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"Isabel Vesper-Hollingsworth Kabra has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and is hereby sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole."

This statement caused Ian Kabra and his younger sister Natalie to turn pale. For a moment, neither one of them breathed. It wasn't the fact that their mother had just been convicted of cold-blooded murder and condemned to prison for the rest of her life. It was her name.

Ian remembered hearing his mother's maiden name mentioned in passing before. He was nearly certain that Natalie had, as well. The fact that Isabel Kabra had once been Isabel Vesper-Hollingsworth was no secret to her children. It was as plain as the sun peering through the dark clouds outside the window of the courthouse.

But when Ian and Natalie had heard the name, it simply hadn't been a big deal to them. They had had far better things to be doing- such as shopping, for Natalie, and playing polo, for Ian- than to be pondering the fact that their mother's maiden name just so happened to be Vesper-Hollingsworth.

But things were different now. Now, they knew about the Vespers.

Ian remembered how he had found out about this mysterious "other family." It had been a clear Tuesday night. He and Natalie had just settled in at their new apartment in New York a few days ago, and that night, he was preparing for bed when his cell phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID and seeing that it was Amy Cahill, he had picked up with a curious, "Hello?"

Amy's voice had been strained, anxious, even as she cut to the chase. "Fiske told Dan and I that we could tell you now. There was a reason that Grace started the hunt…. There's this other family, and they've been after Cahill secrets for centuries. You all needed to know because… w-we might have to fight them soon. All the Cahills, together." She paused, taking a deep breath. "They're called the Vespers."

Vespers… The name had rung a distant bell inside Ian's brain back then, but he hadn't paid much attention. He had been too busy pressing Amy for more details.

"What else do you know about these Vespers?"

Amy had hesitated for a moment before she replied, "I really have to go. I'm supposed to call the Starlings, and then…"

"Well, that's all right. It was… nice talking to you."

She sounded distracted, and even more so, worried. "Okay. Bye."

Now, as Ian's thoughts returned to the courtroom, he felt Natalie's gaze on him. It was obvious that she was realizing the awful truth for the first time, also. Absently, he reached over and squeezed his younger sister's hand.

Natalie tried to smile, but her scared amber gaze still reminded him of a frightened baby rabbit. Sometimes, he forgot just how young she was. If this was difficult for him to digest, it must be even worse for his eleven-year-old sister.

As several security guards led the handcuffed Isabel past them, Natalie gripped her brother's hand even tighter. After shooting her an empathetic look, Ian allowed his eyes to sweep over the other Cahills (perhaps they hadn't come to the Kabra children's realization?).

Alistair Oh was still seated up front, having not long ago taken the witness stand to testify against Mum- no, she wasn't their mum anymore, Ian reminded himself; he and Natalie had emancipated themselves, and now, they were free from her ever-looming shadow. (Or were they?)

On the other side of the room were the Starling triplets. Aside from a pair of glasses perched on Ted's nose and the scars that were faintly visible on all three siblings' exposed flesh, one would never guess that they had been in that awful explosion. Those surgeries had worked wonders, and now, Ted could stare Isabel down along with his brother and sister as she was marched past them.

The Holts were parked two rows behind the Starlings. At first glance, Eisenhower, Mary-Todd, and their brood seemed peaceful and intent on watching the courtroom goings-on, but as Ian took a closer look, he noticed that Madison and Reagan were pinching each other in the sides- probably seeing who could tolerate the most pain without crying- while Hamilton was flicking his father's arm, and the mammoth of a man hardly seemed to notice. Mary-Todd just smiled laughingly at the rest of the pugnacious Holt pack.

Jonah Wizard sat beside his father Broderick, who for once was paying more attention to the world around him than to the screen of his BlackBerry. Instead of the usual gold bling and cocky smirk, Jonah wore a tie and a grim expression.

Finally, Ian looked to Amy and Dan, who were seated in the row right in front of himself and Natalie, next to their great-uncle and their nanny- whatever her name was. Dan was glaring with forced fierceness at Isabel, while Amy barely tried to hide her discomfort as the woman's eyes passed over her and her brother.

Then, Isabel turned to look at Ian and Natalie, and a chill went up her son's spine, sending an uncomfortable tingling feeling shooting through his entire body. Just as he had realized in the gauntlet, those eyes held no love for her children.

And, as he was only now realizing, those were the eyes of a Vesper.

But that wasn't the worst part. As Isabel was escorted out of the courtroom, an even more disturbing thought occurred to Ian.

If Mum- I mean, Isabel- is at least half Vesper… then that means that Natalie and I are also part Vesper.

He looked over at his sister. Now that Isabel had gone, Natalie had released his hand, and now she was examining her fingernails, probably thinking that she was in need of a manicure.

It was just as well, Ian thought. If she hadn't realized it herself, there was no need to further worry her by pointing it out.

"Court is adjourned," the judge announced.

His three words broke the spell of silence that had been on the courtroom. The Holt kids began all-out rumbling, while the three Starlings, Jonah, and Broderick looked on in disdain. Amy sighed and shrugged in resigned amusement at Fiske and the nanny as Dan broke into a rousing rendition of "Joy to the World."

"Joy to the world, Isabel's in jail, without any chance of bail! What an awesome purgery, and without her plastic surgery, she'll look normal like the rest of us, with old people wrinkles and stuff, and if she dies of a heart attack, then that's tough luck!"

Nearly all of the Cahills laughed or at least cracked a smile. Jonah exclaimed, "Yo, cuz, those are some sweet rhyming skills you got there! Almost equal to a Janus!"

Dan beamed. "Thanks!"

As the two boys high-fived, Ian noticed that Jonah looked very lively, a lot better than he had back in the gauntlet, when he had looked more as if he were at death's door. Thinking back, he was ashamed that he had been ready and willing to leave the star to die. Was that the Vesper in him?

Natalie's voice snapped him out of his thoughts. "I need to get my nails done when we return to New York," she remarked.

"Of course," he answered distractedly. His eyes were focused on Amy and Dan, who were now approaching them, along with Naomi or Nettie or whatever their babysitter's name was.

"Your mom's in jail now," Amy said with a warm smile when they reached him. "I bet it feels good, right?"

"Dumb question. Of course it does," muttered Dan, rolling his eyes.

Amy's green eyes were expectant as she waited for an answer, which Natalie provided.

"It is a relief," she admitted. "We can live our own lives now."

"And no more fighting," smiled Amy, holding out her hand in an uncertainly friendly gesture.

But Ian looked away from her extended hand, from her, Dan, and the nanny altogether. Perhaps, with all he had already done to them, it was best not to let himself get too close to the Cahill siblings, even now that things were changing and they were all about to come together to fight the Vespers.

Because, although Ian had always thought of himself as a Kabra, a member of the greatest Lucian family on Earth, he now understood that there was another side to him, a side more cold and ruthless than a mere Lucian.

He and Natalie were Lucians who also has the blood of a Vesper in their veins.

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