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Missing Scene 1: Daisies and a Deal

"Mommy! Can I watch Lion King, please?"

"Sure, sweet pea. Just give me one minute..." Kate's voice drifted off as she placed a stack of clean plates in the cabinet, followed by their matching bowls. Removing the navy dish rag from her shoulder, she stirred the pasta boiling in a pot on the stove and then placed the wooden spoon and dish rag on the counter, heading to the living room where the blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy she called her son sat, waiting patiently by the television. Kate bent to kiss the top of his head before placing the DVD in the player and pressing 'play' on the machine.

"Thank you," the two year old vocalized in child speak, a grin spreading over Kate's freckled face. Aaron became transfixed by the animals across the television screen and as Kate walked back into the kitchen, she couldn't help but hum to herself, enjoying the quiet Sunday she was sharing with the young child. Placing a pan of vegetables in the oven to roast, she checked the pasta again, and then poured herself a glass of red wine, savoring the first sip of the pinot noir as it flowed over her tongue. It was simple afternoons like this that made her appreciate how much she loved being back on the mainland, in one place, as a mother.

Aaron had quickly become her entire life, as children often do, and she now couldn't fathom not having kept him after they had returned home. He was a bright, sweet, beautiful child, and the sunshine in Kate's life. Ever since her trial, she'd done nothing but spend time with the toddler, teaching him everything he would grasp, his letters, numbers, and colors, and enjoying the fascinating, ever changing life that was that of a child's. He was her number one priority, and though she missed the warmth of a man sometimes, most of the time she relished in the warmth of this wonderful child, which, having the history she carried, had been so much more genuine and rewarding than that of a man's.

Kate was startled by a series of quick knocks on her front door, and, peaking at the clock, wondered to herself who would be coming by her house. Curious, and always a little cautious after the Island, she placed her wine on the counter and walked to the large wood door, swinging it open slowly. Kate felt her heart momentarily stop and then begin beating again, at a much faster pace than before, at the visitor who stood before her, holding a bouquet of bright, white daisies.

"Jack..." she breathed, the name sliding off her tongue, sounding like music to the ears of man before her. He stood in jeans and a button-down white shirt, his face clear of any stubble, a hopeful, yet nervous gleam in his hazel eyes.

"Hey, Kate," Jack greeted her with a wide smile, one hand in his jean pocket, the other holding the flowers. Kate felt a rush of excitement build in her stomach as he smiled at her, and smiled back, a smile that lit her face. His eyes scanned her freckled cheeks, and he knew he had made the right decision by coming by, even though he had sat in his car for over a half an hour in front of her house, trying to decide if this was indeed what he should be doing, and if she would even accept his presence. He was overjoyed to see she hadn't turned him away yet, and by the sparkle in her eyes and the sudden pink hue her cheeks had, he hoped she would invite him in.

"What are you doing here?" She asked curiously, hoping he said what she wanted to hear.

"I came by to see you and Aaron." If it were at all possible, her smile grew bigger. "I remembered you had said I should come by for a visit. I'm sorry I didn't call, I-"

"Don't be sorry, you're not interupting." She interupted his apology, because it didn't matter to her. He didn't have to be sorry, the surprise was worth it for her. "You can always come by. Please, come in." She opened the door wider and welcomed the tall man into her home. He had seen it before, when she had first moved in, before he had found out about Claire. They had spent some time together, but since both had been trying to get their lives back in order, it hadn't been able to develop into too much before his guilt and her trial had crept in, their time together dwindling. She hadn't seen him or heard from him in the two months it had been since her trial, since he had confessed, in a way, that he still held heavy feelings for her.

"These are for you," he almost shyly handed her the flowers and she took them, elated, caressing the soft white petals.

"They're beautiful, thank you so much. I was just making dinner. Would you like a glass of wine?" Kate offered, leading him into her brightly lit, delicious-smelling kitchen. He took in her faded, ripped jeans that hung loosely at her trim waist and the the pink t-shirt she wore. It that clung to her body in all the right places, he observed, trying to divert his eyes so she didn't notice. Her wavy hair lay gently against her back and shoulders, a stray peice finding its way into her eyes every once in a while as she welcomed him into the warm house.

"Yes, please." As Kate poured the glass of red wine for him, she could feel her heart pounding in her chest, a reserved hope bubbling its way to the surface. So many things were crossing her mind (why was he here, what did he want, how long would he stay), and she struggled to surpress them, not wanting to get her hopes up before he walked out of her life again, destroying her once more.

