Little one shot of Kurt and Puck. Kind of fluffy. Txt messages gone wrong.

Puck: What color of panties r u wearing?

Kurt: I'm not wearing panties Puck.

Puck: Oops, got ur 2 #'s mixed up sry.

Kurt: I have San's number. It's not even close to mine.

Puck: I'm drunk.

Kurt: I'm happy for you.

Puck: You don't wear panties?

Kurt: Why would I wear panties Puck?

Puck: cuz ur girly.

Kurt: Girly or not, my junk would hang out the sides.

Puck: R U Bragging?

Kurt: No, just fact.

Puck: My junk wood hang out more then ur's

Kurt: I'm very proud of you.

Puck: You wanna C?

Kurt: NO!

Puck: I'll send you a pic

Kurt: Puck really I don't want too see your Junk.

Puck: New Picture Message

Kurt: I'm not looking at it.

Puck: Y not? Scared u'd like it?

Kurt: Scared I might throw up a little in my mouth.

Puck: Dude I'm hot.

Kurt: Dude only to narcissistic, vapid, bitches.

Puck: U just described U DUDE!

Kurt: I am not vapid.

Puck: U r so vapid. Look at the pic.

Kurt: No. Good night Puck.

Puck: I go no where till you look.

Kurt: Fine I looked.

Puck: And?

Kurt: It looks like a penis.

Puck: You didn't look. Liar

Kurt: I don't want to see ur junk.

Puck: Finn's passed out next 2 me. I can get his junk.


Puck: Fine. So what do you ware? Thong?

Kurt: No, if you must know I wear what ever goes comfortably with the outfit I have chosen for that day.

Puck: So, U go commando. I do all the time.

Kurt: I'm going to have nightmares Puck

Puck: Hot steamy nightmares

Kurt: I'm going to be sick.

Puck: Liar

Kurt: No really. You actually made me ill

Puck: The pic would make it better

Kurt: Shut up Puck

Puck: I'm not tlking, txtin

Kurt: Then stop moving your thumbs

Puck: 2 drunk to use thumbs, using finger

Kurt: Thumbs are fingers

Puck: look at the pic yet?

Kurt: No.

Puck: Why?

Kurt: cause I just brushed my teeth

Puck: Brittany says throwing up is a good way to lose wait.

Kurt: Weight.

Puck: What?

Kurt: Never mind moron

Puck: Stop callin me names Muffin!

Puck: New picture message

Puck: More of my junk.

Kurt: Pervert

Puck: You like it.

Kurt: For the love of GOD! Okay I'll look hold on!

Kurt opens up the picture messages only to find CD's, a hat, a pair of sun glasses, and an assortment of junk.

Kurt: Asshole

Puck: lol later hummel.

Okay I know it's weak. But I just really got bored.