Chapter 18: Forces

Clark tried getting in touch with Bruce all night but was unsuccessful. His friend was most likely caught up in late patrol duties. He was also probably not in the mood to deal with Clark after being stood up.
Clark ejected the video of the museum heist from the vcr and placed it in the dresser drawer. Looking down at his hands, he realized that he was still shaking from the strange vision he had just experienced. Seeing Naya come back to life after being stabbed was an image he knew he would not soon forget. It was strange how the loss of time was actually two hours although he felt as if he had only been out for a few moments.
Thinking over the revelations of the last few days Clark started to notice a particular pattern to all of his problems: magic. The moment he stepped into that club and began asking questions about Naya and Lois, it seemed as if he had unintentionally placed himself in a position for an evil presence to attach itself to him. He couldn't say for sure, but he knew that he was not alone anymore...

Bruce slipped out of his bat suit and sighed heavily to himself. He was exhausted from the ball and the patrol later that night. He was also frustrated with Clark's absence. He still needed to tell Clark so much about the Lois doppelganger. He tried to still his mind for a moment when he remembered that as a hero, Clark, may have had a more pressing matter to attend to.
Bruce pulled on his robe and walked to his private elevator to take him to his master suite. Once he arrived in his bedroom, he was shocked to see Lara, still in her gown, sitting on his bed.
"How did you get in here?"
She smiled at him and leaned back against the pillows.
"I still have a key. Remember?"
He grimaced at his own carelessness. He should have changed those locks to the main house, but then again he never assumed she would find her way back here.
"It's late Lara and I'm tired. Tell me what you want."
She stood up then and walked to stand in front of him.
"If I said that I wanted to you, could I have you?"
He laughed and let out an exasperated sigh.
"What do you really want?"
She placed a hand against his chest. He stilled at her gesture.
"There is darkness ready to take over...Ready to take us all down. I need Batman's help to stop it."
He placed his hand over hers.
"Tell me everything."