He mumbled a word of thanks as he recieved the glass, and took a sip. He couldn't take his eyes off of her as she stirred the pasta, removing it from the stove and pouring it into a strainer in the sink. He watched her place a handful of spinach into the noodles and then a cheese sauce, creating macaroni and cheese for Aaron, he presumed. A garlic scent filled his nose and he guessed she was cooking something else for herself. When she turned, he caught her eyes, and was warmed by the acceptance she held there for him.

"How've you been?" She spoke softly, breaking the silence. She cast a glance toward the living room, where Aaron was sitting, having yet to notice their new house guest, the movie holding all of his attention.

"Good. Busy. Work has been pretty chaotic lately." Jack leaned his back against the island in her kitchen, watching her seamlessly move around, setting the breakfast bar for Aaron, checking her own dinner in the oven, and sipping on her wine. He had yet to really see her in this new role she played, and was very taken by her. "How about you?"

"Great. Everything is wonderful now that the trial is over, and we've settled into a routine. He's a wonderful child." Her sweet smile toward the living room made his heart swell, knowing she was happy. Seeing her this happy made him wonder slightly what had kept him from coming for so long, he'd never seen her so elated and relaxed. "The settlement money is taking care of us just fine for now, so I'm just spending as much time with him as possible, before he goes to school, then I'll get a job."

"You have a few years before that happens, though." He grinned at her. Setting Aaron's plate down, she walked back around the counter and leaned her hip against the hard surface a foot from where Jack was propped. They both took a moment to turn to the television, peering at the movie playing across the screen. They waited a beat before looking back at each other.

"Hey, I..umm..I didn't make a lot for myself for dinner, but I have some chicken I can grill for you if you'd like to stay...for dinner, I mean." He was taken by how her cheeks turned slightly red and she seemed bashful suddenly, hopeful. He didn't even hesitate.

"Sure, I'd like that." They caught each other's eyes before she set her glass down, moving to the refridgerator. "I thought you were a vegetarian?"

"I am. I didn't want to subject Aaron to that, though." She laughed lightly. "Plus, there's lots of good protein in lean meats, and he only gets organic, so I figure it's okay." Her smile never left her face as she opened the chicken package, pulling two breasts out, and placing them on the cutting board to trim the fat. "Goober, come eat your dinner." She momentarily glanced at Jack, afraid of his response, and, as she had expected, his face was a shade paler, and he suddenly looked nervous. Keeping her grin steady, she washed her hands quickly, and moved to help the small child into the booster seat that sat on the chair. Jack's eyes widened a little, and he stood a little straighter. Kate placed the Simba stuffed animal on the counter by the young child, and rolled up his sleeves, handing him his little fork, and moving his juice within reach. The toddler took his first bite before noticing Jack standing across the counter from him. Kate watched the silent exchange, before interjecting. "Aaron, this is Mommy's friend, Jack."

"Hi," came from the full mouth, before he then seemed disinterested, his attention falling back to his food. Kate moved away from Aaron, back around toward Jack and touched his elbow lightly as she moved by him.

"He doesn't bite," she encouraged softly, a laugh in her eyes. For a grown man, Jack seemed a little fear stricken, though Kate hadn't expected much different.

"I know that." Jack suddenly came back to life, color filling his cheeks again. "He's just..gotten so big." He suddenly sounded wistful, and Kate wondered, just for a moment, if he maybe wished he hadn't missed so much of his nephew's growing up. She placed the chicken in her grill pan and let it cook, checking the vegetables.

"He grows so fast. I feel like just yesterday he was screaming madly at night and there was nothing I could do." She said it with a laugh, but through all those nights, after Jack had become distant to her, she would cry with Aaron, wishing she could call Jack, wishing he would come rescue her, using his doctor's knowledge to help soothe the colicky child, and his familiarity to soothe her. He hadn't though, she had done it all by herself, and now, watching the quiet child eating before her, she had never been so proud of anything she had accomplished in her whole life.

"Did he cry a lot?" Jack asked quietly, curious now of what he had missed, how her life had been before the trial.

