Disclaimer: I own nothing, and only borrowed these characters for a little while.

Linus Larrabee stepped out onto the patio and scanned the dance floor. Spotting who he was looking for, the smallest of smiles graced his features before he made his way over, easily slipping between other couples.

He paused in the middle of the floor as the two people he had his eye on spun in toward him. "You trying to steal my wife?" asked Linus blandly.

Sabrina, in David's arms, turned happily to smile at her husband as the younger Larrabee grinned. "I tried, but she wouldn't leave you."

"Ha ha," said Linus dryly, taking a small step forward. Knowing what he wanted, David took a step back and twirled Sabrina out. The young woman was suspended between the two for a moment ...

... before Linus stretched his arms out and slipped his warm hands along his wife's hips, drawing her unresisting form closer to him as his brother slipped away.

She fitted into his body as if she were made for him, her head resting just right at his neck. Close together, they both enjoyed the intimacy.

Sabrina hummed softly as she felt her husband conspicuously place a kiss to her temple. His warm breath was at her ear when he spoke next. "Let's sneak away..."

"... to the tennis courts?" finished Sabrina merrily. Her tone was low, but when she eased back and looked up into his face, her intention was clear.

Linus smiled, strengthened his grip and spun them toward the edge of the dance floor before he took her hand in his and lead the way.