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Summary: Okay so basically this will be Harry being raised by Sirius and his half veela wife, they have a daughter that is the same age as Harry, this will be the pairing later in the story. But for quite some time they will just be best friends. Basically Padfoot's wife stopped him from going after Wormtail throwing a wrench into old Dumbledore's plans.

AN: Horcrux's will be in the story but Harry will not be one. Deathly hallows will not be, thats not to say his invisibility cloak won't make an appearance.

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Black Manor, October 31st 1981

Sirius paced around his living room, he felt something was terribly wrong. He just couldn't shake the feeling he had lost something precious to him. At first he thought something was wrong with his daughter, but checking on her showed she was sleeping peacefully. There was only one other thing that could affect him in this way and he was well aware of that fact.

'Right, hope they aren't too angry that I'm coming this late' "Blinky" A small elf popped in and bowed "Yes Master? What can Blinky do for you?"

Sending a mock glare at the elf "Blinky I've told you to just call me Sirius already, but we can discuss this again later, I'm heading out to visit some friends, can you let Adriana know if she worries" Blinky nodded "I is be doing that Master, be careful" and with that he popped back out.

Heading out to the front of the manor where he parked his favourite gift from the Senior Potter's. Hopping on he knocked the kickstand up and took off, realizing he could have just apparated there, but why just pop in when you can arrive in style.

Godric's Hollow, October 31st 1981

Sirius flew down on his flying bike to Godric's Hollow to see that a massive hole blow up around his godson's nursery room in the Potter's house. His knees buckled underneath him and he dropped to the ground.

"N-NOO, h-how... Wormtail" He snarled the name, knowing there could be no other explanation for how the Potter's could have been found.

He was literally seeing red, the urge to go rat hunting was taking over his senses, but there was something else he had to do, he had to see his brother's body, his wife's and best female friend and his little innocent godson. Steeling himself to venture into the house when there was another two pops signalling apparition, his wand was already out facing them when he froze, his logic temporarily forgotten.

"Adriana, what are you doing here, you should be in bed" he spoke softly to the beautiful 5.5ft woman, silky black hair so rare on a Veela, sparkling blue eyes met his than saw the house and she gasped, covering her mouth.

"Oh merlin, Sirius...are they...?" She left the statement hanging but the look in his eyes spoke the truth to her. Her husband believed it was too late.

"It was Wormtail love, that fucking rat will pay, I swear it" His voice hoarse and defeated, he blamed himself for convincing his friends to choose their weak minded foolish friend over himself. He would have been the much better choice either way in hindsight, both his and the Potter's properties under the Fidelius, since the Potter's went into hiding the only time he left Black Manor was to visit them. They then remembered she did not arrive alone, turning to look at the massive form of the half-giant Hagrid.

"Hagrid, why are you here?" Sirius asked innocently but his eyes were hard, he wanted an answer for his appearance at the scene of the crime, his Auror instincts blaring full force. Hagrid tore his eyes from the building to look at Sirius.

"Professor Dumbledore sen' meh, gotta get 'arry to im" Sirius's eyes were wide, Dumbledore believed Harry to be alive then they heard it, a small muffled cry coming from the hole of the house. Sirius gasped.

"Harry, h-he's alive" Before either Hagrid or Adrianna could say a thing, he ran into the house, glancing only briefly at the lifeless eyes of his brother and best friend, he would not let himself lose it when his godson was still in danger.

Auror training kicked, he entered the nursery, glimpsing at Lily's face, the robes and wand of the dark lord he assumed only briefly he called out "HARRY, HARRY CAN YOU HEAR ME" A muffled cry could be heard underneath a plank of wood, Sirius instantly banished it to see his godson, his eyes noticing the trail of blood on his forehead where a lightning bolt wound was freely bleeding.

Harry looked up and saw his godfather, his emerald eyes regaining their spark, he instantly stopped crying and shouted "PAHFOO" Sirius tears were free falling now, his godson was alive and if the evidence in the room was any guess than the dark lord was not.

