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"She left House, the only reason she's here instead of the hospital she now works at is because of Wilson, not for you, Chase or anyone else." House doesn't like her voice but figures she's probably right. However at the same time Cameron cares for every single patient she ever had, she cares about lost kitties and puppies, she would care about the people she worked with for six years. She just can't be that detached, she can't have changed that much, it's simply not in her nature.

"She worked here for six years, how could she keep this a secret?" He says mostly to himself and Cuddy frowns again.

"Why do you care?"

"She has cancer! You honestly think I wouldn't be bothered if a person I've known for years has cancer? Glad you think so highly of me." He came here for some comfort, not this.

Isn't that what a relationship is all about? He knows it's been a long time since he has been in one, but this is not how it's supposed to be, and for once he's trying. He turns and lies on his side, his back to her.

"House, I didn't mean it like that." She places one hand on his arm reaching out to him.

"It's been a long day, let's just sleep."

Cuddy sighs, House pushed her away and had every reason for it. He was opening up to her and she ruined it.

Chapter 4

Wilson is mentally preparing himself for the day ahead, Cameron's surgery is consuming him. Dealing with cancer is what he does on a daily basis, he's been doing it for years, many patients come to him to hear the words no one wants to hear "You have cancer" or worse "It's terminal". But somehow he got used to it, he learned over the years how to not let it affect him, how to not bring his work home, and he did it without caring any less for his patients, which is why, he supposes, he's so good at his job. House even mocks him when his patients thank him for telling them they're dying.

However everything is different when the patient he's treating, when the person with cancer is someone he knows. Someone he's friends with.

Wilson has been an oncologist for years, he knows his facts, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, and if caught in time the chances of a full recovery are extremely high. As a doctor he's very optimistic about Cameron's prognosis, it's a small tumor in early development and if he can get it all out she won't even need chemo, maybe a few sessions of radiation treatment, and if she does need chemo, chances are after a few sessions all trace of the cancer will be completely gone.

Yes, as a doctor he knows Cameron has a good chance of getting cancer free, but as a friend he can't help but be anxious and nervous.

This is not some random person he never met in his life, someone he'll never see again, the fact that he knows her, that he used to see her everyday changes everything. All this is taking a bigger toll on him than he previously expected.

For a moment he considered passing the case to someone else, someone less involved who could view it with more objectivity. But he didn't. He couldn't. Because when it really came to it, Wilson trusted no one else to take care of her, not because he thinks he is superior to other doctors, but simply because he can't not be in that operating room, he can't not be in control of the situation. It's a behavior he considers typical of House, the need to be in control though he manages to hide it behind sarcastic comments and witty one liners. Years in company with the man must have had an influenced on him, though he doesn't dwell on it.

He remembers when he got the call, she had had a mammogram and needed a biopsy. Cameron wanted him to do it. So he cleared his schedule, made up some crappy excuse to Cuddy and flew to Chicago. And then the results came. Cancer. In all the years he's been a doctor not once did he had such a hard time to give a person those news.

And now a week later he's about to operate on her, he feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.

And then someone barges into his office interrupting his musings and slumping down on the couch. House.


"How did your conversation with Cameron last night go?"

"Like you don't already know." Knowing Wilson like he does he's sure he already went to see her this morning.

"She said you left rather abruptly, that you almost looked angry."

"The cancer must be affecting her brain already, why would I be angry?" His words are calm though his posture says otherwise.

"Well, you do look kind of angry right now." At this House huffs, why does Wilson have to be so damn good at reading him.

"I'm just trying to figure out how caring Cameron can hate us so much, never thought she had it in her."

"What?" Wilson is genuinely surprised.

"She's deliberately not telling anyone, she really must hate this hospital. And who can blame her, right?" He fidgets with his cane.

"House, Cameron is about to go into surgery, this is probably the most important moment of her life and not for good reasons, and now that you do know you should show her your support and not think about crazy theories. Give your mind a break."

"Right. Thanks for the pep talk, always so insightful. But I gotta go now, all that porn isn't gonna download by itself." He pushes himself up, grabs his cane and he's almost at the door when Wilson calls him.

"And House?"

"What?" He turns around.

"She doesn't hate you."

House exits Wilson's office and heads for his own, he glances through the conference room glass walls and sees his all male team drinking coffee and doing nothing. Great. No new patient means no distraction for his mind. He turns around and starts walking in the opposite direction heading to the oncology ward, why he's not sure, or he is but prefers not to think too much of it.

