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Eideard shook his head around, clearing the slightly dizzy feeling one gets when one Apparates. He felt slightly nervous- he hadn't been in such a public place for years and years, and this place was definitely public. He found himself in a hugely crowded alley, with masses of stalls lining each side, almost completely blocking the many fascinating shops that stood behind them.

Eideard began to walk down the alley, searching for any sign of a bright eyed red-head. He passed the Owl Emporium, where all kinds of creatures gave him glassy stares, and a huge book store called Flourish and Blotts that was overflowing with what were probably Hogwarts students. Then his eyes were drawn to another building.

His mouth fell open. Up ahead, next to a shop that would otherwise have looked bright and cheerful by selling such ice creams, stood an enormous establishment brimming with life. Hundreds of children stood outside, waiting excitedly to get inside (as it was quite clearly full), and a young, smiling woman with blonde hair stood at the doorway controlling the number of entrants.

Eideard couldn't quite see clearly what was in the windows, but over the heads of the children he would vaguely make out large clouds of multi-coloured smoke, and small exploding fireworks.

But it wasn't all of this that made his mouth hit the floor. No, it was this: above a sign reading 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes' that flashed different colours, was two large, cartoon heads. The faces were smiling, and they were identical, from the flaming red hair to the bright blue eyes that glittered, whether from magic or sunlight he could not say.

"Impressed?" a voice said in his ear. He hastily shut his mouth to prevent his looking like a goldfish and turned towards whoever had spoken to him. Mrs Weasley was standing there, another red-headed girl and young man with black hair and round glasses with her.

"Impressed isn't quite the word," he replied truthfully. "If there was anything I was expecting, it definitely wasn't this."

The younger woman grinned and stepped forward. "No, seeing George a few weeks ago, none of us would have expected it." She held out her hand for Eideard to shake. "I'm Ginny by the way, Ginny Weasley. Fred and George's younger sister." He shook her outstretched hand and opened his mouth to introduce himself, but she interrupted him before he had the chance. "You're Eideard, right? I've heard all about you, and if I'm not mistaken, we have a lot to thank you for."

"No, no..." he stammered, "nothing to say thank you for. I did what any normal human being would do..."

Mrs Weasley interrupted him this time. "Don't be silly, Eideard. None of this would have happened if it weren't for you." And she pulled him into a hug, a custom that the bewildered man was unused to but did not mind in the least.

When she drew back, the man with the untidy black hair stepped forward. "I'm Harry, Harry Potter," he said, shaking his hand, "and I can tell you, this is a nice change to be able to actually tell someone my name without them knowing it already." He grinned and exchanged knowing glances with the two Weasley women, although Eideard was confused at this. "But even though I'm not a Weasley-", Ginny giggled, "-I still owe you my eternal gratitude. You probably won't believe me, but I blame myself for any deaths that occurred over the war and you prevented another one. So thank you, from the bottom of the my heart." With that he sunk behind the two women with a red face, looking awkward and embarrassed. Eideard smiled and bowed his head to acknowledge the thanks, and then Mrs Weasley spoke up once more.

"So, shall we take you in? It's even better inside." Eideard followed the two Weasleys and Harry to the door. He heard Mrs Weasley say to the young blonde: "let us in Daisy, there's a dear. We're here to see George," and the woman stood aside. The four entered the shop and Eideard gasped once more.

The inside of the shop was even more incredible and overwhelming than the exterior had been, and Eideard wished he had more eyes.

Stacks and stacks of boxes, jars and packets of sweets adorned the walls. He watched as a boy aged about thirteen or fourteen ate a minuscule, bright pink sweet that caused his head to immediately swell like a balloon to four times its original size, and made the boy float up the ceiling and bob there until he ate another sweet (blue this time) that deflated him and brought him gently back to the ground.

Many other products that the bewildered man noticed were wands that jumped a foot away every time a person tried to pick it up; gnomes that had been paralysed and dressed up in various outfits as either a decoration or what Harry explained as a 'scarecrow', used to warn away other gnomes in a garden; pairs of bracelets of necklaces that two people would wear and would cause the voices of the pair to swap bodies; pens that would splatter you in bright green ink if you made a grammatical or spelling error, and much more.

Eideard was just stroking the Pygmy Puffs, which were very amusing to him, when he heard another familiar voice behind him.

"So, you've come." Eideard wheeled round and saw the grinning face of George, who was dressed in a bright purple suit with an orange and green striped tie.

"Of course I did," he answered, and pulled the young man into a hug, as Mrs Weasley had done to him. George was surprised that the wild man was showing such affection, but he didn't mind at all and hugged him back. "George, I'd never have believed it," he said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Who could have guessed you could have done this?"

"Not me, the both of us. Fred and I," he replied. "If anyone could have pulled it off, it's definitely us."

"You're right there," he said, laughing. "I can officially say that my worries are now diminished."

"Do you want me to show you round then?" George said mischievously, winking at his friend. "You can take whatever you want, I think that tribe leader woman of yours definitely needs cheering up."

