Soul Bond
Poisoned Scarlet

Summary: "We can't just do this because you think it might somehow improve our soul bond. You have to... want it." He fisted his hand, staring at the dusty floor. "You have to trust me."
M for sexual situations/themes.
Genre: Romance/Humor.
Pairing: Soul/Maka.
Authors Note: I'm not going all the way with this. No lemon, just light lime. I just thought it had to be rated M for mature themes...
Story Note:
I got this idea after reading Soul Eater Vol 4. There's a drawing of a small book falling out of the bag Blair bought the lingerie in and I could just imagine Maka picking it up, reading it, subsequently scarring herself, one day...

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater.

"Whoa..." She trailed off, rolling on her back, immersed in the small book in her hand. The clock on her nightstand read 10:53 pm and the frostbitten wind outside pounded on her tightly shut window harshly. But all she did was wiggle down the bed and draw in the curtains with her toes, eyes glued on the text.

She never knew sex actually had a process.

She would admit she wasn't the most experienced player in the game but she did know the basic functions of sex. She knew it felt good (or so Blair and Liz had told her) and she knew it was the most intimate of rituals up to date – almost matching Soul Resonance although Maka thought sex would be more intimate, for the sole reason that she didn't feel like hiding herself from Soul whenever they were tightly bond by resonance but she felt extremely self-conscious just walking into the living room, where he usually dwelled in during the evenings.

But this small book – the blasted book her papa had bought her, along with lewd lingerie which had been given to her by Blair around a year ago – explained that sex was more than just a 'hit it and quit it' type of deal, as everyone said nowadays.

It was an art.

A beautiful art.

Maka analytically gazed at the illustrations, reading the small text that lined below. Some of the positions looked difficult and impossible, others just plain weird, but the objective of each was to produce unimaginable pleasure.

Kama... Sutra...

That was the books title.

It originated in India, from what she could infer.

And they were freakin' brilliant, as she rolled on her stomach and flipped a page. She was nearly done with it and she was eager to finish it despite herself. She supposed it would be odd for someone like her to be so interested in such a taboo topic but Maka was more intrigued by the fact that, as the little side-notes mentioned, soul bonding (thus soul resonance) reached its strongest point after such an experience...

Sex can... actually make me stronger?

The sentence sounded so wrong in so many ways but it made sense.

To even go through such a feat, you needed someone you truly trusted.

Maka didn't think she'd let herself be touched by anyone...

Except Soul.

She shot up in bed, mouth slack with the realization.

She had never felt quite comfortable among other men. The only other boys she didn't mind were Kid and Black Star, perhaps Ox and Harvar and the school faculty, but any new male that came down her path was mostly avoided or kept at a distance until she could deem him harmless.

But Soul was on an entire different platform than every other boy – he was at the top. He was the only one she'd trust with her life, her soul, and, apparently, her body.

Maka shut the book, a few pages left to read still, with cheeks flaring red. She knew she wasn't much to look at, even though she at least managed to grow a big enough chest so no one could mistake her a boy, but she wasn't Blair or Tsubaki or Liz or Patty.

She was Maka.

And she could honestly say she wasn't much.

Drab ashy blonde hair, seemingly empty green eyes, conservative collared shirts matched with regular plaid skirts, silver-strapped combat boots... she was all over the place.

She wasn't necessarily 'boring' but not 'exciting', either.

She the middle?


She didn't even rate on the scale.

Maka flipped through the book idly, glancing at some of the positions illustrated on the pages, choosing out her favorites absently, and wondering if she'd ever find someone she could even try it with... more blood stained her cheeks, as she forced her thoughts to take this scientifically... but Soul was the only candidate now, sadly...

"Ugh! No, he's not!" Maka hissed under her breath, clutching the book tightly in her hands. "Who'd want that jerk, anyway?" Maka knew the answer to that: a lot of girls. It was probably another thing to consider: Soul was cool, even cooler now that they were older. And with cool came popularity. Soul had entire blocks of girls ready to lose their virginity to him at a seconds notice.

Tall girls, short girls, curvacious girls... all types of girls.

Maka felt that bitterness bubble in her stomach; climb up her throat and sear her chest. She sat up and scooted against her headboard, drawing her legs up to rest her chin on her knees. She didn't have that many suitors – if any at all, actually. She hadn't very much thought about going on dates or getting a boyfriend – she had been more concerned with converting Soul into a Death Scythe and becoming stronger in the process; to try and defeat evil witches like Medusa while trying to combat the black blood that ran through both her and Soul's bodies...

