This is from re-watching the part where Gabe loses to RONI at cards.

Gabe was no idiot, despite how Maria kept telling him he was. It was impossible for a computer normally to beat a person at a card game. He used to play solitare on his desktop for a reason!

Then he remembered RONI's video camera's. There was only one way that hunk of junk could have beaten the best Diagnostician, Resurgam has ever known.

"Finished. That brings my wins to 900 to 900 games." RONI droned out.

CR-SO1 had walked in the second Gabe jumped out of his chair pointing at RONI.

"OBJECTION!" He shouted. CR-SO1 sighed.

"Dr. Cunningham what are you doing?" The older doctor flinched.

"Uh hey when did you get here?"

"When you shouted objection at a computer." The surgeon said, unamused. "Care to tell me what your up to?"

He really didn't like that grin Gabe was giving him. "I need a witness too." Clearing his throat he again pointed at RONI.

"Dr. Cunningham, I advise against 'ticking off' prison number CR-SO1." CR flinched.

His head began to throb.

"Hey kid your stuck with this." A man with dark hair and an unamused look said pointing to a RONI system similar to the one Gabriel had now.

"What do you mean by that?" The young surgeon snapped irritated.

"I mean its your pain in the ass now."

"What do you mean by-"

"Good evening Dr. Ross."

The younger CR-SO1 jumped a foot in the air. "IT TALKS!"

"Hey...Hey kid I need you to focus." CR-SO1 snapped out of the flashback when Gabriel began speaking to him. "Now what was that all about?"

"Nothing...Just a memory. Carry on." He said hurriedly.

"Great...Now let me see...Oh right. You see RONI can connect itself to the security camera's seeing and hearing everything."


"And that proves one thing-"

"Dr. Cunningham this is highly unsual behavior from you. I advise-"

Gabriel again jumped up and pointed at RONI. "Shut up! I have proof that you are..."

A moment of silence. CR-SO1's headach was starting to subside.


Only to groan in discomfort as it returned with vengeance.

Gabriel laughed at the 'victory'. "Ha you can't fool me! Right kid...Kid?" The surgeon had fled.