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I can't believe it has been a year since Charlie came into the world. Exactly three hundred and sixty five days ago, I laboured for fourteen hours before being told that I would need a caesarean. Even though the process of bringing our son into the world wasn't the best, I wouldn't trade a minute of it if it meant I didn't have Charlie.

Today we are having a party of sorts to celebrate his birthday. It is basically just all of the adults in his life getting together for afternoon tea and cake. I'm sure, however, that there is going to be a tonne of presents of which he will only be interested in the boxes and the wrapping paper.

A ring of the doorbell indicates the arrival of our first guests. Opening the door, I see my parents standing there. Dad is holding a giant box of which I have no idea what is inside. Giving them both a quick kiss on the cheek, I invite them in and usher them into the lounge room, showing dad where to put the present for now.

They are barely seated when the doorbell chimes again. Edward, who is just coming down the stairs with Charlie after changing his diaper, motions that he will get it. He returns to the living room moments later Charlie walking in front of him and followed by Es and Car.

"How are you?" Car whispers in my ear as he gives me a hug.

"Not too bad," I reply. My morning sickness has been kicking my butt but other than that I am great.

As well as having everyone here for Charlie's birthday we are also using it as a chance to tell everybody about my second pregnancy.

I give Es a hug and she asks me the same thing Carlisle did, and I give her the same answer. I will be so much happier when the secret is out and I can stop trying to hide how crappy I'm feeling.

The next guests to arrive are Rose and Em and their little girl, Lilly. Lilly was born a few weeks before Charlie and she is absolutely gorgeous. Rose's friendship has been a godsend. It is so nice to have someone to talk to who knows exactly what I'm going through.

The last to arrive are Edward's parents, also carrying what appears to be a far too large present for a one year old.

Once everyone is seated I decide that, before we get started with the party, I will make my announcement.

"So, if I can have everyone's attention. I have an announcement before we get the celebrations underway."

Everybody turns their heads to look at me mostly looks of curiosity on their faces. Except Edward, Car and Es as I am pretty sure they all know what I am about to say.

"So, some of you may know that my best friend has always wanted a family but, due to circumstance, just hasn't been able to make that happen." Esme gives me a giant smile that tells me how much she loves what it is I am doing for her. "Well, when I fell pregnant with Charlie, the sadness I could see on her face nearly broke my heart. It started me thinking if there was anything I could do to help. That was when the idea of surrogacy came to me. After discussing it with Edward, we decided that we would make the offer to them and then leave it up to them if they would like me to do that."

I looked around and everyone's faces still looked like they weren't quite sure what I was trying to say.

"So, the big news is that I am pregnant and the twins I am carrying are Es and Car's."

Esme jumps out of her seat giving me a giant hug. Both mine and Edward's parents still had stunned looks on their faces.

"You had sex with Carlisle?" my mum asks sounding suitably horrified.

"No," Carlisle says sounding as horrified as my mum. "The child Bella is carrying was conceived using my sperm and Es's eggs in a petri dish and then implanted in her womb."

"Huh," is all my mum has to say in response.

"Congratulations," Rose says to Esme and Carlisle.

"So, you're letting your wife have someone else's baby?" Edward senior accuses Edward rather venomously.

"Excuse me?" I screech completely taken aback by his comment.

"Listen and listen good," Edward growls at his father. "This gift my wife is giving our best friends who have not been able to have a family of their own, only makes me love her more and if I hear you say one bad word against her again you will not be welcome in our house."

Edward comes over to me and pulls me into a hug. "You all right?" he asks.

I just nod my head while revelling in the safety of his embrace. Of course, right at this moment, the twins decided to make me feel liking puking my guts up. I quickly wriggle out of Edward's arms and bolt for the downstairs bathroom.

I sure hope this morning sickness finishes soon because I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.


Watching my wife run to the bathroom, my anger at my father is still coursing through me. I am just about to turn around and give my father another serve when I hear my mum speak.

"Edward Anthony Masen, what in the hell has gotten into you?" The look on my father's face tells me he knows he's put his foot in it. "I can't believe you would be so narrow-minded. You of all people should know that it takes all types to make a family not just blood."

