and sliced and got into the General's mind just because he could…The disgusting man who…

And with his thoughts, Zack Fair, First Class SOLDIER of ShinRa, dawned upon a horrifying conclusion.

'He knew. Hojo knew this would happen!'

It all made sense. The reason why two high class military men from ShinRa would come to such a small town. Why they were sent here, to a reactor old and outdated. Why they had to see Jenova, those terrible things in the tanks, everything…

'For what? For what? So Sephiroth can take over the world. So the 'Cetra' could rule over Gaia again? What was the reason?'

Zack could hardly think, hardly see, hardly breathe. His heart was sluggish and slow and he could feel aches and searing pain all over his body.

Death was coming for him.

'No! No! Nonononono! I can't die!'

He was on his last reserves, the last steps to the race. He could feel his life drain away as he rocked back and forth to a stuttering rhythm. He was moving away, farther away. Away from the mako reactor, away from Sephiroth and Hojo, away from Nibelheim. Away from life.

And…just when he felt the last of his heart pound, the last of his faint breathing just fade and stop, he heard faintly…

"Interesting…I can use him as a new sample."


And with that, Zack Fair, died.


A/N: That's the prologue of this story and I hoped everyone enjoyed it! This was something I thought somewhere last year and because everything right now is calm and clear for once, I have decided to take up writing again. My other stories right will be on a standstill, but I hope to get this one finished soon!

This story will contain explicit male on male sex, cursing, and such. If you are going to complain even though I have warned you, you shall be treated with contempt and disdain. You shall also be ridiculed and laughed at. With that said, be warned.

I took lines from Final Fantasy: The Last Order, a full account story to what happened in Nibelheim. The lines were:

"This one…take him down to ShinRa Mansion's basement,"

"Interesting…I can use him as a new sample."

And for the people confused about who the new sample is…it's Cloud. Obviously, Zack died. In the Last Order, Cloud managed to 'beat' Sephiroth and Hojo started to take an interest. Cloud then became a new specimen for Hojo.

Alright! That's it people! This is meant to be short, since it is the prologue, but the chapters afterwards will be a bit longer of course. Please leave any comments or reviews and give your opinion on this story. If you do not like the story, then don't bother reading it. If you do enjoy the story, then a quick comment or criticism would be nice. Any mistakes can be pointed out and I will try to correct.

Author's Notes will not be this long from now on. Read and Review, please.