Eideard chuckled at the thought of Alva screeching as her face exploded in pimples after he had given her a sweet. He was certainly going to try it on Rhoswen, even if he didn't dare pull a joke on Alva. He followed George around the rest of the shop, fascinated by the wonders that the twins had done. If there was any time he had been proved the most wrong, it was now.

14 years later...

It was a bright, mild day at Kings Cross on September 1st. Eideard took his youngest child's hand. Her name was Aithne, and like her father, she had wild, dark brown hair and electric blue eyes. On Eideard's other side walked Drew, and he was eleven, his hand running nervously through his blonde hair, which he had inherited from his mother, and his hazel eyes keenly surveying his surroundings.

Eideard felt almost as nervous as Drew. It had taken George a long time to convince Eideard to send Drew to Hogwarts, but Eideard still had doubts. No tribe member had ever been educated at a proper school of magic, and he was worried that Drew simply wouldn't... fit in. Aithne, meanwhile, was only seven and she had no such concerns.

"How long will you be gone for Drew?" she whined, pulling her hand from Eideard's and taking her brother's instead. "I don't want you to go!"

"Don't you worry, I'll be back before you know it," Drew told his little sister, smiling, although his stomach was churning with the nerves. "You'll be absolutely fine at home, and Dad takes you to see Roxanne all the time! Maybe you can go stay with the Weasley's, like I did."

"Speaking of Weasleys," Eideard interrupted, grinning, "here come some of them now." Drew turned his head to see Harry and Ginny approaching, with James, Albus and Lily all pushing a trolley of their own.

"Hey Eideard!" Ginny said, hugging the man. "I'm so glad to see you here! Trust me, Drew will love it there!"

Lily walked forwards, smiling at Drew. The two had never met, but they had heard much about each other. "It's my first year too," she said. "Stick with me and then maybe it will be less terrifying for the both of us."

Albus rolled his eyes. "Terrifying? You must be joking. Hogwarts is the best place in the world."

"I definitely remember you being petrified of ending up in Slytherin two years ago," Harry said slyly to his son. Albus went red; he and James left the small group and walked straight through the barrier between platforms nine and ten.

"Come on," Ginny beckoned to Eideard and his children. "Follow us, you'll go through the wall I promise."

"It's less solid than it looks," Harry directed at Drew, winking at the boy.

Lily went first, and then Drew ran at the barrier with his eyes closed. When the pair had gone, they were followed by Eideard, Aithne, Ginny and Harry. Eideard smiled when he appeared on the crowded platform, as he had noticed another familiar family.

George moved towards them, followed by Angelina and their children. Roxanne, a smaller than average girl with black hair and dark brown eyes rushed forwards to Aithne, who had become fast friends through the occasional visits the two families made with each other. The girls began to chatter animatedly and forgot anyone else was there. Fred, meanwhile, greeted Drew. Fred, a confident boy of 13, also had dark brown eyes like his mother, but he had flaming red hair that fell over his eyes. If it was anyone else, the combination of mixed race skin and bright red hair would have looked strange, but Fred had looks that complimented the mix perfectly. In fact, he was what most of the girls in his year called 'a looker'.

"You nervous?" Fred asked Drew, brushing his too long hair out of his eyes. "I definitely was this time two years ago, so don't worry yourself. You aren't the only one." He looked over at their younger sister's and grinned. "It will be their turn in 4 years. Then you'll wonder why the hell you got so stressed on your first day."

Nearby, George was talking to Eideard.

"I swear, you've made the right decision," the red-head said to the wild Celt. "He will have a great time. And like Lily said, they're both starting this year, so he won't be alone. And Fred will look after him." He laughed, and corrected himself. "Both Fred's will look after him."

Angelina interrupted him and called: "It's three minutes to everyone, get on the train!"

Drew broke away from Fred and rushed up to his father. "I'll be in Gryffindor Dad, I promise," he said fiercely. "Don't worry about me." And with that he gave Eideard and Aithne a quick hug and followed Fred and Lily onto the train.

Eideard watched as the train drew away from the platform and disappeared into the distance.

"I can't help but worry, George," he told his friend. "But you're right. It's the best thing for him."

George patted him on the arm. "Definitely. I'll check up on him tonight anyway. Fred and I have shop business."

Eideard raised his eyebrow. "Twin Fred, I presume?" George laughed and nodded.

"Of course. But keep it quiet. Angelina still doesn't know how often I go there." He looked around comically, as if he was hiding from the Authorities or something similar. "I sneak there every time she goes outside to water the garden. She's crazy with those bloody plants, I swear..."

Eideard snorted with laughter. Angelina turned from her conversation with Ginny and Harry and gave the two men a piercing look. George coughed and tried to distract her from the suspicious glare she was dealing them.

"Shall we all go get a drink at the Three Broomsticks? I think that's Ron and Hermione I see over there, talking to Bill and Fleur no less..." And he hurried away, Angelina following him.

"I heard you complaining about my garden! Maybe if once in a while you would get off your backside..."

Eideard howled with laughter along with Harry and Ginny and the three walked slowly behind the bickering couple, before the group turned on the spot and disappeared.

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