Once he gets to her room there's a nurse inside, probably about to start prepping her for surgery. He walks inside and shoots the nurse a glare to make her leave, but she seems unfazed by it. Figures, Wilson must have warned them about him. The oncology nurses are very loyal to Wilson, which is probably why no one leaked that Cameron is here, this is exactly the type of gossip that would spread to the hospital faster than fire.

"Would you mind giving us a moment?" Cameron asks the nurse and House realizes how pathetic he must look leaning on his cane in the middle of her room in complete silence.

"Hey." She starts.

"I guess today is the day." He tries to remain nonchalant but the fact that he's here says otherwise.

"Yeah." An awkward silence settles in.

"Why did you leave like that yesterday?" She asks and he's surprised by her boldness.

"Figured you wanted to rest." He sits on the same chair he occupied yesterday beside the bed. Better than to stand, bad leg and all.

"That's not it. You don't care that much." She smirks knowingly.

"Was a little surprised by your new found hatred, had to go home and regroup." He uses a mocking tone hoping she'll let it go.


"It's ok, even I hate myself sometimes." Now he sounds even more pathetic. He focuses his eyes on anything except her. She simply finds it sad.

"House." The way she says his name so softly makes him stare right into her eyes, even if that's not what he wants. He hears her sighing deeply.

"House, I have cancer. My only goal here is to get through this." She pauses and he stares at her expectantly, she's not done.

"I don't hate you, even if sometimes you deserve it, which let's face it are a lot of times. But I can't." Now he's confused.

"It takes a lot of energy to hate someone and right now I don't have any left. I need all my strength in the same place, I can't waste any of it. I can't." He feels so stupid, here she is reassuring him that she doesn't hate him when it should be the other way around, he should be the one reassuring her that everything is going to be alright, she's the one with cancer and he's making it all about him. He is an idiot.

The nurse chooses that instant to return and the moment is broken.

"You'll be fine. As you said, you caught it early, there's every chance of a full recovery. Plus you got Wilson, no way he's gonna let this bastard cancer win!" He reassures her and himself as well.

He gets up and limps to the door so the nurse can start her work.

"House…, even before this… before the cancer, I didn't hated you back then either. Never did." House is not even bothered that she just said that in front of the nurse who obviously observes him to gauge his reaction. Right now he's just glad for her words.

"Good to know." He nods and finally leaves her room.


He rests in his yellow comfortable chair in his office hearing some music and with the blinds closed. His team is gone, either to the clinic or to help out in other departments. He knows by this hour she's probably finished her surgery, maybe she's even back to her room.

He could've watched the surgery from the gallery but for some reason it didn't feel right, standing there looking down at her exposed body lying on the table. She wouldn't want him there and for once he's respecting the wishes of another person, no matter how much he wanted to be there and find out right away if the surgery was successful or not.

Then Wilson pokes his head in and spots him on the chair.

"She's out of surgery. I was able to remove the whole tumor out. She'll be fine." And with that he leaves. House figures this has been a draining process for Wilson and that his friend needs some time alone as well. Cameron is just the type of person that brings out the protective side of people out into the open, not that Wilson hides it. That's actually something he would do.

At the news of Cameron's surgery relief washes through his body, he suddenly feels more relaxed and an actual smile finds its way to his lips, it's not like there's anyone else around to see it. She's going to be fine.


Cameron feels groggy, she's trying to open her eyes but her eyelids are heavy and she can't open them. There's also a pressure on her chest and it's hard to breathe, it's then she remembers she just had surgery, her eyes are heavy from the anesthesia and the pressure in her chest makes sense since she just had surgery in that area.

After some struggle she finally opens her eyes, she blinks a few times adjusting to the light, slightly she turns her head and sees Wilson sitting in a chair next to her bed writing something, maybe charts.

"Wilson." Her voice is husky from the surgery but she slowly feels the effect of the anesthesia wearing off.

"Hey there." He's immediately at her side. He helps he sit up a little and hands her a glass of water.

"Thank you." Cameron gives him back the glass and looks at Wilson expectantly.

"Well, how did it go?" Wilson sits at the edge of the bed and takes her hand in his. He smiles.

"It went great. I got it all out. Of course we still need to monitor you and you'll need a couple of radiation therapy but no chemo, and yeah, as of today you are cancer free." He has a full wide grin by time he finishes.

Cameron feels the tears in the back of her eyes.

"Really?" She has to hear it again.

"Yeah." Cameron launches herself into Wilson's arms not caring about the pain in her chest or the wires attached to her body.

As they hug she no longer cares, she lets the tears fall freely down her face, in fact she welcomes them because these aren't tears of pain and suffering, no, these are tears of joy and relief.

From outside the room through the glass walls House watches the scene unfold in front of him, emotions are running high in that room. He turns around and limps in the opposite direction.

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