"Mum, where's my hair brush?" the 16 year old Elizabeth Watson called.

"It's in the suit case, Lizzy." he mother, Pauline, answered. Elizabeth walked down stairs, with her backpack on.

"I'm glad that we're going to see dad again." Elizabeth said. Her father had been on an important business trip in Japan and now Elizabeth and her mother were moving over there.

"Look at you! Your hair is like a bird's nest!" Her mother tried to smooth down her shaggy blonde hair.

"Mum, get off!" Elizabeth cried, pushing her hand away. Her mother gave her a displeased look.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

They put the suit cases in the car and climbed in.

"Bye bye, England." Elizabeth sighed. Pauline gripped her hand comfortingly.

"Maybe one day...we'll see this country again. But until then, chin up." Pauline smiled. Elizabeth smiled sadly. She would miss England. It was her home.

"I don't want to leave." Elizabeth said sulkily. Pauline turned the ignition key.

"Well, when you turn 18, you will be able to make the decision to stay in Japan or go back to England. It will be your choice." Pauline smiled, "You never know...you meet a nice boy over there. You may want to stay in Japan."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes in embarressment.

Pauline smirked and drove away from the house Elizabeth had been born in.

When they arrived at the air port, they checked in after waiting in a huge queue. They decided to get a well deserved cup of coffee and some lunch. Elizabeth was texting her friends while her mother finshed eating.

"Eliza, I know you are...going to miss your friends and I don't blame you. But you'll make good friends in Japan. Your father is sending you to a pretty prestigous boarding school."

"Boarding School? Are you serious? You can't be!"

"It's your father's decision. He thinks it will help you take over the family business. It's a very good school."

Elizabeth snarled and plugged her earphones in her ear and switched the music on to extra loud to drown out her mother's pleas for her to listen. In the end, Pauline gave up on her daughter and went back to drinking her coffee.

Elizabeth wouldn't talk to her mother for the rest of the day, not even on the long flight to Japan. But once they got there, her father, Alan, was waiting for them.

"How's my number 1 girl?" hugging his daughter tightly.

"I'm good thanks, dad, I've missed you."

"We all have." Pauline said, joining the hug.

"Well, I've missed you too, my dear wife and daughter." he kissed her and hugged her tightly.

After they had hugged, they picked up their luggage and went to the car. They drove all the way to a small town just outside Tokyo. Just on the edge if the town, there was a hill with an elegant building on top and a small forest surrounding it. "See, Lizzy, there's your new school." Alan pointed to the elegant building on the top of the hill. "It's Cross Academy. The Chairman of the school is a very nice man. He'll make you feel welcome."

"I'm sure he well." Elizabeth sulked. Before Elizabeth knew it, they had arrived at her new house.

Their house was a medium sized town house with three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and an office for Elizabeth's father's work.

"Lizzy, don't unpack to the school tomorrow."

"Eh?" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"That's right, Lizzy! Also, get revising. I want your Japanese to be impeccable tomorrow when you meet Chairman Cross." Alan said.

Elizabeth gave an exasperated sigh and she slogged to her room. She found that it had been decorated like her old room in England. She supposed that it made her somewhat comforted. But, she wasn't going to be there very long as she was going to stay at the school. She pulled her curtains open and let the light pour into the room. However, something caught her eye.

There was a bat in the tree directly in front of her window. She didn't know if it was just her, but the bat was staring at her. She closed the curtains and waited a few more moments before opening them again.

The bat was gone.

She didn't even hear the flapping of wings. She gulped. She opened her curtains again and turned around to see a young Japanese man standing casually against the wall. Elizabeth stood frozen to the ground. The young man had mismatched eyes, one was red and one was blue.

"Who are you?" She croak in the best Japanese she could muster. Her eyes couldn't tear themselves away from his heated gaze. The man didn't answer. However, he walked towards her. However, Elizabeth remained hyponotized by his mismatched eyes and didn't back away.

The man put two fingers to the jugular vein in her neck. Elizabeth trembled, afraid to make any sudden movements.

"How did you get into my room?" she squeaked.

The man bent down and whispered in her ear.

"That, my dear, is a secret." he placed a light kiss on her jugular and then sank his fangs into her neck. Elizabeth cried out in pain. Blood flowed from her wound and she could here him drinking it.

One word sprung to mind that would describe him: vampire.

He had a vice like grip on her arms so that she couldn't pull away.

"What...are you doing..?" she cried. The man licked her neck clean. He pulled back, but close enough to ignite blood lust in the new vampire by letting his hot bloodied breath indulge her senses.

Elizabeth's vision became bloody and she could see the man's highlighted jugular through his skin.

She lunged for his neck and was about to sink her own throbbing fangs into his neck, but he held her back.

"No not yet, my pet, you have to beg for my blood." The man said maliciously. "My name is Rido Kuran and I am your master."

Elizabeth froze at the sound of her master's voice.

"What is your will, my lord?"