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Teresa's alarm clock buzzed loudly in her ear, as it had every morning since she moved to Mt. Thomas. She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She lay there for a few minutes, gathering her thoughts and wondering what case she was going to solve that morning. Teresa was only known as Sergeant Tess Gallagher, of the Mt Thomas police.

Mt. Thomas was a small country town in the middle of Victoria, the population was no bigger than your average small town, but there was always a case to be solved. It was strange that in such a small place there would be so many crimes to solve. Robberies. Murder. Shoplifting. Rape. Drug raids. Assaulted battery. The list was endless.

Tess was the toughest policewoman on the force in Mt Thomas. She did her job, and she did it well, never taking orders from anyone accept her Boss, Tom Croydon. But she had a heart. Tess had built up a barrier over time, strong enough to keep out people that had the potential to hurt her. Tess had a crush on her co-worker, Constable Evan Jones, who was known to everyone at the station as Jonsey, although Tess called him Evan, despite his initial request for him to call her Jonsey.

But his feelings ran deeper for her, for him it was about love, he was in love with her and wasn't afraid to let her know it. Although they weren't together he had a habit of invading her thoughts. His protectiveness ran deeper than that of a co-worker, and he walked the extra mile when she asked him to, and sometimes even when she didn't ask. Evan had even gone as far as risking his life to save hers.

Constable Jack Lawson had been arrested for murder and been imprisoned only weeks before Evan had arrived in Mt. Thomas. They were unaware of how long he would spend in his jail cell. It all depended on his court hearing. Jack and Tess had embarked on a passionate relationship, but when he was arrested for murder he wanted nothing to do with her. She was crushed. She had fallen in love Jack and that wasn't a usual thing for her. It had also left her with a gaping hole and lack of trust in people.

She was scared to let Evan into her life in case the same thing happened, so she pulled away and refused to let her true feelings get in the way of her professional work. Though he couldn't understand why she was so standoffish, she wondered if someday she would tell him the truth and the tension in the room whenever they were alone, would vanish.

Tess was easy to get along with if you were aware of her unique qualities. She had a fair-bred temper but she was lovable. She had short sandy-blonde hair a little curly, green eyes and a wonderful smile.

Eventually, Tess climbed out of bed, showered and dressed in her police uniform. It was barely six am when she locked the house up and headed towards the police station.

And so began her daily routine.

On that particular day, she had some papers to look over before the day began.

She searched her bag for the station key, and when she attempted the lock, she found it was already open. Her heart quickened, as she considered the possibility of a break in. She stuffed the key back in her bag, and reached for her gun in her belt pocket. Tess aimed the firearm in front of her, and pushed open the screen door with her free hand, entering the police station.

She heard the shuffle of feet somewhere in the back, and the adrenaline kicked in, as she slowly approached the noise.

She silently prayed that whoever was there was unarmed.

The registered police firearms were hidden in the safe, and so ordinarily Tess would have been unarmed, however, she had taken her gun home by mistake. She poked her head around the corner and her heart jumped out of her body when she noticed the familiar face, as she tried to control her knotted stomach and her thudding heart beat.

"Evan!" she sighed heavily.

He looked up, surprised to see her, but a smile spreading across his face. "Tess, what are doing here?"

"Me? Its barely 6 am, what the hell are you doing?" she snapped.

"Catching up on paper work, she shrugged. "I have these cases to work on. I figure if I didn't get them done, you'd have my guts for guarders. What about you? Why are you here so early?"

"Same," she said when her heart rate finally slowed down. "I have to follow up on this case about the Gellar's and finish this paper work I have to do."

"Why did you come in with a gun," he noticed the firearm still in her hands. "It should have been locked up in the safe last night. What were you thinking, Tess?"

"It's early don't start on me, Evan."

Tess sat down at her desk and pulled out the paper work she had to work from. She tried to avoid eye contact, mainly because she was afraid, afraid if she looked at him she would want him. Things were complicated and she just didn't want to put her personal life on the line of her professional work. Not again, just to lose out when it hurt so much the last time.

Their relationship had only begun to mend, after the mistake she had made when she married Dr. Josh Carmichael. She had done it in spite of her feelings for Evan, however, it had stopped the temptation of wanting to be with him. Then after only three months of marriage, Evan had uncovered the secret that Josh Carmichael was in fact gay and marrying Tess was only to cover up the truth. He had been afraid of being judged as the local gay doctor. As if that wasn't enough for Tess to cope with, she found out she was then pregnant with his child.

Abortion wasn't an option to her. She would have the child and bring it up no matter how hard it was for her to deal with, even though it would remind her every day when she looked at their child, what she had been through.

But Tess had other secrets. She constantly recalled the passionate moment she and Evan had shared in the locker room days before she was married to Josh. A kiss that had been so steamy and passionate, it had left her weak and confused. But now, it was what kept her going, knowing that for a brief moment she had given in to temptation, she had let go and told him how she felt without expressing it in so many words. She could still feel Evan's lips on hers, his soft cheek against her face.

But her heart was conflicted with thoughts of Jack.

Jack was the one she thought of everyday, he was the one she pictured laying beside her at night, but along with that came the thoughts of him lying on some hard bed in a cold cell, where he had to spend all that time, for a man that he allowed to get the better of him. She had given up calling him and trying to visit, she had given up on believing that he would come back for her and he'd be her hero ready and willing to carry her away to that Castle in the fairytale books she had read as a child.

Her feelings for Evan were as equally strong.

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