P.O.V. = Kanda

I walked out of my house with a spring in my step and a bounce in my walk. A determined look was set on my face. Today was the day that I would see whether I could pass the exams and become a Genin, or whether I would fail. My blindfolded eyes picked their way down the street.

I had been attending the Ninja Academy here in the Leaf Village for a year. I had not spent nearly as much time there as the other students because I was a late transfer student. I had been raised in Shadow Village until last year, when I ran away and came here. I ran for more then one reason, but the main one was always fresh in my mind. Here, they didn't judge you as much as they used to for having a demon sealed inside you.

Back in Shadow Village, I had been trained by the ruler himself, Sasuke. He was the one who had taught me my expertise at manipulating pure chakra. I even knew a few shadow Jutsus, and was a good fighter with a chain. As a way to learn to see chakra in all its forms, I had been forced to wear a blindfold at all times. It was a habit I still carried with me.

As I approached the entrance of the academy, I saw one of my teachers, Shikamaru. He had been one of the Hokage's personal friends. Hokage Naruto was a good ruler, and his wife Sakura was actually the one who had given me a place to stay. She had spoken with her friends Kiba and Hinata, and they had allowed me to stay with them.

I started jogging up the steps to the classroom. In my entire year here I had not made many friends; I was more of a loner. Even now, as I walked amid a swarm of students, they kept a wary distance from me. Even after a demon carrier had become their Hokage, and had stopped the prejudice against them, such as people refusing to serve Jinchuriki at restaurants, people still were wary of them. Heck, my demon hadn't even attacked this village, it had attacked Shadow Village!

I arrived in my classroom, on the fourth floor. Entering to take my usual seat, I found the classroom was almost half empty.

Oh shoot, they already started the test! I thought nervously. I went and sat in a dark corner. I had always liked the dark. Maybe it was because of my affinity for shadow Jutsu.

"Namikaze Arianna!" The teacher called. I watched her covertly, hiding behind my blindfold. She was the daughter of Hokage Naruto and Haruno Sakura. She was a shy girl, with red hair. Her hair also had orange highlights in it, a tribute to her father. Her eyes sometimes had the sad look that I saw in the eyes of the Hokage, but her face and body took after her mother Sakura.

Wearing the blindfold had given me distinct advantages. While I could see people through their chakra even in pure darkness, I could see equally well without my blindfold. Therefore, when I wasn't wearing it people would mistake me for having bad vision, and would attack me wrong.

The blindfold… the memory…


"To master the way of the ninja, you must master your senses, and learn to overcome them. Beginning with this, the one you rely on the most." Sasuke instructed. I stood there, blindfold on for the first time, listening.

A sword sliced by my head. I ducked, and felt the wind of it fly over my head. I lashed out instinctively. Whatever I had done, it had had an effect on my opponent, Hantan. He was wary now. He wielded a sword. I had a chain with a blade at the end.

Hantan slashed again. I dodged, hearing it this time, sensing where it would go. But I was just barely lucky: another second later and I would have died. It struck my sleeve, shearing off a bit of my sleeve. I lifted the blade right before my face.

Hantan sliced at my head. I leaned back quickly to avoid the strike. He tried a downwards slash, and I blocked it by holding a length of the chain taut before my head. He then sliced at my shoulder, and I dodged. I blocked another strike to my side, and slid back to avoid a strike to my chest. He tried for the downward slice again, and I blocked. He tried a side slice, and I blocked. Then suddenly a strike connected, and it threw me to the floor.

The blade was warded by one of Sasuke's scrolls, but it still hurt. I got up slowly.

"You must see with more then your eyes." Sasuke spoke.

I then realized something: when I sensed Hantan about to strike, I saw a line of gray light in my mind. I instinctively blocked it. As I watched it as it moved, and Hantan slashed air in order to unnerve me from a far distance, I realized something: I was SEEING the sword's chakra that Sasuke had used to make the edged dull.

I was seeing other people's chakra for the first time.

With renewed confidence, I raised my chain.

