Everybody Hates TV

by MarioMario54321

Set in 1987, after the end of the Everybody Hates Chris series. Everything Chris Rock says while narrating the story is italicised.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the producers of Everybody Hates Chris.

Brooklyn, 1987

Chris, now 18, was walking down the street looking for a college to get into.

"In 1987, after I had passed my GED, I had applied for every possible college. But none of them would accept me."

At his home, Chris and his mother Rochelle were opening a letter from Harvard.

"Not Hardvard."

Chris's smile fades when it says he wasn't accepted.

"Not Yale."

Chris opens the letter smiling, but then it said he wasn't accepted.

"Not even Princeton."

Chris opens the letter, and again it said he was rejected.

"After getting rejected by many colleges, I had to try something new."

"Hey Chris. Any luck from trying to get accepted into a college?" asked Julius, Chris's father.

"No. Not yet. I applied for many colleges and they all turn me down." replied Chris.

"That much bad luck, huh?" said Julius.

"Yeah. I'm running out of options. What should I do?"

"Keep trying. I'm sure there's a college out there that will accept anyone with a G.E.D."

"It's not the G.E.D. dad, it's how good I've been doing."

"Well you got a 735, which out of 800 is good. So why arn't they accepting you?"

"I don't know, dad. I don't think any of these colleges accept anyone with a G.E.D."

"Except maybe the University of Bed-Stuy."

"Well keep trying."

As he said this, Rochelle walked in with groceries in her arms. None of them were name-brands.

"Hi Julius." she said.

"Hey Rochelle." replied Julius as she kissed Rochelle, who is Chris's mother.

"So how was it?"

"Well I'm back from the market as usual, without any name brands."

"Well good. Because name brands are expensive."

"To us, yes. But not to you if you buy food with money and not food stamps like my family."

"So far we've eaten about 90,462 dollars and 82 cents worth of groceries!" Julius said, being himself, knowing how much everything costs.

"90,463 dollars if you count that Hershey's bar I bought with my own money the other day."

"So Chris, have you been accepted by any colleges yet?" asked Rochelle.

"No. I've been rejected by every single college I've ever applied to." replied Chris.

"Except the University of Bed-Stuy, which I didn't want to go to."

"Oh, well that's too bad, Chris. You got 735 out of 800 on that G.E.D."

"It just doesn't make sense. There arn't anymore colleges in New York that I have't applied to."

"Except in Bed-Stuy. But you probably want me to shut up now."

"Well maybe you should go out there and find out why." said Julius.

"Yeah I'm gonna go out and do that." said Chris.

"And if not, I can go to the University of Bed-Stuy."

"While I was looking for acceptance, Drew and Tonya were looking for a TV."

Chris's younger brother Drew and his younger sister Tonya (who still had her new hairstyle she got in the last episode) were outside where Risky (a guy who sells stolen/broken things for less than what they cost) was selling things as usual.

"So what can I get you?" said Risky.

"We're looking for a TV." said Drew.

"A TV?"

"Yeah, dummy."

"Yeah. A TV. We're tired of having only one TV in our house."

"So was I. But we could never afford a second TV."

"So I'd like to buy one from you so we don't always have to share the same TV."

"I see." replied Risky, searching through his pile of stolen things.

Risky looked through and found a small 19-inch TV. "Yep. Here we go. A nice 19-inch TV."

"How much?" asked Tonya.

"Cheaper than what it was years ago when my mother decided to buy one and Julius didn't want to spend that much money or get it on credit."

"Meanwhile, while Drew and Tonya were getting risky, so was I with the colleges."

On his way to...anywhere, Chris saw Ms. Morello (his teacher at Corleone and later his principal at Tatagglia who is racist and treats Chris differently because he is black.) as he was taking a walk in the neighborhood.

"You'd think I'd finally be away from anyone at the place where I was the only black kid, and the place where I dropped out." Chris was the only black kid at Corleone when he went there, but not at Tatagglia.

"Chris? Is that you?" said Ms. Morello.


"Ms. Morello?" Chris replied.

"I was just thinking about you, and about how things were going to be for you now that you've dropped out."

"Actually, I got a G.E.D., which means I'm done with high school, and I can finally go to college."

"Oh, you did? That's wonderful!"

"Yeah. But I'm facing one problem."

"What is it, Chris?"

"I've applied for every college in New York, but they all turned me down and I don't know why."

"I think I know why."

"Well that's odd. What information did you give them other than the fact that you got a G.E.D.?"

"That I'm black."

Chris's thought for a while, brainstorming all the info that the colleges wanted.

"Well, you see I passed my G.E.D. with a 735 and..."

"While I try brainstorm all this vast information that colleges ask for, let's end this chapter and move to the next one if possible."