Her life had been too hectic one and a half years ago.

Now that it calmed down a little, she was at a loss for her next goal.

Maka was the type of girl who needed an ambition; something to keep her going even when things got rough. Turning Soul into a Death Scythe was still a goal that needed to be reached but having side-goals wasn't a bad thing. It helped distract her when she reached a road block. But she guessed having the ambition 'find a person, male, who she can trust enough to have sex with' wasn't a very ethical goal to have in mind...

But finding someone to test that theory of strengthening ones soul responses', and how it affected Soul Resonance, was...

Maka sighed.

She'd need to find someone she trusted unconditionally either way; someone who was also a weapon to test the Soul Resonance part...

And only one person fit the criteria at the moment.

The door creaked open and Soul stuck his head in, calling: "I bought take-out!" and watching his meister sluggishly nod and toss the book on the rumpled bedsheets.

"What'd you buy?" Maka asked, walking past him while he followed.

"Chinese." Soul shrugged. "It's the only type that's still open at eleven."

"Well, you're lucky I'm in the mood for Chinese!" Maka smiled over her shoulder, taking out the Styrofoam packet from the bag and opening it. Wrinkling her nose when she smelled shrimp rolls, she figured that was Soul's and slid the box to him, watching him dig around the plastic bag and take out a plastic fork before digging into his meal.

Maka's own meal had all her favourite's and she happily sat down to start her late dinner. It had been Soul's turn to cook but Maka didn't mind eating take out every once in a while – although she rather did enjoy Soul's cooking. It wasn't as bad as many people thought it was.

"Hey, Black Star asked if we wanted to come with him on some new mission he's taking tomorrow." Soul asked, slurping up some noodles. "Wanna' go?"

Maka frowned. "What type of mission?"

"Something easy." Soul answered vaguely. "He just told me Sid gave him the assignment after school and allowed him to bring someone along. I think it's one of those special remedial lessons or something... he's failed way too many classes to get out of it." He snickered.

Maka snorted. "Serves him right. Tsubaki's passing all of her classes – it's not all that hard to copy from her!"

Soul rose an impressed brow. "I thought you were against cheaters."

"I am." Maka swallowed her food, adding loftily: "But Black Star's such a moron he has no other choice!"

Soul busted out laughing, as she drank from the can of soda Soul had set out for her.

The front door was thrown open and Maka looked up to see Blair bouncing in happily, for once not dressed scantily but in a long black coat with high-heeled boots. She had a few bags in her arms and Maka had reason to believe the magical cat had gone out shopping before coming home.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be at work right now?" Soul asked, glancing at the clock. She usually worked all night and slept all day.

"Nya~! Blair has the day off tonight!" She rose her bags, shaking them in his face smugly. Soul just rolled his eyes. "So Blair went shopping! Ooh, and I got this pretty skirt for Maka-chan!" Blair excitedly rushed to Maka, digging around some bags to take out a short leather skirt. "You'd look so cute it in it, Maka-chan! Do you like it?"

Maka placed her fork down, taking the skirt from her and eying the length. It was definitely shorter than her usual red plaid skirt, which was saying something, and Maka had a feeling she'd have to stand perfectly straight if she wanted no one to catch a glimpse of her underwear... "I don't know Blair, isn't it a little too short?"

Blair giggled, waving her hand dismissively. "Of course not! Of course not! It's just right!"

"Does it even fit me?" Maka muttered.

"If it doesn't, Blair can adjust it using her magic!" Blair waved a finger around, winking at her. "But I think I got your size right!"

"I guess you can also fix the length if it's too short..." Maka reasoned, surveying the skirt. It wasn't bad – it was actually pretty nice. She liked the sew-like design that traced straight up the side of the skirt...

"Mmhmm!" Blair beamed. She clasped her hands together happily. "Ooh! Put it on now, put it on now!"

Maka groaned. "Blair, it's about to be midnight! Can't I do it tomorrow?"

Blair pouted, putting on her cutest face. "Pwease~? Blair promises to make it longer if it's too short!" She bargained, batting her lashes at the resilient meister.

