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Chapter 36 – Talk with Yuuki

As Kaname and Elizabeth entered the ballroom, the other guests all stopped what they were doing and they all gasped at what they saw. Elizabeth suddenly felt very uneasy and she gripped Kaname's hand very tightly.

"Kaname, don't let go," Elizabeth whispered. Kaname smiled slightly and they walked further into the room. The few brave aristocrats in the room approached the couple.

"Welcome, Lord Kaname," Lord Aidou said, "Ah, and this must be your charming fiancée Lady Erisabesu. I humbly welcome you to this ball in your honour."

"I am truly humbled by your efforts to throw such a wonder soiree tonight," Elizabeth said with a smile. Kaname smiled at Lord Aidou and wrapped his arm possessively around Elizabeth's waist.

"We must thank you for inviting us," Kaname said, "I will also be making an announcement later if that is all right."

"Why don't you make it now? All the guests are here including your lovely sister. She came with one of the hunters," Lord Aidou said. The room was still silent and Kaname caught sight of his little sister. Yuuki smiled at him warmly.

"Go on, Lord Kaname," Elizabeth said, "You might as well say is now."

"Well, if my fiancée is comfortable with it, then I will make it now," Kaname said, "In short, my fiancée and I are expecting a child."

There was a stunned silence. There hadn't been any pureblood pregnancies for years and the news that a Kuran birth was imminent was news that people loyal to the purebloods, especially to the Kuran family, needed to hear.

"Congratulations, Lord Kaname, Lady Erisabesu," Lord Aidou said cheerfully, "This is good news indeed! We should propose a toast to the health of your unborn child and to you also, Lady Erisabesu. Pureblood births are, from what I hear, rather complicated, painful and full of dangers."

Elizabeth stared at him, going pale. She hadn't really thought about what a vampire pregnancy would be like, thinking it would be like any other pregnancy, "Lady Erisabesu, are you quite all right," Lord Aidou asked. Hanabusa, who had been standing behind his father, noticed how pale Elizabeth had gone and he slowly approached her.

"I just feel a bit…" before she was able to finish, Elizabeth fainted, causing everyone to gasp and they all rushed forward. Kaname caught her as she fell, barely feeling her slight weight.

"I will prepare a room for Lady Erisabesu," Hanabusa said. Kaname nodded and followed him out. Yuuki, who had been waiting on the sidelines, followed them as well. Hanabusa lead them up into a guest room and Kaname laid his fiancée down on the bed, "I will get a jug of water and a beaker for her," Hanabusa said as he quickly swept from the room. Yuuki closed the door after him.

"Congratulations, Lord Kaname," Yuuki said, "You and Erisa must be very happy."

"It's been a year, Yuuki," Kaname said thoughtfully as he sat on the bed, "Yet I hear nothing from you. Do I mean so little to you now… just because I am in love with somebody else?"

"You mean the world to me, my dearest brother," Yuuki replied softly, "No matter who you choose to love, you are still my brother."

"So you do not resent me? We were once fiancés, Yuuki; I promised you that we'd be like mother and father…. Yet here I am… breaking that promise to you. I love Erisa. I cannot help it nor can I apologise for the love I feel for her," Kaname rested a hand on Elizabeth's hand and squeezed it gently.

"I'm not asking you to apologise for it. I have my choice to stay with Zero. I will always love you… just not in the way our parents' intended for us. Erisa will make an excellent Kuran bride."

"I'm glad you think so," Kaname said as he stood up and gently grasped his sister's hands. He kissed her forehead gently and hugged her, "I love you, Yuuki. I'm glad that you accept my relationship with her."

"But there's something I wish to ask," Yuuki asked as she pulled away, "Why are you attracted to her? What makes her special? You could have had any other woman yet you chose Erisa."

Kaname turned his gaze to the girl on the bed, "I'm attracted to her because she is kind, brave, beautiful… she's not afraid to say what she thinks. I can myself being with her for the rest of my long life. I can't explain my need to be with her… in words. I need her."

"So… you're intimate with her," Yuuki asked with a deep blush. Kaname raised an eyebrow and smirked lightly.

"Well, Erisa wouldn't be with child if we weren't, Yuuki," Kaname said, chuckling with mild amusement, "Almost nightly too…" he teased.

"Almost… nightly," Yuuki spluttered and Kaname nodded nonchalantly, "Look, I know this a personal question… but when was the first time… and how was it?"

Kaname regarded her for a moment before smiling again, "It was not long after we returned from the Aidou manor for our winter vacation from school," Kaname said, "Senri, who was being possessed by Rido, had just arrived as well. It was also not long before I turned you back into a vampire," Kaname replied, "To answer your second question… it was… unlike anything I had ever felt before. I was a virgin and so was Erisa."

"Weren't you nervous," Yuuki asked.

"Yes… but I had to hide my nervousness for Erisa's sake," Kaname replied, "She was extremely nervous and I had to put her at ease. Why are you asking all these questions?"

Yuuki fiddled with her hands, "Zero… he wants… us to make love but I'm not sure."

Kaname looked up sharply, "He's not pressuring you, is he?"

"No," Yuuki said, "He just brought it up. He asked me if I would consider it. I told him that I would," she sat down on the bed beside him, "It feels odd having this talk with you… when I once thought that it was going to be you I would be doing it with."

"At one point that's what I thought too… but life I never predictable and we both found other people to cherish in a way that we cannot cherish each other. We will always be brother and sister."

Yuuki leaned her head on his shoulder and nodded. Suddenly, they heard Elizabeth shift on the bed and her eyes fluttered open. Kaname shifted and turned to his fiancée, "Erisa," he whispered. Elizabeth looked around the room before her eyes focused on Kaname. She immediately threw her arms around his neck and Kaname pulled her close, "What happened," Elizabeth asked.

"You fainted," Kaname said, "You went awfully pale. I was so worried."

Elizabeth blinked, "The thought of my pregnancy scares me…" Kaname kissed briefly. Elizabeth sighed as she broke the kiss slowly. Elizabeth turned her head to see Yuuki walking towards the door, "Yuuki, I didn't know you were here! It's been so long. I haven't seen you since the battle at Cross Academy."

"It has been a long time, hasn't it," Yuuki said as she spun around on her heel to face her brother's fiancée, the skirts of her champagne coloured skirts, "Did you recover well from you broken ribs?"

Elizabeth nodded, "Yes, I did! Thank you very much."

"Good," Yuuki said, "Well, I'll be downstairs. See you down there."

Elizabeth nodded and Yuuki left the room. Elizabeth swung her legs down and touched her feet on the ground, "It's so embarrassing. I wish I hadn't have fainted."

"It's okay," Kaname said, "At least you're all right. Well, are fit enough to rejoin the soiree?"

"I think so," Elizabeth said as she walked over to a full length mirror. She smoothed down her dress and checked her makeup and hair, "Do I look all right?"

"You look beautiful," Kaname replied. Elizabeth smiled before holding out her gloved hand for Kaname to take. Kaname did so and she pulled him to his feet, "Let's go."

Elizabeth nodded, "Yes."

As they rejoin the party, everyone was dancing. Kaname pulled his fiancée onto the dance floor with him with a glorious smile. It made Elizabeth smile and blush deeply. Kaname's smile always could. Kaname guided Elizabeth in a waltz, leading her slowly and gazing into her eyes.

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