Six Years later-

Graduation day at the academy would always be a day to remember in Iruka's mind, since it was the day that his first batch of students were finally being recognised as adults in the eyes of their peers. The head bands that he handed to them all indicated their hard work and dedication towards being great shinobi of the leaf village. And he had never been more proud of a student as he had been with Naru once she took her head band and bowed to him politely before turning around to face her fellow class mates, now her comrades, and tied the head band into place over her forehead and walked back to her seat.

Pausing breifly to look at Shika when he said something half jokingly. Something like, "Crap, you're here."

Iruka watched the exchange and smiled. Those kids had been a handful, especially the boys in the class that had started competing with Naru to be the top nin. They had caused Iruka trouble to no end. Now the boys seemed to be competing against each other in a different way, and Iruka couldn't help but notice just how pretty and mature Naru was compared to the other kids.

The boys would be knocking down her door asking her for a date. He mused with a grin as the graduation ceremony concluded and he told everyone to enjoy the drinks and food that he had put togehter for them as he picked up his books and the rest of the headbands, since a faw kids hadn't graduated and walked out of the room.

"Man, I thought that this day would never come." Kiba said as he stood up and stretched his hands above his head. Shino nodded his head in agreement but said nothing. Naru grabbed herself a drink and some food to snack on and sat down when Ino and Sakura walked up to her.

"What are you eating Naru?" Ino asked curiously as she checked out what was on the blond girl's plate and cringed. Greasy potato chips and some onion dip with some cheese and crackers on the side. Naru didn't have a self concious bone in her body it would seem.

"Ew. Aren't you afraid that you'll get fat if you eat that?" Sakura asked.

Naru looked up at them and picked up another chip and dipped it in the onion stuff and popped it into her mouth and chewed happily. The dip was good, the cheese and crackers were good, and she didn't care what they thought. "It's good." Naru finally said as she swallowed her food.

"But are'nt you worried about getting fat? How will you get yourself a boyfriend if you do?"

"No and I don't have any interest in men. So I don't need one to feel good about myself." Naru said as she popped another chip into her mouth and smiled at the horrified expressions on the two girl's faces.

Ino reached out and placed her hand on Naru's shoulder and shook her head as she said, "Oh you poor thing." Pissing off Naru a little bit because she made her sound as if she were pitiful for not wanting to need a man like they did.

Naru bared her teeth at their backs and silently snarled. Bitches.

There was nothing wrong with her.


Ookami handed the Hokage his wolf mask and stepped back away from the desk feeling more than a little weird about all the people staring at his back. "Are you sure that you want to do this Kakashi? I understand you're relationship with Naru is going well so-"

"I can't court her properly while wearing my Anbu mask. I've been forced to lie to her more than I should have already. I need to come clean about everything and make our bond stronger or some little prick-" Kakashi growled the word in irritation. "Could take her from me." The thought of someone like the Nara boy or the Uchiha taking his kitsune from him pissed him off royally.

And he knew-he had been watching them all for years and knew the exact moment that the boys had started to notice Naru as a girl and not a rival. It had been two years ago at one of the school dances. Naru had been in rare form in her deep sapphire blue knee length halter dress, her long hair had been piled on top of her head with some small spiral curls hanging down.

She had been beautiful. Gorgeous.

He had seen the spark of interest that had shown in their eyes. He had seen it all clearly as he had watched from the rafters above their heads. And he hadn't liked it. Not one little bit. But he had to give credit where credit was due, Naru knew how to tell the boys to fuck off. And she had done it before he had felt the need to drop down out of the rafters and hurt them.

The Hokage chuckled. Of course Kakashi would worry about things like that. Naru was a beautiful young woman, so he supposed it was only natural. "Alright then. If your completely sure, just don't get carried away with-" Sarutobi snickered a little bit. "Wooing your future wife."