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Chapter 12


"Daddy!" Bella cried as she broke through her temporarily distracted guards. I was too tied up in battle to stop her, as was the rest of our group. Fortunately, Paul and Embry were hot on her heels, ripping apart any vampire that came near her. Above all the emotions running, I could feel her anger… her sheer determination.

Charlie cried out as Maria broke his wrist, all the while grinning at Bella.

"You wanted me, you fucking bitch? Well, now you got me! So let him go!" Bella screamed.

I could hear Charlie warning her to stay back, but she was on a mission. As the wolves teeth tore through granite flesh, Bella went about igniting their venom with her torch. Maria watched in awe as Bella seemed completely unfazed by the fighting surrounding her. Her entire focus was centered on her father. Occasionally she would glance back at me when she had a moment.

I was fighting with all I had to get through the throngs of newborns. The screeching sounds of ripping flesh mingled with those of the thunderous clashing of our bodies. A loud wail alerted me to Alice who had been successfully fighting behind me. A tall male had sunk his teeth into her neck and was going for the kill. I immediately pulled him off and wrenched his head from his shoulders. She gave me a quick "thank you" before throwing herself back into battle.

My momentary distraction caused me to lose sight of Bella. Maria was no longer standing in the doorway of the warehouse, and my little girl was nowhere to be seen.

"Edward!" I shouted and he glanced up from the decapitated newborn he was holding. "Is anyone thinking of Bella?"

He seemed to focus for a moment.

"She's inside with Maria! We have to get in there, Jasper!" From the panic that he was feeling I knew that there wasn't much time.

I fought with the strength of ten vampires, using my gift to subdue several at once, giving us a much larger advantage. I was consumed with rage at the mere thought of anyone harming my mate. Edward and Alice flanked me as we pushed our way through the battle. Finally, after what felt like forever we reached the doors to the warehouse. I saw Bella and Embry, but Paul was surprisingly not by her side. I searched the room and saw him in front of a petite woman, his teeth bared. He was protecting her. The feelings coming off of him told me that he found his mate and was guarding her with his life.

Bella stood in front of Maria, just waiting for the chance to light her ass up, but Maria was keeping Charlie firmly in her grasp and Bella would take no chances with the life of her father.

"You listen here, you crazy bitch, he has nothing to do with this and I've had just about enough of this shit! Now let him go!" I could feel that Maria knew she was done for, but there was no way that she was going down alone. Her eyes flitted to mine and a wry smile crossed her lips.

"Ah, Major, so nice of you to join the party." Her thick Spanish accent rolled off her tongue. The same voice that used to cause me to want to rip her clothes off in heated passion made me want to tear her apart. She was taunting me.

Charlie's heartbeat was slowing and when he coughed, blood sputtered from his mouth.

"Daddy!" Bella cried. "Jasper, save him!"

"Love… you, Bells." Charlie's coughing increased and it was all the distraction that Maria needed. She threw Charlie to the ground and lunged for Bella. None of us were quick enough to stop her as her body made contact, causing Bella to fall to the ground. In a blur, Peter and Charlotte entered the fray and were on her. Unfortunately, two more of her men joined in, but my focus was on Bella. She assured me that she was fine and pleaded with me to save her father.

"I'll have to change him. He won't make it otherwise."

"Do it! Just save him!" With a nod, I descended on him, leaving Edward and Alice to guard her. I immediately sank my teeth into his neck and his warm blood flowed down my throat. For a moment, he wasn't my mate's father. He was food. I drank greedily until I was forcibly removed by a little pixie. Alice. That was her name. I growled at her for interrupting my meal.

"Major, this is Bella's father. If you kill him she will never forgive you. Look at your mate, Major!" She commanded with as much authority as her tiny body possessed. I looked and all of a sudden, everything was back in focus.

"Alice. I need you to finish." I crawled over to Bella who was sobbing on the cold, dirty floor. I could hear Alice speaking to Charlie in hushed tones telling him that he would be all right. She bit his wrists and ankles, pushing in as much venom as she could. Charlie's heart began racing as he cried out from the burn of the venom.

"Daddy," Bella croaked as she crawled over next to him. She had barely reached his side when Maria broke free from her battle and lunged in our direction. Before I could react, she had ripped Alice's head from her shoulders and tossed it across the room. I felt for her, but my first reaction was to stand in front of Bella. Charlie's blood had made me stronger; replenished me from my earlier battles. I could imagine my eyes, a bright feral red as I glared down at the bitch who brought me into the vampire world.

"Finish her," Bella whispered, her words slightly garbled. So I did. I would have loved to take my time and torture her the way she deserved, but I knew there was no time. I was on her before she had time to react, and in seconds she was in pieces on the floor. Using Bella's torch, I set her on fire. Edward worked to reattach Alice's head to her small body. I thought things were fine as I watched Bella comfort her father. That was until she suddenly slumped over.

