Disclaimer: I do not claim to own anything in this fan fiction. They belong to their respected owners. If you think I do own this, then I will have Kunsel stab you in the ass. :]

Pairing: None.

Warning: Slightly AU. Humorous, yet kind of lame.

Summary: Kunsel was in the mood and Lazard couldn't help but fall victim.


..::The Mood::..

Shifting in his seat, Lazard glanced over at the second class SOLDIER sitting not far from him. The boy leaned against the director's desk, grinning like a fox. Said director roll his eyes in annoying, turning back to the document and finish working on it. "What are you doing in here, Kunsel?"

"I'm in the mood."

He saved the document and turn his gaze to him. "What mood?"

"THE mood." He wiggled his eyebrows causing the blond to roll his eyes.

"You're so stupid."

"Problem being?"

"That is the problem."

"Whatever," Kunsel shrugged his shoulders, "Now what are we gonna do about THE mood?"

"Go ahead and read the damn document."

He grinned.

Author's Note: My attempt at humor, too bad mine is awfully dry. Fail? Probably. It's not Yaoi at least!