It takes a second for what my mother has said to register with me before an unconscious "What?" slips from my lips.

Mum turns to me ready to say something, when my dad puts a hand on her arm to stop her.

"Son, this isn't something I told you, because, well, it didn't have a bearing on your life so I didn't think it mattered. I was actually born Edward Anthony Clifton. When I was two, my parents were killed in a car accident. Not long after, I was adopted by the Masens who couldn't have children of their own."

"You're adopted," I say still not sure I understand.

"Yep," he says.

"Huh," I reply not really knowing what else to say.

Before anyone else can say anything, Bella returns. "Okay let's get this party started," she says with what I can clearly see is false enthusiasm.

Understanding that, for now, this discussion is over and it is time to celebrate our little boys' birthday. I turn and scoop Charlie up from where he is playing on the floor and sit him in my lap. The giggle he lets out as i bounce him on my knee makes me forget that I was ever in a bad mood.

"So let's see what wonderful gifts your family has brought you," Bella says, kissing Charlie on the forehead before going to grab the first of the presents.

As suspected, Charlie is not the least bit interested in opening his presents, so Bella does it for him. A half an hour later, Charlie is having a ball in the pile of wrapping paper while I stare at the amazing pile of gifts our son has received and realise he is definitely one spoiled child.

The rest of the afternoon is fun, the harsh words from earlier are forgotten as we all revel in the innocence of playing with Charlie's new toys.

After the cake is served, Charlie finally passes out from all the activity and Bella puts him down in his crib for a nap.

Everyone takes this as their cue to leave and I am so happy to finally have a quiet house again if only for an hour or two.

Seeing how tired Bella's looks I tell her to go and have a nap while I clean.

"Only if you come with me," she says with a wink. "We can clean all this up later."

Not one to ever deny my wife anything I take her hand and lead her up to our bedroom.

We both undress and then hop into bed. I see the mischievous glint in Bella's eye and she's obviously feeling a little better. I feel her fingers walk their way down my chest and then wrap around my now aching cock.

It has been a few weeks since Bella and I last had sex, the morning sickness has been kicking her butt, and she just hasn't been in the mood. It doesn't mean I have gone unsatisfied, though, I have two hands and ten fingers and they provide relief when desperately needed. The feel of my wife's soft delicate hand gliding up and down my length is far beyond anything I can ever provide and I know that this impromptu session of love making is going to be over far too soon.

I put my hand on Bella's stilling it and let her know that if she keeps going I am going to be finished before she even gets started. She giggles and takes my hand and puts it between her legs showing me just how wet she is.

"Oh, my, God," I groan knowing that she is as aroused as I am. "Ride me, love," I whisper in her ear as I rub her clit.

"Oh, Edward, I love you," she moans.

She sits up and straddles my hips. She is stunning and even in such an early stage of her pregnancy she is already showing a little. I know most men would be jealous of their wife carrying someone else's baby but not me. It just makes me love her more that she is doing this wonderful thing for our best friends.

I run my hands over her breasts and stomach, worshipping her as best I can with my fingers. She rubs her wetness along my length a couple of times before lining my cock up with her entrance and then slowly impaling herself on me.

I cannot stop the moan of ecstasy from escaping my lips. It dawns on me that this is the first time in a long while that we have had sex without a condom and the extra sensation is incredible.

"I love you," I moan as she gently bounces up and down on top of me. "Oh, baby…too good…please."

I hope she understands what I am begging for and when she reaches down and starts rubbing her clit in time with her thrusts I know she knew I was going to come soon.

Barely a minute later, her walls are contracting around my hard-on and she is writhing and moaning in bliss above me, my own climax washing over me in a tidal wave.

As we both come down from our orgasm, she cuddles up next to me on the bed. As I feel sleep claiming me, I am reminded of a time when the only thing I could picture was a lonely uncertain future but even then my wife knew better. It only took six weeks to change my life completely, but I would never regret that time because it brought me closer to my wife and it gave me the greatest gift ever, my son. I am the happiest I have ever been and I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

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