I saw the gray move, and I dodged twice, blocked once. Ducked under another strike. Blocked two more. And another. And another. And one last one, before kicking Hantan away. He went down a few feet away. He got back up, angry, and charged me. I threw the end of the chain, wrapped it around His ankle with chakra, and pulled. He went flying and landed as Sasuke's feet.

Sasuke looked at me. I grinned. I could see his chakra as gray-purple inside of him. Looking around, Hantan had a blue chakra, and Seiris had an orange chakra. I looked at my hands. My chakra was black.


Arianna returned to the classroom, beaming. I couldn't help but smirk.

"Inkaro Johan!" the teacher called. The muscular boy stood, a grim expression on his face. A group of fangirls tittered. He ignored them.

Johan and Arianna were engaged. Their marriage had been planned since infancy. Arianna was like a lovesick child. Johan couldn't have cared less. The girls of the class were divided into four camps: the Inkaro Johan camp, the Shiki Shinji camp, the indifferent (and therefore likely as not lesbian) camp, and the yours-truly Inyachi Kanda camp. Personally, I couldn't have cared less. There was only one girl that I had ever dated, and that hadn't ended well. Her name had been Nina. After her, I had avoided getting a broken heart with all my skill.

Johan returned to the classroom, smiling slightly. He sat back down, smirking.

Johan. I thought. Why did we stop being friends?

Johan and I had grown up together.

Then one day I found him sitting in a pool of blood, his father and mother on either side of him, dead. Johan never even flinched.

For some reason, ever since that day, Johan hated me.

I never knew why.

"Inyachi Kanda!"

I stood. Everyone in the class was used to my wearing a blindfold, but the fangirls still sighed as I walked across the room. They were always trying to get me to remove my blindfold. I never did in school anymore.

I entered the next room. There, sitting on the floor, was the Hokage, his wife, and two of my teachers: Shikamaru, and Choji.

"Kanda." Hokage Naruto spoke. "Due to your late arrival, we have a slightly different test for you." He motioned to Choji. Choji continued.

"Inyachi Kanda." He spoke in his stern deep voice, "You must create upwards of three clones of yourself. Then you must make them all move in sync."

"Does the clone type matter?" I asked.

"Clarify." Shikamaru asked,

"You know, water clone, sand clone, shadow clone, that sort of thing." I responded.

"No, you may do whatever type you like." The Hokage replied. Naruto had always had a soft spot for me. Probably because we both had demons sealed inside of us.

Now, for the first time in three days, I pulled off my blindfold. After seeing in chakra vision for such a long time, I had a large amount of chakra stored up. I raised my hands and did the proper hand sign.

Instantly, seven clones appeared. They glowed with black energy for a second, and then stabilized.

There was an audible gasp. That was the usual reaction when people saw that my chakra was black.

"Kanda… What type of clone is that?" Sakura asked.

"Shadow clone." I responded. With that, I gave a little smirk, and drew a shuriken. I nodded to my clones. We all ran into a large circle, and threw a shuriken up into the air. In sync, we all rolled to the right, and grabbed the shuriken that another had thrown as it came back down. We did this at least six times, until I stopped, and they allowed the shuriken to fall on their heads.

"Kanda…" Hokage Naruto spoke, impressed. "You have passed the final exam with dexterity. Good job."

I smiled at the Hokage and his wife, Sakura. Then I replaced my blindfold.

"Why do you wear that blindfold, Kanda?" Sakura asked. I paused.

"I usually wear it out of habit, because it is how I was trained back in Shadow Village," I spoke. "But it also helps me store up more chakra reserves." I bowed, and left the room, returning to the classroom, smirking. Right before I walked into the door, I removed my blindfold again.

Might as well have some fun. I thought. After all, I passed the test. I walked into the room, my eyes exposed for the first time in school.

Several fangirls fainted. A few more swooned. Several stayed on their feet and stared with lovesick expressions. I ignored them.

My eyes were a slightly glowing shade of purple.

"All right." The teacher said, staring thunderstruck at my purple eyes. Oh god, please tell me she's not a fangirl too! I prayed. If my teacher, Nikinani Hikari, was a fangirl, I wouldn't have a second's peace. "Everyone may go now. Tomorrow, you will get your team assignments." She was still staring at my eyes, Damnit! "Good day, Genin!"