"Bella!" I screamed as I heard her heart beating erratically. My little girl was dying.


Burning. My whole body was engulfed in flames. Good thing I couldn't open my eyes because the sight of charred flesh would have probably freaked me the fuck out. I could hear people talking all around me. My poor Jasper's voice was absolutely frantic, asking if it was working. I had no clue what he was talking about, but I wished that I could comfort him.

I had a total Kill Bill "move your big toe" moment with my arm, and willed myself to reach for him. I didn't seem capable of speech, but I did feel my arm move. At least I think I did. It was hard to get past the feeling of being on fire. I almost felt guilty for the way I had lit Jeb's dick on fire if that was how it felt. Almost. They did have my dad, after all.

Charlie. Poor Charlie. Jasper had changed him, though, so he would be all right. I hoped that he wouldn't be too sad about me dying because surely that was what was happening to me. My mind seemed to be in utter chaos, replaying the events of the battle over and over.

At least one good thing had come from it all. Paul finally found his imprint. She was a tiny little thing. Pale blonde, almost white hair, golden tanned skin, and giant blue eyes; and as soon as he laid eyes on her everything else was forgotten. I noticed he hesitated slightly at leaving me with only Embry for a guard, but I knew the look in his eye and told him to go. I couldn't have borne it if his imprint died because he was protecting me.

"Little girl, can you open your eyes? Carlisle says everything is coming along all right. It will all be okay soon, I promise. Charlie is good in case you're wondering. He hasn't made a sound. Alice is taking care of him. Hasn't left his side, actually." He snickered a little and I wondered what amused him.

"Everyone is all right. Emmett said it was too easy. Their friends from Alaska finally showed up. I have to tell ya', little girl, watching Edward try and dodge Tanya is hilarious. She wants his dick some kinda' bad. If he hadn't had it so bad for you, I would think he was gay." Another chuckle from my man.

Things were quiet for a while. Just me and the raging inferno going on in my body. I kept wondering why no one had put me out. Slowly, my mind seemed to take over and it was almost like a rubber band around my brain. I played with it a little, expanding and retracting it. I found that if I concentrated hard, I could almost fully extinguish the burning.

Time seemed to simply stand still. Playing with the band in my head only afforded me so much entertainment. I wished I could move or do anything, really. I tried counting, but that got old quick, let me tell you. Instead I replayed every memory I could think of. Eventually my memories were interrupted by my heart thundering in my chest. All I could think about was the fire that seemed to flame around my heart. Then it just stopped. All of it. Stopped.

I could hear every breath that the people in the room were letting out. I smelled every scent. Finally I opened my eyes and was met with my Major, smiling sweetly at me.

"Damn, little girl, I'm so glad to see your eyes open. That was the longest three days of my life."

"Three days?" I asked, but quickly covered my mouth. Was that my voice?

"Bells?" Charlie? It was Charlie… but it wasn't. Gone were the strands of gray and the wrinkles on his face. He looked more like my brother than my father. Of course, he would look even younger without the porn stache he was sporting even as one of the undead.

"Dad?" The shock was evident in my voice.

"Your old man looks good, huh?" Alice piped up, practically bouncing beside Charlie. I looked between them as he smiled down indulgently at her.

"Oh! Ew! You and MY DAD?" I asked Alice and everyone erupted into a fit of laughter.

"Oh, please, if we're looking at age, I'm old enough to be his grandmother." Alice rolled her golden eyes.

"So weird," I shook my head.

"Well, it looks as if, like her father, Bella was made for this life." Carlisle stepped into the room and I looked at Jasper for clarification.

"Right now you should both be practically insane with thirst. Nothing else normally matters to a newborn. How does your throat feel?"

"Fine. A little scratchy, but nothing major, why?" I looked around the room hoping to understand what he was getting at.

"When we're thirsty our throat feels like it's on fire, and apparently, you and your father have been graced with the ability to avoid that all together. Right now your throat should be on fire. You should be completely focused on wanting blood. Your emotions should be all over the place. Hell, you should both be giving us hell." Jasper looked a little frustrated, but I suspect it was more because he hated not knowing what to expect.

"Yep, baby girl, apparently you and me… we're just awesome like that." I looked at Charlie like he had grown a second head.

"How long have you been awake? And have you been hanging out with Emmett, old man?" I smirked at him and had he been human he would have been blushing.

"Someone wants to see you both," Edward spoke up, apparently reading the mind of whoever was there.

"What is that smell?" Both Charlie and I asked, covering our noses.

All the other vampires in the room burst into laughter.

"That, would be your friend, Jake," Jasper answered.

"Damn, someone needs to tell that boy to take a shower." Charlie joked.

