We Know You

Outtake/Secret Mini-scene

Posting here with the rest of the story in case you didn't get a chance to read it. This scene takes place in 1948, Philadelphia, or sometime off-camera during Chapter 7: Adjustments in We Know You.

When Jasper Met Alice

It was the sense of vibrant expectation that tugged at his awareness, pulling him seductively toward the small diner in Philadelphia. Not that the scent of blood was not appealing all around him, but that kind of emotive outpouring was fascinating. Intriguing. Though his eyes were dark with a thirst he desperately avoided slaking, Jasper Whitlock pushed open the glass door of the six-table establishment and pinpointed exactly where his fascination began.

And his eyes widened in surprise. The golden eyes were what he saw first. Bella Of No Last Name came to mind. Pretty thing, a dainty brunette…

He liked dark-haired women, to be sure.

"You've kept me waiting," the even smaller, elfin-seeming woman murmured softly, her eyes huge and glowing in the faulty light of the overhead fixture. Her hair was black and cut closely to her tiny head. She wore clip-on earrings and seemed to vibrate where she sat.

He approached, his manners impeccable as always as he removed his hat with one hand and took her offered fingers in the other. "My apologies, ma'am."

And with that one touch, the world shifted. He gasped, knowing what this was because the emotion was something he had secretly longed for for almost a century. "Who are you?"

"I'm Mary Alice and I've been waiting for you for just about forever, Jasper Whitlock."

Lightning flashed right outside the window, drawing gasps from the two other patrons of the tiny diner. Jasper felt the peripheral emotions of awe and fear but ignored them. Offering his arm to the petite brunette he had just met, he asked, "Care to take a stroll?"

Thunder rolled but he still heard her affirmative. She left a cup of cooling coffee and a crumbled pastry on the table, along with a dollar bill.

He felt tongue-tied suddenly, as they left the diner. Rain rasped along rooftops; she lent him an umbrella. "For appearances."

"Of course, Miss Mary Alice."

"Alice. I call myself Alice," she insisted as her hand slipped confidingly in the crook of his arm.

"Where shall we go, Miss Alice?" he asked, not knowing what else to say. I think I love you. Are we really mates? How did you know who I was? What kind of gift do you have?

"Hunting," she said definitively, not looking at his face.

"Do you eat squirrel?" It was a ridiculous question and he winced even as it left his mouth.

Little Mary Alice halted abruptly at the mouth of an alley, her eyes round and mouth likewise. Jasper didn't even let himself think of all the things her present appearance made him want… "Squirrel? What made you think of squirrel?"

He winced visibly. "I met another vampire with golden eyes, once. She –"

Before he could finish his explanation, Mary Alice giggled and then erupted into peals of the most beautiful laughter ever to have graced his ears. "You teased her about eating squirrels! I didn't see that, but I see you telling me about it now."

Sidetracked by mention of her gift, he asked her about it and the rest of that rainy afternoon was spent in conversation.

The evening was something else entirely.