I fled the room, chased by tittering fangirls.

"HEEEEEELP!" I yelled, sprinting at top speed across the lawn, aiming for the gates of the city. Chances were, the fangirls wouldn't chase me into the woods.

I had just reached the ramen stands, when a figure grabbed me from behind. I fell face first and barely got to sit up.

"It's me, doofus." Johan growled.

"Uh… Johan?" I asked. "I thought you were still occupied by hating me for no reason."

Johan gave me a hateful glare. "No, I still am. However, I think I'm going to let those fangirls catch you. It will get my fangirls off my track." He grinned an evil grin, and pushed me down to the ground, before running off. Johan had always been faster then me.

A fangirl reached me. I barely managed to escape her clutches.

I sprinted for the woods. When I reached the first tree, I leaped up into the branches. A large group of fangirls clustered around the bottom, calling for me to come down. Then I saw one of them pull out a net.


Ducking backwards, I created a chakra clone below the tree. He ran away through the trees. A blonde fangirl cast the net, making the clone poof out of existence.

Ah, shit. I grimaced. Stupid of me, showing my eyes. I climbed higher in the tree.

Flipping through a multitude of hand signs, I started creating chakra clones.

Then I yelled.

An army of clones, each unimaginably weak and light due to the amount of them I had had to create, but every one serving their purpose to run for the village. I leaped down into the middle of them. I had reached halfway across the field at to the gate when I was stopped.

"Wind style!" I heard a feminine voice shout. "Blast of decaying wind!"

A strong wind, carrying thousands of shuriken, flew through my small army. Instantly my clones all evaporated. All except me.

"Shadow style!" I yelled. "Dark shadows of doom!" Instantly, the area was plunged into darkness. I saw by chakra, and fled for the gates.

"Light style!" A voice cried out. "Revealing illumination!"

The area lit up with a flash. I was chased again.

"Earth style!" another voice called out. "Cage of stone!"

Shit. I thought, as walls of stone sealed me and three of the fangirls in a box. I am so fucked.

"Wind style!" Another called. "Chains of air!"

I didn't even struggle as they chained me.

A pair of blue haired twins started removing my shirt. A redhead started to remove my shoes.

"AHH!" A fangirl suddenly screamed screamed. Instantly, the chakra air chains holding me shattered. So did the stone box holding me. The three fangirls stared at in fear. I stood there, shirt off, trying without success to cover the seal on my chest. It pulsed red. A cloak of black chakra covered me…


"Kill her, and your training will be complete." My sensei, Sasuke, spoke. I looked at the girl. Her eyes pleaded with me.


A layer of black chakra covered me.

The end of the chain in my hand with the blade fell, dangling from my fist.

I slashed.

Sasuke's face opened up in a diagonal cut.

"KILL HIM!" He roared.

The ninja with him charged.

I took the first one off at the knees with a swipe of my chain before he got within twelve feet of me. The same with the next. The third lost his head. The fourth was decapitated. It went on and on. At the end, I killed fifteen ninjas before one finally slashed me. He nearly opened up my stomach. I collapsed. I forced myself up…

…and found myself facing a swarm of shuriken.

Shoulders, sides, chest, stomach, arms, and legs, neck: all were stabbed. In the end, I leapt off of the building. Fortunately, I landed in a pool of water, placed there by the architects. When I hit the water, it turned red from my blood.

I barely was able to climb up from the pool. When I stood there, cornered, back to the water, I felt anger. Cold, unbending, deadly fury. How DARE they bring me to this! I was a human being just like them! How DARE THEY TURN ME INTO THIS!

My eyes became slits, and white fur started with red stripes growing on me. In a few seconds, my arms and legs, back and chest, neck and hair had all become covered with the fur of a white tiger. My face remained human, but my eyes were green, and slits. From my fingers sprouted long, wicked claws.

"The demon tiger." Sasuke muttered.