"All the wolves smell like that. Definitely keeps us from wanting to eat them, that's for sure. I think it's one of their defense mechanisms. You get used to it." Jasper winked at me.

"Well, bring him up!" I felt a little like Alice with the bouncing I was doing. I was alive… Charlie was alive… and I could have the love of my life while keeping my dad and my pack friends.

"Hey, Charlie, hey Bells." Jake looked a little wary of us, but my smile must have told him everything was okay.

"Hey, Jake! How's Ness? How's Paul and his imprint?"

"One question at a time, Bells!" Jake chuckled. "Ness is good. She's been worried about you but now I can report that you seem to be doing just fine. And Paul… well, his girl, Carrie, she's a little shaken. She has had trouble understanding what all went on, but he's helping her. Seeing him be so… sweet, has been a bit comical. He's still a bastard to all the rest of us, but the imprint demands that he be whatever she needs, and right now she needs gentle. He says he's sorry for leaving you, Bells. He feels really bad but the imprint demands precedence."

"You tell him that I completely understand, and that I am in no way mad at him. And tell him I said congrats."

"I will, Bells."

We spent hours talking about what exactly happened and I found out exactly how I had gone from knocking on death's door to being a vampire. Apparently Jasper almost lost his mind and bit me mid freak-out. Fortunately he didn't try to eat me like he did Charlie, but with me being his mate, I figured that was a given. Apparently, when Maria knocked into me she broke some ribs, puncturing my lung and in the end, putting too much pressure on my heart. I was still pretty sore that I didn't get to torch the bitch myself.

I also found out that Charlie's change only lasted two days, and when he woke up he was met with Alice smiling at him and that was that. After years of searching, Alice found her mate… in my father. So weird, right? I thoroughly enjoyed watching Edward fend off the advances of the single women of the Denali clan. When Tanya grazed his peen through his pants and he screamed like a girl I almost died again from laughter. Poor virginal Edward. I decided then that we needed to find him his mate before he ended up getting gang-banged my three horny succubae. Can a guy even get gang banged?

Watching Charlie and Alice make goo goo eyes at each other was only slightly disturbing. I was just far too glad to see my dad happy after years of being alone to really care.

"Come on, Charlie. Do it for me?" Alice batted her eyelashes playfully.

"I've had it for too long. I would look weird without it. And it's not like I can grow it back!" Alice was begging Charlie to rid himself of the stache.

While they duked it out I strolled over to where Jasper was looking thoughtfully out the window.

"What's going through that head of yours, Major?" I lightly ran my fingers down his toned back.

"Just finding this all a bit much to take in." He looked so forlorn. Almost like he wasn't happy anymore.

"Has me being a vampire changed things for you?" I asked sadly.

"What? No!" He immediately grasped on to exactly what I had been asking. Does it change the way you feel about me?

"Then explain. You look like you just lost your best friend. I'm still here, Jay. I'm still me." I reassured him, burying my face in his chest.

"It's not that. I'm just… sort of jealous."

"What? What are you jealous of, baby?" I didn't understand what there was to be jealous of.

"You and your dad. You both woke up to this life in complete control. Hell, neither of you has even hunted yet and you are having absolutely no problems with it. When I woke up I was like a rabid animal. I killed inconspicuously and with no remorse."

"But, Jay, my dad and I are the exception, not the rule. Edward described basically the same thing. The only difference was that he had Carlisle to guide him. You cannot be blamed for the way you were awakened to this life. Maria was a sadistic bitch who only cared about power, not who she used to get it. She wanted you ruled by blood so that she could use it to control you. You, yourself admitted it was one of the main reasons for using newborns. You are far too hard on yourself, baby." My poor man had been through more than I could ever imagine. What I witnessed with Maria had been nothing compared to what he had lived through. Years and years of battle hardened him, and there he was feeling jealous over something he never had any control over.

"How about you and me go for a hunt, then maybe we can sneak off for some alone time?" He nodded his agreement as my lips capturing his kept him from speaking.

So, my first hunt was… a disaster. I was the world's first clumsy vampire and the only way I was even able to capture anything was due to my super human speed. Jasper's sour mood was long gone as he joined Emmett in raucous laughter as I stumbled around loudly, scaring every animal within a five mile radius.

"Never could take her fishing as a human. She always scared the fish. Hell, she ended up spending more time falling out of the boat then she did actually sitting in it." Charlie joined in with the teasing and I very maturely stuck my tongue out at him.

"Oh, you can all kiss my ass!" I stomped my foot, only succeeding in making them laugh harder as I put a giant hole in the ground.

"But, little girl," Jasper began while trying to stifle his chuckles, "everything else has just come so easy to you. Odds were that there would be something to give you a fit."

"You're all a bunch of assholes!" I stomped (carefully) back to the house and was met on the porch by the rest of the Cullens and Denali's, as well as Jake. Apparently Alice actually had a vision of my disastrous effort and shared with the rest of them. Even Edward was snickering.