Maka heaved a sigh and gave into the cats request, lifting herself off her chair with Blair happily cheering behind her. She caught Soul trying to glimpse the leather skirt she held in her hand and she purposely pulled it away from sight; somehow wanting this to be a surprise even though he already knew what it was.

It fit her like a glove.

Maka wondered if Blair had been raiding her things again as she checked herself. It was definitely short, showing more leg than usual, and since it didn't flow out like her school skirt, it accentuated her rear a little too much to be comfortable. And Maka could firmly say that if she even bent a little, her underwear would show completely. She could guess how horrifying walking would be...

Blair needed to fix the length.

Maka exited the bathroom, tugging down the leather skirt irately. "Hey, Blair, could you make it a little longer? It's too short!"

Blair's eyes twinkled deviously. She titled her head to the side, tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth as she surveyed the skirt on her frame. She nodded proudly. "Blair thinks it's okay!"


"Whoa!" Soul braked to a stop, holding an unopened can of soda in his hand. He had come from the refrigerator and missed her entrance. "Wh-what the hell is that?" Soul pointed accusingly at her skirt. "That is way too short!"

"I know!" Maka snapped, tugging it down a little more with pink cheeks. "But Blair won't make it longer!"

"Blair thinks it's fine..." The devious cat innocently said.

"But I don't!" Both Soul and Maka shouted in unison.

"Look!" Maka shook off the strange look she received from Soul. "Just make it longer or I'm not wearing it. I can't even bend without this thing showing more than it's supposed to..." Maka tugged on the sides for emphasis.

"Hmm..." Blair snapped her fingers and, without notice, a huge traveling bag came careening towards her.

Her reflexes kicked in.

"ACK!" Maka jerked back, catching the huge traveling bag awkwardly. It was heavy as well, so she felt herself fall back before she could stop. Maka ended up tossing the thing to the side and flipping back, landing on her feet unsteadily again and dangerously glaring at Blair, who was giggling madly into her hands. "What the hell was that for, Blair! You could've really hurt me, you know!"

"Blair thinks your right! It is too short!" Blair snorted into her hand, gold eyes shifting slyly to her right, where Soul was adamantly staring to the side, sniffling very loudly.

"And what's wrong with you?" Maka snapped at Soul, who only kept sniffling. "It's summer, for crying out loud! Don't tell me you caught a summer cold!"

"I'm not sick!" Soul growled, vigorously wiping a hand under his nose. "I'm just... allergic."

"To what?" Maka exasperatedly asked. "Blair's perfume or something?"

"Y-yeah! Blair's perfume!" Soul quickly agreed, sniffling loudly again. "It's making my nose itchy!" His eyes widened when he caught a stain of red on the back of his hand and he made pointed effort in rubbing the blood off on his pants...

"Um..." Maka eyed him suspiciously. He looked too nervous to be telling the truth. She thought she caught the smear of blood on his lip, too. "Are you—?"

"Neh, Maka!" Blair bounced forward, taking her by the shoulder. "I've got this cute little jacket you should try on! It'd complete the outfit, nya~! C'mon! I'll show it to you!"

"Huh? W-wait, no, Blair—!"

Blair ignored her protests and dragged her down the hall and into Soul's room, to the closet where she'd pushed all his clothes out and filled with her own against his will. She dug around for a moment before pulling the jacket out, slipping it onto Maka quickly and admiring her handiwork. "See? Aw, you look so cute, Maka-chan!"

The jacket was leather, too.

Now all the needed was a motocycle—she didn't even want to finish that thought, Soul's monstrous bike parked down in the lot pushed to the farthest recesses of her mind.

Maka groaned. "Blair, I'm not some doll you could just dress up!"

Blair pouted. "You don't like it?"

"No! I-I really like it but—!"

"Then Maka-chan will like this, too!" Blair leaped into her closet once more, digging around for that other piece of clothing to stick on Maka. The girl, however, just glumly looked around the room, eyes landing on the headphones that hung on the post of Soul's bed. She'd like to just put those on and crank up Soul's iPod to some alternative to pass the time but she knew Blair wouldn't let her...

Kamasutra... Maka remembered abruptly, going back to her melancholic mood. She was still a virgin in many ways but Blair worked in the most sinful place in all of Death City; a place where sex and temptation was glorified and even paid for. Perhaps she would be able to aid her in this foreign subject. "Hey... Blair?"