I leaped over the group of ninja with the speed and strength of a demon. I disappeared into the night, headed for Konoha Leaf.


The trio of fangirls fell back as I sprinted across the fields, one arm desperately trying to cover the seal on my chest. My eyes stung with tears of desperation. My eyes became slits, and white fur with red stripes started growing on me. In a few seconds, my arms and legs, back and chest, neck and hair had all become covered with the fur of a white tiger. My face remained human, but my eyes were green, and slits. From my fingers sprouted long, wicked claws.

My secret's out! My fucking secret is fucking OUT!

I leaped over and onto the rooftops. I sped above people who thought that I was a Shinobi. Ignoring the stares I got from the guards, I raced through the window of the Hokage's tower.

"Kanda?" Naruto asked. "You…" He spoke with genuine concern, looking at me, staring at my fur, my claws, my fangs, my glowing green eyes. I stared at him stupidly. I looked blearily around the room. Sakura was also there. She seemed shocked. But the worst blow was yet to come.

Arianna stood there, cowering behind a pillar. Her eyes peeked out at me, wide in fear.

Standing behind her, Johan game me a wicked smile.

With a scream of rage and anger, I fled.

I reached the forest in a few minutes. Flipping through trees, leaping off of branches, rebounding off of trunks, I was deep into the forest in minutes. When I finally got tired, I fell, gasping.

Summoning my chakra to my fist, I formed a ball out of it. I swung. The black ball of chakra slammed into a tree, destroying it utterly.

I did it again and again, and pretty soon there was a large clearing in what used to be forest.

Nightfall fell, and I still slumped in the clearing of my own making, my tiger form falling away slowly.

I returned to the house. I sat the edge of my own bed, unraveling the blindfold from my head. I lived in a simple two floor home with a man named Kiba, his wife Hinata, and his daughter Shino. I had never used the front door. Instead I had a ladder leaning against the lower building that connected to this one. Coincidently, one of my two bedroom windows led out to that very lower building. That window was my door.

Kiba allowed me to live there, and thought of me as a shady character. He was more than pleased to hear that I wouldn't have need for the front door. He was very protective of his family. His wife was a shy woman and listened to what her husband's commands without question. She did, however, argue with him when it came to my welfare. She was the first to see my eyes and was surprised to hear how young I really was. She had taken the liberty of making me meals behind her husbands back. I didn't mind at all. A nice hot meal with a pitcher of water was gladly accepted to replace my usual purchased low-grade ramen, the best I could afford with my meager earnings from a temporary job at a weapons forge. She had told me that she didn't know when I was home and was unsure when to make me a meal. I then placed a piece of paper under my door way so she would know I was home. I would know when a meal was waiting for me when the paper was missing.

I had become particularly friendly with their child. Her name was Shino. She was their 'Little flower.' She was small and listened to her parents well. She was proud when she was given a chore and worked hard to make her father and mother proud. But one day she was meant to hang the sheets to dry, a man came. He tried to hit her for no reason. In an instant, I grabbed the man, threw him down, and gave him a lash with my chain. That evening I got a larger meal and some wine. Hinata had been watching the entire time and told Kiba of my deed. He came to my bedroom door himself, and thanked me. Then asked if I would like to join them at the table. I had never felt so… appreciated or accepted since I left my home … but I politely declined his invitation. He never asked me again, and I stopped putting the paper under the door.

I do not know why I keep doing this to myself. I ruin everything.

I could hear shuffling of footsteps and the muffled voices of Kiba and Hinata downstairs. They were arguing about my staying there. I cursed under my breath. I had forgotten about the rent. I waited for the sound of footsteps creeping up the stairs, but it never came. Instead I heard the front door shut and a womanly sigh slowly following after. I must have started trouble for Hinata again.

Reaching under my pillow, I grabbed the remnants of a money pouch. I had carried it since I left Shadow Village. I occasionally helped Farina, the weapons maker here in Konoha, and I kept my earnings in this bag. Taking out a few coins, I counted out enough for the rent. I slid them under the door, where Hinata would find them.

There goes my money… no food for me until the end of the week…