I went to the grocery store today with my Mom, and I saw these cookies and they made me think of this. I had it half written in my head while I was looking at yogurt.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who but I do have a box of Ginger Family cookies in the closet…

She strides through isles in the grocery store, picking up the items she will need for the next few days. Then, at the end of an isle she sees a display for biscuits, and holiday biscuits at that. Shaking her head at the fact that it was Halloween and there were another two months before St. Nick would come down the chimney, she picks up the box.

Ginger Family the box proclaimed and she smiles before a memory hits her.

She is standing in a dark museum room somewhere in France in front of a painting by her favorite painter of all time, Vincent Van Gogh, 'Vase with 12 Sunflowers'. She turns away from the inscription that now runs along a crack in the vase, where it now reads "for Amy". The man at her side envelops her in a hug as she cries, comforting her as she cries for the man who knew her briefly, who proposed to her, who painted sunflowers for her. The man beside her mentions the children she could have had with him, calling their supposed child "the ultimate ginger".

She smiles as she remembers what could have been, her and Vincent Van Gogh and a horde of ginger children- a ginger family. She takes the box and sets it in the cart, thinking of her family; Rory, who grew up with her and took everything in stride as she insisted on the existence of the other man in her heart and life, The Doctor. River Song comes to mind next, and then she thinks of her daughter, River, named for the blond hair she had sported as a newborn by the Doctor. Then she thinks of the unborn child she just learned the existence of that morning, and how happy her parents and aunt will be of by the news. Then she thinks of the reactions of Rory, who will insist he will be the one to name this child, the Doctor who she will ring up just before River goes to bed, and River Song who will want to have the rights to name this one. She smiles, wondering if River would finally let the Doctor's name slip in an attempt to name the child after him. She knows this one will be a boy, even if it is too early to tell.

She walks to the check out a smile on her face as she thinks of what is and what might have been and the world she loves that started with a seven-year-old, fish custard and a blue police box.

There is a little green button waiting to be clicked!