"Can I ask you a question?" Maka shifted, holding onto her arm self-consciously."It's... something I've been thinking about for a while now... and..." She could trust Blair with these questions, right? The cat could be loyal when she felt like it and since she was complying to her wishes... Blair wouldn't embarrass her, would she?

Maka didn't know how to answer that, as her face warmed.

Blair stopped raiding the closet to face her. Her wide gold eyes blinked curiously, the cat ears she had been too lazy to remove from the top of her head twitching at the nervous and uncertain tone of her friend. "What is it, Maka-chan? You know you can tell Blair your problems, nya~!"

"Do you remember that day a long time ago?" Maka began, quietly. "The day I took the Ultimate Written Exam and papa sent me some... inappropriate clothing?"

Blair nervously laughed. It had curiously also been the day she had splurged and totally wasted the money her friends papa had told her to use to buy said girl a book... "Yes, what about it?"

"Well, along with the lingerie, there was this book..." Maka trailed off, Blair's eyes widening at the significance. Yes, it had been the sexual position book she'd bought along with the outfit! Now Blair remembered where she had left it!

"Oh! Yes! What about it?" Blair asked, curiously. "I've been looking for that book!"

"There's this line in it..." Maka said, recalling the words. "It says—!"

"Wait, read the book?" Blair deviously grinned, leering down at Maka, who felt her face redden at the cats twinkling gold eyes. "Oh ho ho! My, my, Maka-chan, aren't you a little pervert!" Blair giggled at Maka's indignant splutters, her cheeks a splash of cherry red.

"Blair!" Maka growled. "Focus! This is really important to me!"

Blair swallowed the last of her giggles to answer: "O-okay. Blair will be serious!" She took a deep breath and straightened her face. "There!"

Maka just rolled her eyes. "As I was saying, there's this line in the book that says that through sex one can actually strengthen the bond between a weapon and a meister, therefore increasing resonance rate. Is that true?"

Blair hummed in thought. "I guess. I don't know."

"You've... done it before, right?" Maka hesitantly asked.

"Yep!" Blair nodded. "Lot's of times!" She purred, arching a brow at her.

Maka ignored the look to continue: "You haven't felt it, then?"

"Well..." Blair's eyes dulled little. "I think I felt something like that once."

Maka perked up at this. All hope wasn't lost! "Really? When?"

"My first time..." Blair murmured, a little sadly. "I felt complete...when I was with him. And every other time since then. Like there wasn't anything else I needed but him. My magic was at its strongest during those days. I trusted him a lot – he was my first master!" Blair added, gazing at the floor depressingly. "But... he passed away a long time ago..."

Maka bit her lip. "Oh... Blair, I'm so sorry..."

Blair forced a smile on her face. "It's okay! Blair will be fine! Blair has you and Soul now to keep her company!" She fidgeted, obviously not comfortable talking about the first person who owned her. "Blair will be fine as long as she has you two!"

Maka smiled slightly.

"But..." Blair grinned, mischievously. "Does Maka want her first time to be with Soul-kun~?"

"EH!" Maka choked, the faint sound of a head thumping against wood sounding from the bedroom door. "N-no! Who the heck would want to lose it to that jerk, anyway!"

Blair cackled, seeing straight through her lie. "Maka wants to lose it to Soul-kun! Maka wants to lose it to Soul-kun~!"

"I do not!" Maka argued weakly, unable to come up with a response to her chant. It was technically true... "I was just wondering if that had anything to do with strengthening the soul! That's all! You can have the dumb book back, too!" Maka shouted, acerbically. "Some of the positions are just ridiculous and physically impossible anyway!"

"Uh huh!" Blair giggled at her red face.

"Whatever!" Maka sighed, face returning back to normal. "I guess I'll just have to ask Professor Stein about it if I ever want to get a straight answer..."

"Maka-chan, asking a teacher about their sex life is harassment, nya? It's like when I'm at work! No one can ask about my private life or who've I've been with before because it goes against code!" Blair laughed at Maka's gaping face.

"I'm not going to ask Professor Stein about his-his sex life! Ew! That's just gross!" Maka shuddered, definitely not wanting to tread down those waters. "I'm just going to ask him if sex has anything to do with strengthening the bond between weapon and meister or empowering the soul itself! It might be useful for future—!"

"Because Maka wants to lose it to Soul-kun~!" Blair sang. "Ooh! I can't wait to tell Soul-kun! He'll be so happy—!"

