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Part 1: Ten Years To The Day

Clark looked at the wedding picture and sighed deeply to himself. Even though a decade had passed since she died, the pain was still heavy within him. He never got used to the empty side of the bed or the absence of her favorite White snake song playing. She had been a pistol, but he never wanted her any other way.

He could remember the day she died so vividly. She woke up that day with a fever of 102. Her face was drained of all color and her eyes were glazed over. Clark had never seen her that sick before. He convinced her to go with him to the hospital. She thought he was overreacting. She thought it was a harmless flu, but they found out her body was shutting down. The doctors couldn't figure out how a perfectly healthy woman of thirty years could all of a sudden slip into such an intensive state. They said she was septic, meaning experiencing an infection that they couldn't fight off.

At first it seemed like an isolated infection, but then other people began filling up the hospital with the same conditions. Clark felt something sinister was behind the epidemic. He wanted to save the love of his life. He enlisted the help of his close friends Diana, Bruce, and J'onnz J'onnz to help him find out the truth. They turned over every stone and crossed every path hoping to discover any clue to what was behind the outbreak. Diana was the only one to come up with answers.

A man by the name of Walden approached Diana. Disgusted by the actions of his former employers, he told her the epidemic was an unintended side effect of a new chemical compound being used by Drenden Incorporated. Unbeknownst to the general public, the group had been using new experimental chemicals in many of their over the counter products. They were making a lot of illegal money from companies overseas because of their new deal. Unfortunately, they didn't test the new products sufficiently. Often the drug trials were cut to save money and to keep the dirty agreement as secret as possible.

Clark remembered the unbridled rage he felt when he heard the reason for Lois' pain. She was suffering because a few CEO's wanted extra money for their Swiss bank accounts. The worst part of it was that there was no cure for the symptoms that the chemicals brought on. The League tried tracing where the chemicals had been made but they found nothing. It was as if the whole operation never existed. Clark didn't give up. He confronted every villain he thought could be behind the situation. Lex was at the top of his list.

Clark threw Lex against his office wall and demanded to know who was behind it. Lex laughed at his desperation and made light of his rash accusations. Clark could've killed him right then, but he didn't. He knew Lex wasn't behind it. He wished he was. He wanted someone to blame, but the ones responsible were long gone enjoying whatever riches they had made. They didn't care about the blood on their hands.

Diana told Clark to go back to the hospital and let the League find out where the culprits were. He complied but knew they would find just as much as he had. He wanted to believe that a miracle would happen and somehow his wife would be saved.

Clark looked at the picture of Lois in her wedding dress. Her hair was done in long curls that blew effortlessly in the wind. He was holding her from behind. They both looked so happy and excited about their new life together. It had taken them seven years to get to that wedding day. Going from teenage friends to adult friends to adult lovers hadn't been a walk in the park. They both denied how they felt for so long but finally they let each other in. Clark couldn't remember another time in his life when he felt like he really fit with someone. He wondered if he'd ever feel that safe and peaceful again.

Clark put the picture back in its drawer. A tear escaped from his eye. Ten years to the day when he lost the love of his life. He wanted to move on and find love again. He wanted to still believe that there was someone else out there for him. Lois told him on her death bed that she wanted him to love again and share his life with someone. But it felt impossible to find anyone as worthy as her.

Clark began to sob quietly to himself. He only ever cried three times a year. The days his mom and dad died, and the day Lois died. He made himself be strong the other days. He carried out his duties as leader of the Justice League and protected humanity. But those three days were his and his alone.
As Clark wept the phone suddenly rang. Wiping his eyes and trying to regain his composure, Clark picked up the phone.
"Clark, it's Diana. I know this isn't a good day for you, and I would never call unless I really needed your help..."
"It's alright. What 's wrong?"
"The planet Dysia has had a major flood. Thousands are dead or missing. There is a shortage of food and water. They really need our help," she said.
"Why was no one on top of this prior to the event?" he said dumbfounded.
"They were supposed to be protected by their allies but plans fell through and agreements were broken between the races. The Dysians were left in the cold and now are fending for themselves."
"Okay, I'll meet you at the Watchtower. We'll have to strategize. Saving a planet will probably take many of our best people. You and I will go in first to survey the damage," he said.
"That sounds best. Thank you, Clark. I know this is the last thing you want to focus on today," she said sadly.
"Maybe it will be good to be distracted for a while," he said.
"If you ever want to talk about her and what happened..."
"Diana, let's just concentrate on the mission".
"Of course," she said softly.
Clark hung up the phone and sighed once again. He didn't mean to be so abrupt with Diana. He knew she was just worried about him. But this was one of his dark days. She knew he wasn't the happiest guy to be around on such days which was a reason he retreated from all hero duties. Since the planet was in such disarray he decided to break his rule just this once. He could handle destruction and mayhem a lot better than his sadness or uncertainty about love.