"Et tu, Edward?" I asked sadly, making him laugh even harder.

"Aw, Bella, come on, let's take you in and get you cleaned up." Alice tried to soothe me but I could practically feel her mirth. Then I heard the tell-tale click of a cell phone camera. I glared at the culprit.

"Aw, come on, Bells… it will make the guys feel better. They've been pretty down since you were changed. And it will make Ness feel better since she couldn't be here." Jake stuck out his bottom lip in a pitiful attempt at a pout.

"Whatever. Will you tell them all that I love them and hope that I'm able to see them soon? And I'm sure Charlie would love to see Billy at some point."

"Sure, sure, Bells. I guess I better get going. But I'll be back to see you soon, okay? I'd hug you, but you smell like ass." He scrunched up his nose and I punched his arm. "Shit, that actually hurts now!" He rubbed his sore arm, but walked away chuckling.

I was getting out of the shower when Jasper walked into the bathroom.

"What do you want, Judas?" I teased, wrapping the towel around myself.

"Hmm, well, I came up here to ask you a question, but it can wait." He snatched the towel and quickly had me pressed up against the wall.

"You know, I have wanted to do this ever since you lit Jeb's shit on fire. You were so hot. Don't get me wrong, I was scared shitless for you, but you were my match in every way. My goddess of war, so to speak. It was a thing of beauty."

"Really?" My voice sounded all breathy, like something you would hear in a cheap porn.

"Hell yes," He answered. I hadn't even heard him unbuckle his pants but in a flash, my legs were around him and he was inside of me. I growled low in my throat and for the first time since I awakened I felt out of control.

"Jasper, I want… I want…. Faster… fuck, harder!" He complied all too willingly.

I moaned embarrassingly loud causing him to smirk. I just couldn't seem to get enough. I wanted him closer, even though there was no way for that to even be possible. When I came my teeth latched onto his shoulder and he followed shortly after, my name on his lips. I felt myself pushing my own venom into him. I wanted him to carry my smell the way I carried his. I wanted everyone to know that he was mine. In that moment I understood Jasper's feelings of jealousy and rage – his desire to mark me. I immediately felt guilt over everything I put him through.

"Little girl, I feel your guilt and I'm assuming it has to do with you marking me?" I nodded, but he needed to know that it was more than that. So I explained to him exactly how I felt about all the shit I put him through. There was no way that I could have understood as a human, the complete mating pull. It was an all-consuming desire; a flame that never burned out. The thought of another laying a single finger on Jasper made me want to destroy something.

"I think we're going to owe Esme a new wall," Jasper snickered breaking me from my thoughts.

I turned around and noticed the Bella sized hole.

"Oops." I giggled.

"Damn, I love when you do that." I felt Jasper harden again, still inside of me.

It caused me to growl. Another thing about vampire nature I was beginning to understand. Horny = Growling.

"Damn, I love that too," Jasper whispered and with a growl of his own thrust his hips. Hard.

The hole in the wall got bigger before I used my newborn strength to push him to the floor. We rolled around, our hips moving against each other as we battled for dominance. It was rough! Hair was pulled, nails scratched down backs, and let's not forget the completely destroyed bathroom. When we finally finished and pulled away from one another we decided that getting dressed was a must, or else we would never pull ourselves apart.

We were met at the bottom of the stairs by several sets of eyes. Emmett was barely containing his laughter as he took us in. Edward couldn't look me in the eye, and I could only imagine what he saw in Jasper's mind. Alice and my dad were missing, and Peter and Char and Esme and Carlisle looked uncharacteristically rumpled.

"Um, I think I may have been projecting a bit," Jasper nodded toward Esme who was straightening her hair out with her hands.

"Ya' think?" Emmett exclaimed. "Dayum! Everyone had to retreat to the woods to get it on! Poor Eddie was trying to evade these three," he nodded toward the Denali sisters "but I think Tanya may have caught him."

I looked at Tanya who blatantly wiped her mouth and winked at Edward.

"Ah, shit," He groaned and we all burst into laughter.

Charlie and Alice finally returned. Alice's hair sticking up all over the place, and Charlie was sans stache, grinning like an idiot.

"EW! Just EW! You guys totally did it! EEEEEEEEW!" I covered my eyes, hoping that it would erase the thought from my mind.

"Hey, at least you didn't have to hear me! You and Jasper weren't exactly quiet! So, ew, right back at you!" Charlie scrunched up his nose in distaste.

Everyone laughed even harder, with the exception of Charlie and me. We were far too grossed out. But even still, it seemed as though everything had come together. The old me would have thought it was too perfect and been waiting for the other shoe to drop, but the new me simply sat back in the arms of my man, and enjoyed it.

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