Yuugi placed both of his hands on each side of Yami's shoulders, "Have you forgotten….? Yami, have you really forgotten who your mother and father really are?" Yuugi asked with a dreading feeling inside his stomach. His gripped tightly onto Yami's school blazer.

Yami just stared at the boy in front of him before he finally replied, "Yes."

"How did this happen….?" But you remembered Bakura when he disappeared!" Yuugi noticed Yami's eyes shift away from him when he had said that, his eyes widen. He dropped his hands down from Yami's side, "Don't tell me…." Yuugi bit his lip, "You didn't remember who Bakura or the principal were after they disappear?"

Yami released a long sigh, "….I was afraid you would be even more upset so I didn't say anything. And I have no idea any of those people you have mentioned."

Yuugi took a step back from Yami. His knees felt weak and he didn't know what to do. "How can Yami be the Demon King….?" He just wished that everything was all a big nightmare and go away.

"Yami." The owner of the voice was cold.

Yami turned around to see his two best friends, "Joey, Kaiba, thank-goodness you're here. Help me cheer up Yuugi." He said.

Yuugi wiped his teary eyes and noted that the two of them was acting a little different, "Where is the rest? Where are our classmates?"

Kaiba kept his strong grip onto Joey's shoulder, "They have disappeared. They disappeared right in front of us." He replied and Joey pushed his hands off away. The werewolf ran towards the crow and punched him across the face.

"Joey!" Yuugi yelled at him and Yami sat up in shock.

"We saw….the whole incident that just happened." Joey shouted out and grabbed Yami by the shirt, "Are these all your doing? Are you going to make everyone disappear, like you did to your parents?" Yami wiped the blood off his mouth, "Say something Yami!" He demanded and his fist already in the air for another punch.

"CAW!" An anxious crow flew in between them.

"Get lost!" Joey hissed at the crow.

"Caw! Caw! Caw…." Fluffy chirped back and you could see a few drops of tears were falling from its face.

Yami wiped the tears away, "Thank-you Anibus. I'm fine." He replied back to the crow and he got up to his feet. "Tell me Yuugi…" He said seriously, his eyes locked with the boy, "Am I the Demon King?" When he didn't get a reply from the speechless boy, he chuckled, "I see…I am right then."

"Why….?" Yuugi whispered, "Why did things turn out this way?"

"Because I was afraid of losing you, Yuugi…" Yami admitted, his eyes were clenched tightly and he held his head as voices were echoing around.

"How is it possible that we can have a descendant like him in our clan of pure nobility?"

"You don't need to worry. He won't be able to survive much longer."

"You're such a mess…I fee disgusted, just looking at you!"

"Are you sure you belong to the Atemu crow clan?"

"Curl up and die! Bastard!"

Yami chuckled with no humor, "I always wondered every day, why I was born into this world." He looked at Yuugi," At that time, I met you. You're the one who gave me the meaning for existence. That's why I'm determined to protect you at all costs, using any possible means." He said and Yuugi's face softened.

"But, your white wings have attached many loathsome monsters." Yami clenched his fists, his face hardened, "I must become stronger…" He whispered to himself, "However, the world is way too big. It's difficult to anticipate what kind of monster will be attacking you next….I might not be able to win every time…" His body started to shake, "What if I don't win….what's going to happen to Yuugi…?"

Yuugi closed his eyes, "Yami…."

"As I was worrying about it….I heard a voice." Yami spoke up, remembering Mei appeared in his dreams.

"You can become the Demon King and destroy the entire world."

"Destroy the world? What should I do?"

Mei giggled, "I can start you off by helping you, but later on, you've got to be independent. I believe you have the capability." An evil grin appeared on her face, "This world is too big. Your beloved white crow is so vulnerable to attacks. Wouldn't it be easier if you just destroyed the entire world? Don't you agree with me?"

"…as long as all the humans, monsters, cities, Mother Nature, everything will be destroyed." Yami announced to his friends, his eyes were turning white.

"What kind of nonsense are you sprouting out, Yami?" Joey shouted at him.

"In other words, you want Yuugi and yourself to be the only ones left in this world." Kaiba concluded and gasped when his body suddenly started to fade away along with Joey and Anibus.

Black markings were appearing on Yami's face, his white eyes stared at them, "Exactly…"

"STOP!" Yuugi cried out, hugging Yami's back which startled the Demon King "No Yami! I beg you, stop this!" He held onto Yami tightly, "A world like this….this world will not be fun anymore!"

Yami paused, "Fun?"

"Yami, I love you but….I want to be with Joey, Kaiba and all my classmates, including my parents as well as everyone I have met or have yet to meet…." He grabbed Yami's hand, "I want everyone to have a blissful and enjoyable life. Didn't you agree with me last time?"

Yami held his head, "I….I…." All his friends looked at him anxiously, "I…ah…..I…." Tears started to fall from his face.


Yami blinked his eyes, snapping out of his trance, "Joey! Kaiba! Anibus!" His eyes widen, "No….I can't stop this…." He shouted out desperately, "Don't disappear! Please don't disappear!"

Joey smiled, "Listen to me Yami. Even though we knew each other for a long time….this is the first time you expressed your true feelings." Yami stood there with teary eyes, watching as his best friends were fading away, "You always act cool. Sometimes we're upset since never know what's on your mind." He grinned at the crow, "I'm very happy that you finally expressed your true feelings." Anibus chirped with agreement.

"Furthermore, we get to see you cry." Kaiba smirked and Joey nodded his head along smiling.

"So, Yami….let's be friends again, the next time we meet each other!" Joey winked and Yami watched helpless as his friends were all smiling back at him and he couldn't do a damn thing.

"Yuugi…" Kaiba turned to the boy, "In the end, we still need the power of love." He chuckled at Yuugi's clueless face before he was completely gone.

Yami and Yuugi stood in the school garden all alone. "Yuugi…" Yuugi's ears perked up and looked at Yami, "Your white feathers….can I have one?"

"Eh, okay." Yuugi answered and took a deep breath and summoned out his wings out. He plucked one out, "Here you go." He passed it to Yami.

Yami stared at the white feather in front of him, "So beautiful." He smiled, "I heard that the white crow's feathers can fulfill any wishes."

"That's just a legend." Yuugi shook his head, "It can't be true."

"But there's something that is true in the legend…"

"What?" Yami smirked when he handed the feather back to Yuugi which suddenly burst into white light, "Ah!" Yuugi shielded his eyes with his other arm.

"The only one that can defeat the formidable Demon King is the White Crow." Yami announced and Yuugi's eyes widen at the sword which appeared in his hands. "Kill me with the sword" Yami ordered and his face turned serious, "Defeat me while I have the demonic power under control. If you do that, than the Demon's King lover, the white crow, will be able to live on. This is the only way to reverse the destruction of the world!" Yuugi shook his head at Yami's words, "Joey, Kaiba, your parents, your friends, everyone will be returned to you."

Yuugi took a step back. He suddenly remembered An's words, "…I foresee you'll grow up and become a beautiful white crow. You can perceive this as your responsibility. In other words, you need to fulfil your duties as the white crow…this is your responsibility"

"No…..no…I can't do this….I won't do it…I won't hurt Yami…" Yuugi whispered to himself and was shocked when Yami grabbed the top part of the sword and placed it near his heart.

"That's right….just push it in." Yami's eyes locked with Yuugi, "Only you can do this, Yuugi…."

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