"I DO NOT!" Maka shouted, trembling in both embarrassment and rage. "You—just—ugh! Just go to work, Blair!"

"But Blair has the night off—!"

"NOW!" Maka screeched, pointing to the door. Blair zipped out the door with stifled giggles, patting Soul on the head as she did.

But she backtracked, going back to the spot where Soul sat, rubbing his forehead as Blair had slammed the door open right on it. "Oh! And, by the way, Soul-kun!" Blair lowered her voice conspiratorially. "Go in slowly – it hurts a lot if you go in too fast, m'kay?"

"Wh-what the hell are you talking about, you bewitching cat!" Soul stuttered, swallowing thickly at her smiling face.

"Maka-chan might be very strong but she is still a girl, m'kay? You have to go slowly! She's very delicate! She comes first!" Blair winked at his reddening face. "In both senses!"

Soul gaped openly at her audacity, choking out something that resembled "what the fuck!" when Blair dropped a single, square, packet that looked an awful lot like a condom in his lap...

"Be safe! Bye bye! Blair shall be back tomorrow!" Blair hurried out of the hall and slammed the front door behind her, Soul staring down the path she had left with his jaw slack.

His fingers curled into tight fists, kicking the packet away from him furiously.

She didn't seem to understand the situation – not like he did.

"...dumb cat... should've taken all her nine lives when I had the chance..." Maka grumbled under her breath, coming out of the room after fixing the mess the persnickety cat had left behind. She paused when she caught Soul sitting on the floor by the door, gazing distractedly across from him. "Soul?"

He didn't respond.

Maka bent, squinting at him. "Soul...? Hello? Earth to Soul Eater—ah!" Maka jerked back when Soul snapped his head up to her, eyes giving her a small glimpse into the conflict he'd been pondering about. But the glimpse was not enough for her to figure out what it was.

"Maka..." He muttered, thoughtfully.

Maka just frowned at him. He had been acting weird the entire evening! "Here, I haven't mopped the floor yet so it's dirty." She extended her hand to him, wondering why he first looked at her, as if trying to figure something out, before he took her hand with a glaze of disillusion in his rogue eyes. "It's late – it's going to be one in the morning." Maka commented, guessing the time so as distract herself from his neutral stare. "If we want to accompany Black Star and Tsubaki on that mission tomorrow, we're going to have to wake up early. You can't sleep in tomorrow, okay?" She finally looked at him, only to look away at the sight of his blank eyes.

"I guess I should let you sleep now..." Maka mumbled, fidgeting with the edge of her short leather skirt. "Goodnight, Soul." She began to walk away, his hand on her wrist stopping her.

"You know..." He started, not bothering to turn to look at her. His voice sounded strained; tight: "I'm down to do just about anything to get stronger along with you."

Maka felt her heart stop in her chest. She swallowed thickly. His hand on her wrist felt like a hot brand...

"Just keep that in mind." He continued, loosening his grip in her wrist. "I'm your weapon – I'm obligated to obey whatever my meister tells me." He looked over his shoulder, a weak grin on his face. "So whatever new 'training' regiment you settle on, count me in."

Maka stared at him, not bothering to hide the shock from her face. She suddenly understood what he had been doing there, on the floor with a slight bump on his forehead, and although she wanted to take out her textbook and smack him on the head repeatedly for eavesdropping, she couldn't because... he was actually consenting to her experiment.

He was willing to...

Maka's face warmed and she looked away from him, down the hall where her bedroom door lay, ajar. "O-okay..." She squeaked, clenching her jaw to keep her voice from shaking. "But it's not... really training because it hasn't been proven yet might not even work..."

"So?" Soul said, tightening his hand around her wrist again. "You just said it now: it hasn't been proven yet. You might discover a whole new way of strengthening meister-weapon soul bonding without going through all that training..." When she hesitantly glanced at him, he smiled slightly. "Everything starts as an experiment, right?"

Maka laughed softly at his unsure face. "Yeah... What I'm guessing is since that's the ultimate way to be intimate physically, it should be able to strengthen our soul bond since once the meister and weapon have total confidence in each other, both spiritually and physically, they should be able to achieve just about anything. We should be able to produce a Soul Resonance of epic proportions because we'd be able to leave behind all—doubts, fears... insecurities..." She hesitated.

Soul nodded in grim understanding. His eyes hardened even more. "So..."