"Oh my goodness, for the first six months, it was terrible. I'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact that I was figuring it all out as well, and didn't really have any idea what I was doing," she laughed ruefully, "but then he just settled down. Ever since then, he's been wonderful. And even when it was hard, it was worth it." She brushed a hand over his blonde hair affectionately. "How about them Red Sox?" She brought up a safe topic, one she knew Jack enjoyed, and she had watched them the last two seasons, to remember Jack, knowing he would be watching them too. She would never admit that was the reason why though.

Jack cleared the table for Kate as she took Aaron up stairs to bathe him and get him in bed. It seemed, for his benefit, she had kept his interaction with the child to a minimum, and he, now, after two glasses of wine, mentally slapped himself for not being more outgoing to the child. Aaron, however, didn't seem that interested either, and that made Jack want to try a little harder. At least for Kate.

After placing all the dishes in the sink, he contemplated making his way up the stairs, to catch one last glimpse of her in her mother role, which he suddenly found very attractive in her. Deciding against it, not wanting to disrupt their routine, and maybe secretly not ready, he poured himself another glass of wine and walked into the living room, settling down on the couch to wait for her. Flipping on the television, he found SportCenter, and chose that as his entertainment until she came back.

When she returned, she was surprised to find him relaxing on her couch with his wine, the kitchen cleaned up, but it was a pleasant surprise. Picking up her wine, she made her way up behind him.

"Hey," she greeted softly. He returned her warm smile, and she took a seat beside him, facing him, curling her short legs up underneath her. "Sorry that took so long, it's a process sometimes."

"Don't be sorry, it's fine. I understand." he motioned to the television, "I was just watching SportsCenter while I waited for you." He offered her the remote but she declined.

"Watch whatever you want, I don't mind." She placed her right elbow on the top of the couch, her hand holding her head up, her fingers sliding through her curls, making him ache for the feel of them in his fingers. The sudden desire shocked him a little, as he hadn't been prepared to feel them so soon, and struggled to keep them at bay, their proximity so close he could sense the sweet smell of her perfume, and the smell of mint indicating she had brushed her teeth.

"You're really great with him." Their gazes were locked and she smiled, blushing.

"Thank you. I try really hard."

"It shows. You did a great job on the house too." This broke her gaze, and she looked around.

"Yeah, I guess you haven't seen it since I first bought it. I actually am very happy with my decorating skills. I'm slightly surprised I had any." She laughed despite herself, and he found her modesty cute.

"My apartment isn't nearly this decorated. But it has a great view of L.A." He countered, half jokingly, half wishing for her to see it sometime. So he could cook her dinner, though he knew it probably wouldn't be as good as her's had been; being a doctor didn't give him a lot of time to practice, and when cooking for only one, sometimes takeout seemed like a better idea.

"I'm sure it's nice, you're a doctor afterall." Kate was trying to take this visit slow, trying to feel through all the emotions bubbling within her, trying to determine if he was worth getting attached to again, because she knew that by the time he left tonight, she would be.

Jack watched the low light dance across her eyes, making their color much richer than before, and he felt he could get lost in them almost immediately. Tearing his eyes away, he focused on the sports highlights that were on the television, trying to control his desire to kiss her right then. Kate sipped her wine, eager for the comfortable silence that splayed between them. They were quiet for a while before she spoke again.

"I'm really glad you came by," she said the words, barely above a whisper, and when Jack turned to respond, her face held a serious expression. Her eyes held an unreadable emotion and he furrowed his brow a little, wondering if she was asking him to leave.

"I am too." He didn't move, unsure of what his next move needed to be. As far as he was concerned the ball was in her court, and in her mind, the ball was in his. This game was no different than the one they played thousands of miles away, every day, neither of them saying exactly what they meant, always waiting for the other to go first. But the longer he watched her face, the shorter his resolve stayed with him. "Kate..." he began slowly, setting his wine down on the side table next to the couch. A fleeting moment of panic jumped her stomach, and she prayed he wasn't leaving.

"Yeah?" Came out a nervous response. She dropped her arm down, and watched him turn to face her.

"I'm going to kiss you," he began, his voice very soft, leaning toward her, searching her eyes, brushing her curls behind her ear, "but I won't if you don't want me to." Her heart leapt, her stomach flipped and she couldn't stop the building of excitment bubbles in her abdomen. His face was questioning, as he waited patiently for an answer, knowing he owed her that much.

