What if...huh? Will I really be okay if Hans is with other girl...or worse...dead? Annie shivers as the thought of Hans bloody and broken body flash through her mind. No. I can't think like that! Hans is still alive. Alive and well, he's still with me...don't think about such a pessimistic thought! Annie panic as the image flash through her mind several times.

She stops walking as her emotions goes haywire. I need to see Hans! I need to see him! Annie thought as she run to Head quarter where Hans is still working without doubt. Annie runs past several people who greet her, leaving them bewildered and concerned for her. She just doesn't have it in her to care right now. She needs to see Hans. Her need to see him is so great that she ignore her tired leg and her demanding lungs. Come on. Just a little bit further. You can do it Annie. She cheers herself mentally to get the last burst of energy.

"HANS!" Annie yells as soon as she arrives at the head quarter. Her shout has attracts people's attention as people begin to catcall and tease the obviously flustered Hans. "What is it Annie? Is something wrong?" Hans immediately ask when he sees Annie's tear streak face, she never even notice her tears. Embarrassment forgotten completely; overridden by his concern. The people around stop their teasing and begin to get worried, but they don't say anything. Hans is the one Annie is searching for after all. He will be more help than they are at this moment.

"Hans", the captain say looking at him before returning his attention to the now sobbing Annie," I think you will want to move Miss Annie to a more private place." Hans nod his agreement and carefully pick Annie up from her position. She clung to his shirt, still crying her eyes out. Hans walk with her in his arm to his quarter. There will be no distraction there and he can ask her the cause of her distress. What exactly is wrong Annie? You have never cry in front of anyone, no matter how insecure you are or how sad...so what causes these tear that you shed now? Hans thought feeling distress at watching her cry without him able to help, except for holding her through her tears.

Annie has refused to be let go when they arrives at his quarter. She clung to him like her life depends on it. "Annie...what's wrong? I won't be able to help if I don't know what exactly is wrong." Hans state softly hoping to get a reaction from the crying form. Annie shakes her head hiccuping before lifting her head to look directly at Hans. "Hehehe...nothing is wrong Hans..." Annie assure, smiling a soft watery smile. Hans's eyes harden at her words. "If nothing is wrong, you won't yell my name in tears. Now tell me what exactly is wrong, Annie." Hans order voice hard with a tinge of concern in it. Annie looks down at her lap, playing with her cloths before sighing softly. "I'm just...upset at the time...I don't even know what upset me this much..."

Hans blink before sighing in relief. "That's all good then but why do you yell my name in that desperate tone?" He asks now looking confused. Annie just looks at him sheepishly before caressing Hans's cheek with her hand. Hans blush at her touch, wondering why she is doing this to him. His heart beat faster and faster as he thought of possibilities as his stomach drop lower. "Annie?" Hans asks; voice filled with confusion, bewilderment, love and hope. Annie shakes her head, indicating to Hans that he should not talk at the moment. "I'm glad. I'm so glad." Annie whispers quietly gratitude coloring her voice. Hans title his head, confused at her admission.

"For what Annie?" He asks as quiet as Annie's words. Annie lifts her head and lock eyes with Hans. Hans breathe hitch when he sees the emotions filling Annie's eyes. "I'm glad that you're alive, well and here...with me." Annie confesses; voice hardly louder than a whisper but it carry itself as loud as a shout to Hans's ear. Hans's heart nearly stops at her confession. Is...She saying what I think she is saying? He thought almost in daze. "Are...are you...what exactly do you mean Annie?"

Annie blushes hotly, retracting her hand to her lap. She twiddles with her finger before straightening her posture. "Well...I'm glad you're here with me Hans...when I think you're dead...it just...hurt me you know, like a hand yanking my heart out...I just can't handle it. That is why I cry I guess. I can't handle the thought of you dead...and not here with me..." Annie laugh mirthlessly, tears forming as Hans's dead, still and cold body flash through her mind. Hans immediately move to hug her but Annie wipes her tears off.

"Silly me...even though I know you're alive...I...I think I love you Hans...earlier...I ask Gillian about some question...it make me realize this." Annie admit softly, lowering her eyelashes and wait for Hans reactions. No wonder Hans never tell me about his feeling...its so hard admitting it even when you know that the other party loves you also. Annie thought as she waits for Hans to respond. Meanwhile, Hans's brain is officially taking a break. His mind is unable to comprehend Annie's words. All he can think of is 'Annie loves me. She loves me back.'

After a small eternity to Annie, Hans finally respond with," Are...are you sure Annie? I mean...I'm happy and all but...there're a lot of guys who deserve you more than me..." Hans speak, insecurity engulfing him like a fine blanket. I can't believe Annie loves me. I mean there are a lot people, who are more handsome, more talented, richer...more everything than me; people who loves her like Julian. I know he loves her and given the chance to know her, Prince Joel will love her also. Even Klaus from far away country will love her. Who in their right mind wouldn't?

"Hans. You're thinking stupid thing again. You don't decide who deserves who, especially you don't decide for me. I decide for myself and in this matter...it's not about deserving or not right?" Annie asks mouth set in a stubborn pout. "I love you and that's that. You can't do anything about it. Well, of course except loving me or hating me...so which do you choose?" Annie inquires in a sing song tone. I gape at her before chuckling. "You know...before you came bursting in on the head quarter, I decide to ask you your answer because it's distracting me from my work...I never thought even once that you'll reply me today. I never even thought that you'll accept me. I'm just...relieves that I will be able to know your feeling..."

"And now Hans?" Hans's smiles as he carefully gathers Annie's body to his embrace. "I'm glad you decide to answer me today." He state leaning back before kissing Annie softly and gently. They blush when they part but their smile is radiant in its glory. I love Hans. I've always love him. I don't know when I start loving him...but it doesn't matter...as long as we love each other...it doesn't matter.

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