Kushina was dead.

It was this horrible realisation that was why he was sobbing uncontrolably as he gently ran his bloody, dirty, shaky fingers through her long silky red hair as he cradled their infant daughter against his chest. His wife... His wonder, beautiful, funny little Kushina was dead.

She had died so soon. Much sooner than he had thought that she would with all of the Kyubbi's chakra's pulled from her body. He had hoped that he could sustain her life. To give her some of his chakra and replace a little bit that had been taken, but there was one problem. He also had no chakra left.

His fight with Madara and the nine tailed fox had taken everything that he'd had and more. Meaning that like his wife, he would die very soon. Leaving his infant daughter alone in a world that would destroy her if she let it. "Oh Shina..." This isn't the way it was supposed to be. He and his wife had just had a baby! They should have had months, years even to spend together with their child.

They should have had the rest of their lives! Gods it was so unfair.

The baby started to stir, her little head moving slightly to the side and rubbing against part of his vest a soft 'waaah' sound escaping the little one drawing his attention away from his dead wife's corpse to the little one. His dull azure blue eyes staring down into the most beautiful deep violet blue eyes he had ever seen. He was dying, so he should say something to her right? Even though he doubted that his daughter would understand his words. But even so-

What did a dying father say to his child?

Did he say, I love you, until his voice gave out? Did he tell his child to live for him? To love the ones special enough to become a part of her world? To be strong, and wise and never throw their life away for ingrates? He licked his dry lips and tightened his hold on the child.

His daughter would be special.

She would do what no child has ever done before.

She would bring about a new world order. One where shinobi were no longer needed. And she would live her life, love her people and one day...

He had a preminition about his daughter. He could see her sixteen or seventeen years from today, standing before the village and it's people wearing the Kage's robes and smiling. Her violet eyes sparkling like jewels.

He felt himself smile and blinked as the preminition came to an end and lightly ran the index finger of his free hand along the curve of her little cheek.

"I won't waste time and mince words, little one. Life will be hard. And you will not have the luxury of running away... I know that asking you to live for them would be cruel, but they need you, and I can't trust anyone but you to know what to do. But in the mean time remember this-" He held his free hand up above the baby's head so that she could see his fingers and he smiled and wiggled them at her to get her attention. "1) Don't trust anyone but the Kage, and Kakashi. Maybe a few others, but the two that I just named are the ones most likely to have your back in everything that you do. Everything. 2) Hold on to the freinds you make. Because if you're lucky you'll have some great, great friends."

" 3) Be kind even to the people that hurt you. This will make you more endearing to them and they will stop hurting you. 4) Marry someone ruthless, and wise. And here is the reason why..." He looked over at Kunshina again and felt his lips curve up in a smile again. "Someone ruthless, is more likely to take care of you, and keep you safe from harm. They'll watch you, and study you in ways that will make you nervous and tie you up in knots. But they would'nt do it if they didn't love you so much. And if I could suggest someone-I'd suggest Kakashi. He's a great guy and he'll be watching you from this day on. You will be his single greatest joy. He'll play his mind games with you, test you, infuriate you, but at the end of the day-he'll always smile and say well done and treat you to ramen. And if he does'nt...kick him in the shins. He'll get the idea really quick."

He was having trouble breathing now. His heart was stopping and starting over and over again, desperately trying to pump blood through his wounded and dying body. He took a shuddering breath and blinked back more tears. "Always remember that you're mom and I love you...so very much. And that we'll be watching. So...live well. I love you baby." He leaned his head down and kissed his daughter on the cheek and never raised his head.

He was gone.


Okay. Here is the intro to my new story.

The next chapter will pick up nine years later on Naru's first day of school.