"So, maybe you might actually be able to surpass papa right now." Maka slowly brightened at the idea. "You'd be stronger than papa! Now! And then I'll be able to say I beat mama at the age of sixteen!" Maka grinned. The prospect of improving so much she might actually be able to rub it in her papa's face that Soul could beat him, easy, was too delicious to pass up.

He might be a Death Scythe, but he was a pretty dumb one.

She stared seriously at Soul. "... We're doing it. Now."

Soul paled then reddened. "Wh-what? What'd'ya mean now?"

"I mean, now!" Maka stressed, aware she was in an indecent skirt and her shirt was button up. Soul seemed aware of this too, because his eyes flickered down her body for a moment before darting to the right and flushing even harder.

"W-wait—I'm not ready yet!"

"What—you just told me that you're obligated to obey whatever I say!"

"Because it sounded like a cool thing to say!"

She sighed sharply. "Soul! Do you or do you not?"

"I'm not ready!" He strangled out.

"Don't be such a sissy! It's just se—!"

"NO! Don't say it!"

"Why not?" Was he really this immature?

"If you say it, you make it sound... old."




"AUGH! I-I didn't... mean— way..." Soul twitched on the floor, Maka tapping the spine of the book in her hand with a deep scowl. She harrumphed at the groans the boy emitted from his place on the floor, her thoughts a bubbling pot of rage at his ability to screw everything up so epically.

"Humph!" Maka scoffed. "Who would have thought Shibusen's coolest guy would be afraid of a little intimate contact!"

"I'm not afraid! I'm just...not ready..." Soul defended weakly from the floor.

"You always sound ready by the way you and Black Star say all those lewd things when you think Tsubaki and I aren't listening!" Maka put him on the spot, shooting him a glare as she pushed her bedroom door open with the heel of her foot.

"Sounding ready is different from actually being ready!" Soul argued, holding his pained head. "I mean... that's a pretty...big step..."

"Look!" Maka snapped, clenching her fists to her side. What other reason could it be for Soul to suddenly 'not be ready'? The rejection still hurt even if he agreed to try it with her. "I know I'm not much to look at but-but you want to get stronger, right? And so do I s-so—!"

"It's not that, stupid!" Soul shouted, still lying on the floor; cheek resting against the tiles. "I mean, it isn't just about doing it and hoping for the best. You think it's nothing but it's not, alright? Try to understand what you're asking for a second: how do you think someone does it?"

Maka pressed her lips together, taking it into consideration. The most basic thing that happened was... penetration. But she guessed he was saying to look into the more deeper aspects of such intimate contact? Like...?

"It's not just about seeing if our souls can actually bond... If you want our souls to get stronger, we're going to have to be able to feel it, too."

"What... do you mean by that?" She asked, slowly.

"I mean, you have to mean it, Maka." Soul dropped his voice. The thing he had not allowed himself to consider came back; embittering him. His jaw tightened. Maka was a very logical person and, after hanging out with Stein so much, his experimental influences had finally rubbed off on her. Needless to say, Soul wasn't ready to meaninglessly lose it. He would mean it, but would she mean it? "We can't just do this because you think it might somehow improve our soul bond. You have to... want it." He fisted his hand, staring at the dusty floor. "You have to trust me."

"I do trust you."

His eyes widened.

Maka fiddled with the knob on the door, swallowing thickly. She was starting to understand where he was getting at. She was too focused on the result of the action, not the action itself. She guessed... being touched in such a way was something else totally. Being wanted like that would probably be intense, like baring her soul, and she guessed that's how it would improve their Soul Resonance rate by an exorbitant amount...

"T-that's why I asked Blair about it..." Maka mumbled, letting her finger trace around the knob. "I-I just realized... I didn't trust any one else but you. But I didn't think you'd w-want to so I was... thinking about..." She bit her lip, knowing this was going to sound very bad in his ears.

It would certainly hurt her beyond belief if Soul ever said that to her.


Maka swallowed. She could just go inside her room and escape the conversation...


She didn't want to say it.


"...Finding someone else to try it with." Maka winced when she heard his fist collide with the floor as he picked himself up, the growl that ripped his throat drowned in the sharp squeak of his shoes against the tiles.

"You don't trust me." He stated neutrally.

"No, I do!" Maka shouted, strongly. "I just—I didn't think you'd want me that way so why bother to try to ask you if I knew you were just going to say no!" She yelled.