"I want you to..." before her whisper could die on her lips, his warm lips covered hers, and she could honestly say she was surprised by how soft and inviting they were. It was a slow kiss, nothing too deep, or passionate. It was as if he were getting to know her through her lips, feeling out what she was willing to give, how she felt. All she could feel was her heart beating in her ears because it was racing so much, his lips on hers, breathing life into her soul, and the beginning of a familiar ache she hadn't felt in over two years. Except when she thought of him.

When he pulled back, she waited a beat before she opened her eyes, trying to memorize the feeling of his kiss, in case it never happened again. It was hard to tell with him sometimes, whether it would. When she did open them however, she changed her mind, this time she initiated the kiss. He seemed a little surprised by her sudden action. This kiss was a little deeper than the first and she moved her hands to his thighs, as if bracing her self. Their bodies were still not close, each leaning in, but the feeling of her hands on his jean-clad thighs drove his mind crazy with thoughts of her. The kiss ended slowly as she withdrew and she bit her lip a little in what seemed like embarassment. "I'm sorry..." she began, shaking her head with a smile. He searched her face, his brow furrowed.


"For kissing you like that." She tilted her head to the side, and looked down at her hands, now back in her lap.

"Would you stop apologizing?" he answered playfully, running a hand under her ear, pulling her gaze up to meet his. "I've been dying to kiss you like that." he paused, "Like this..." he again pulled her face to his, and this time it was explosive, as if they had been holding back the last two times. She felt herself moving to her knees, never breaking the kiss, and moving closer to him, knowing he wouldn't make the move himself, as he was waiting for her. Her arms found their way around his neck, and she played with the short hairs on the back of his neck while they kissed. His arms wrapped around her slim waist, pulling her closer, his need and want for her growing. He slid his leg out against the back of the couch and settled back against the armrest, her small body resting on top of him, in a position he'd only dreamed of feeling. She could feel her chest pressed against his, and felt her passion grow more with the feeling of his heart beating as fast at her's. She finally ended the kiss, again with the biting of her lip, that made him wish she was biting his lip. She giggled, and he rested his arms gently across the small of back, one hand unconsiously sliding over the skin that was exposed between her jeans and baby tee.

"Trust me, I want to do this, I just am not sure we should..."

"Do what?" he asked innocently, sliding his long fingers again across the small indents in her back, causing her to shiver, and for her need to grow stronger. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Exactly." She joked, resting her forehead on his, trying to ignore the things she could feel while lying against his body.

"We don't have to do anything," he assured, though her body against him was driving him mad. Selfishly, he felt they had waited long enough. Searching his eyes, she felt a sudden burst of confidence.

"Can you come over on Friday? I'll make dinner again, maybe we could watch a movie?" Her voice was so hopeful, he couldn't imagine saying 'no'. Just waiting the whole week was going to drive him crazy, as he knew it would drag on.

"Sure. But I want to pick the movie, if you're cooking." They both laughed and he stole another kiss. It lingered. She reluctantly pushed back and stood, and to his dismay, she pulled down her shirt, covering the part of her belly that had become exposed by the friction against his chest.

"Deal." She reached her hand out and shook his hand tightly. He stood as well. They each picked up their glass and carried them to the kitchen, where she placed them in the sink. Walking to the door, she stole a glance at the flowers he had given her, and her heart soared.

Stopping at the door, she brushed her chocolate hair behind her ears, and suddenly wished she could change her mind and ask him to stay. Aaron deserved better than that, though, she knew.

"Thank you for coming by." She placed her hands in her back pockets, unsure of what to do with them. His hand came up to slide his thumb across her lips, and down to touch lightly under her chin.

"You're welcome. Thanks for having me." She bit her bottom lip again and he cursed silently.

"See you Friday? Around 8?"

"Absolutely. I can't wait." She opened the door, and as she leaned against it, she felt his eyes bear into her, as his head dropped and placed a soft, wanting kiss on her lips. She accepted it, feeling his hand rest on her hip for just a moment, then he smiled against her lips, picked up his head, and made his way down her front porch, to his old Ford truck, the same one he'd had all this time. She watched him go and then shut the door, leaning her back against it, cursing herself for not letting him stay, and for suggesting Friday instead of Monday or Tueaday, as it seemed so far away now. At least she had time to plan the best dinner she could make for him. Her heart soared everytime she thought of the kiss, and she knew, admittedly, she couldn't wait to do it again. First and foremost in her mind though, was her excitement to see him again.

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