"Hans! Wait up!" Hans turn to look at the person who calls him when suddenly he yelps a bit. Annie smile at him and invading his personal space too much for his liking. "W-W-What are you doing?" Hans ask taking a step back from her in vain since Annie just move even closer to him.

"Hehehe…Beaux said I will get my answer if I get really close to you. So…will you answer it?" Annie asks smiling even bigger and more hopeful than before. "W-W-What question?" Hans ask finding it hard to talk normally with her this time around. Annie huff and pout a bit. "Why do you object to my engagement with the prince? You never answer me!" Annie answer looking put out. Hans eyes widen before he blush hotly. "N-N-N-No particular reason."

Hans quickly try to walk away from her but Annie insistently blocking his path and go even nearer to him. "No. You aren't going away until I get my answer. Also…Pepe already give me permission to spent my time trying to get an answer from you so I get all day to pester you."

Hans blush even hotter and he looks around wildly trying to find some form of help but everyone blissfully ignore his predicament. "Uh…uh…can you…ask another time? At least not in this place…" Hans plead trying to ignore the suppressed snicker from his co-worker. Annie shook her head adamantly and looks at him ignoring her own growing discomfort with the entire stare they're getting. She needs her answer NOW or else she'll go crazy with all the snickers and knowing look everyone give her.

"Annie…please." Hans plead again hoping that she'll listen to him. "No. Beaux said I need to ask you in front of everyone here. Besides I'll go crazy if I don't get an answer NOW! All of them are driving me crazy with their knowing looks, teasing and congratulations. I NEED to know the answer right about NOW!" Annie explains heaving from lack of breath.

Suddenly all the people in the room fall over in laughter. Some even pounding their hand on the floor. "Y-You mean she STILL doesn't get it? Even after ALL this time?" Some random person said gasping for breath. "Apparently." Someone answer with a chuckle, having already control their laughter.

"Huh? What do you mean? Do you know the reason?" Annie asks turning her head to look at the person direction without moving from her position in cornering Hans. "Ask him. We'd like to hear the real admission from him anyway." Hans groan wondering if his cheek will return to normal color after all this blushing it has done in just one day. Annie turn to look at Hans once again, eyes inquiring for answer.

"Fine. If you wanted to know so much. I love you okay. I love you and I don't want you to marry the prince. You get it now?" Hans said surprisingly without a blush or anything of the sort. His eyes look serious at her frozen form. He snap up and look at every person in there and said in much softer voice. "Now you have your answer, don't pester me anymore."

"The show is over now scram and do your job." Hans said in a strong and calm voice to every person in there. Everyone immediately snap out from their trance and scramble still not getting over their shock. "Now Annie, you don't need to give a reply right now but think about it all the same okay? I need to go back to my work so if you'll please excuse me." Hans said smiling softly at her frozen expression and press a chaste kiss to her cheek and leave.

Annie slowly lifts her hand to her cheek and blush hotly. She immediately run to her workshop and slam the door in the process. What the hell just happen?

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