Doredia groaned as she opened her eyes. She picked herself up, coughing as she looked around. She frowned, not seeing her strawberries in sight. Her stomach growling, Doredia stood up, looking down to see that she was on a grassy hill.

In the middle of a scorching desert.

"Well, this isn't so peachy..." Doredia admitted as she frowned, folding her arms together as she pondered to herself loudly, "Just where am I gonna find some sweet strawberries now?"

Suddenly, a squad of four Mogurew dug their way through the desert sand, sending Doredia tumbling into the air. Doredia got back to her senses and twirled around, landing back on the sand with elegance as she noticed a strawberry on the group of Mogurew. She exclaimed with glee as she tried following them, but she tripped on a vine in the ground, landing on her face as she sunk.

"Help!" She exclaimed as she tried to swim out of the sand. "Someone, please help me! This is very urgent! Seriously, please help!"

Two Mogurew shrugged at each other as they headed towards the grassy hill, while Doredia continued sinking.