"I didn't say no, did I?"

"Well, now... but you still said no!" Maka countered hotly.

"I said I wasn't ready!" Soul snapped.

"It's the same thing!"

"No, it's—!" Soul sighed and made his way over to her, placing his hand over her own on the doorknob. "It's not. I'm not going to agree to this only to have you chicken out at the last second."

"I won't chicken out.." Maka mumbled stubbornly, not looking at him.

He glanced at her. "You say that now..." He rose his other hand to cup her chin. Ignoring her wide eyes and gasp of his name, he used his other hand to shut the door and push her against it, his breath feathering her lips as he caught her in his stare. "But will you really mean it?"

Maka trembled under his intense gaze.

It wasn't like she imagined it would be.

It wouldn't be like she imagined it would be, she realized with a plunge of her stomach.

This would go past the boundaries of an experiment and into something else completely; something that involved emotions and feelings and desire and drive—!

"... Do you mean it, Maka?" He softly asked.

"Mean what...?"

Soul shifted until he was standing directly in front of her, looming over her and making her feel small. She was caged between his arms, without any room for escape. She would have to answer him. His hand rose up to push her chin back, force her viridian eyes to look into his own vermilion ones.

He needed to know if she meant it or not.

"Do you want me, too?" He whispered.

Maka's heart very nearly exploded. It was so hard to breathe all of a sudden, like her lungs forgot how they were designed to function. Under his intense stare, caught in his strong arms, unable to think because her mind has gone blank, Maka made a noise in the back of her throat that crossed between a choke and a squeak.

"Maka..." Soul leaned down, sliding his hand down the wood of the door to rest on her stiff shoulder. He squeezed, reassuringly. "Tell me." He breathed.

Maka squeezed her eyes shut.


And he wasn't even doing anything. They weren't even doing anything yet it already felt like he had her under an x-ray. She could only imagine, with a tremble of both fear and excitement, how it would feel when they finally engage in such a passionate act. She was sixteen; he was going to be seventeen in a couple of weeks. Were they too young? Was that why she felt so terrified? Or would it always feel this way...?

"I..." Maka's mouth was desert dry She wet her lips, taking a deep breath that only served to feed her panic. "I... want you but..." She squeezed her hands into fists, forcing the words out before she choked them in and locked them up deep inside again. "... do you really want me?" It felt like a weight had been lifted, and she slumped against the door to show this.

A deep chuckle made a shudder run down her body.


She felt his fingers, so long and limber, dance past her cheek before his thumb grazed the edge of her lips.

"Of course I do." He murmured huskily.

The touch felt so soft, so loving, it made Maka's heart stutter in her ribcage and the single thought of I'm going to die of heart failure flit her mind before his hand cupped his cheek and gently rose her head back up to face him. His eyes were unnaturally soft, not the usual blank red, and she absently wished she could continue to stare into them, so warm and welcoming, before his mouth melded with her own.

All thought went down the drain.

Whatever goals she had, whatever she had wished to accomplish from this, no longer mattered to her. It all disappeared into the untraceable reaches of her mind, forever lost until she resurfaced, but she found, in that moment of bliss, that she didn't want to resurface, not now or ever, and only clutched the front of his shirt to prove this.

Their kisses became feverish, full of a drive she didn't think she possessed, and full of everything she hadn't thought of before. She had been too caught up in the result, too caught up in the glory from said result, that she'd forgotten to consider how utterly exposed and how utterly emotional everything would become once they engaged in this ancient act.

Before she knew it, her fingers were digging into his messy locks of hair and his own were gripping her hips, pulling her flush against him as his mouth devoured her own. She moaned into his mouth, feeling a smirk grace his lips before his teeth bit into her lip again; her fingers digging with pained pleasure into his skull.

"I think..." He panted against her lips, tongue tracing the rim of her swollen bottom lip sensually. "... I'm ready now."

Maka didn't have enough time to respond before his mouth was back on hers again and her thoughts turned to mush once more – the mission with Black Star far, far away from their minds as they delved into the thick waters of soul bonding...

A/N: I rated this M because some people are too immature to say the word 'sex' without giggling or feeling mortified D: And some sizzling SoMa action that's too intense to be least to me.

I'm so old-fashioned XD

Yet I'm technically endorsing premarital sex... well, hey! I did say to use protection, neh? I ain't so bad LOL