He cast a light healing spell on his wound effectively sealing the cut but a scar remained. Picking him up and not noticing the other two behind him he murmered "shhh, you're alright now Harry, your Uncle Padfoot and Aunt Adriana won't let anything happen to you" Harry looked up curiously and said "lyssa" Sirius chuckled and said "Yes Harry Alyssa too, she misses you and you'll be able to play with her all the time now"

Realizing he wasn't alone and smiling sheepishly saying "Sorry honey, I probably should have asked you first" She just gave him a look and muttered "Don't be stupid, of course he's coming with us, the only other family he has is that filthy muggle sister of Lily's and I'd battle Voldemort's entire army rather than ever send him there, the stories Lily..." Her blue eyes instantly lost the spark they held when she saw Lily, James had shocked her but seeing her best friend now, her heart broke and the tears starting freefalling.

Hagrid decided it was now time to speak "Uh, the prof sent meh to take arry to his family" Sirius and Adriana's eyes hardened "We will not allow it, Harry is coming with us one way or another" They both had their wands in their hands ready to use them if Hagrid made any move to take Harry.

Holding up his hands "Calm down, the prof says it's the only place he'll be safe, an Dumbledore usually right bout these things" Sirius scoffed before stating "Safe from death eaters maybe, but not safe from abusive magic haters, do you want Harry to grow up neglected, malnourished and possibly abused? I will not allow it"

Looking unsure of himself now, did Dumbledore truly want the boy who saved the wizarding world to be raised by magic hating muggles. Sirius and this young lady he assumed was Sirius's young wife knew the Potter's the most. "Aright, get im outa ere, I'll tell the prof he was gone when I got ere, legilmency don work on half giants. You'll want ter hide, 'e wants arry there."

Sirius smiled at the big man "No don't lie, just don't tell the whole truth, say you found me here but I refused to hand over Harry and apparated out. Don't worry Hagrid, Harry will be safe, the house elves can get us what we need, it will be a sheltered few years but when we feel it's safe we'll come out of hiding. I plan on getting a hold of the boss first thing in the morning. I have no doubt Dumbledore will want my head for stopping you. I'll need to clear my name as fast as possible. Already know what I'll do. You'll see Harry again when he comes to Hogwarts. You can take my bike to get to Dumbledore. It'll convince him more of your story"

Adriana saw Harry's favourite toy stag near Lily and took it, giving it to Harry she nodded to Sirius, turning to Hagrid she said "Goodbye Hagrid, please make sure they get a good funeral, something tells me the wizarding world will make a big deal out of their deaths for a chance to see their little hero, all the more reason to hide. At least until they calm down" Hagrid nodded grimly "Ay, I'll see to it, ye ave meh word." With that said both Sirius and Adriana touched Harry's stag and she muttered "Portus" and "Prongs" And they were gone.

Black manor, October 31st 1981

Black manor, the home he chose to live because the security on the place is even greater than his old home 12 Grimmauld place. No one could say the Black's were never rich once, this manor is just proof of it, built sometime during the 12th century, and an architectural genius must have built it. One of the protections on the manor makes it so unless you are the Head of House and are not involved in the dark arts can you gain access to the property, considering the Noble House of Black has been involved in the Dark arts for centuries Sirius isn't completely sure just how long the house remained unoccupied.

When Sirius and a 7 month pregnant Adriana first arrived they were surprised, the entire place looked like it's still in its prime. Sirius believed it could quite potentially be one of the biggest manors of all the remaining Ancient and Noble houses. It appeared the magic kept it in prime condition, apparently a kind of stasis until the next worthy Lord Black came along.

Two house elves named Blinky & Fiola were hired to serve the new Head of the House of Black. Kreacher still served him but he left him to maintain Grimmauld Place. Needless to say the two elves were ecstatic when they saw how nice Master Sirius and Mistress Adriana were. When they were shown what to wear Blinky cried for nearly a whole day, he was given an elf size suit with the Black coat of arms on the left chest and on the back of the Jacket, Fiola got the same just she got a skirt instead of a Jacket.

Together they took care of anything the manor or its inhabitants needed help with, such as maintaining the 2 greenhouses, do all the meals, they also take care of young Mistress Alyssa's messes whenever Master Sirius runs and hides.

The young couple landed in a large living area of Black manor and Sirius immediately called out "Blinky, Fiola" The two house elves popped in "Yes Master Sirius" Adriana giggled at the slight glare Sirius sent them, he has been trying to get them to stop calling him master since they were hired but he has yet to succeed.

Deciding a introduction was in order she said "Blinky, Fiola, this is Harry, he's going to live here from now on, could you set up a second crib next to Alyssa's please Blinky" Blinky bounced on his toes and saluted "Of course Mistress, I is taking care of young Master's crib right away" He popped out, Adriana couldn't help but giggle again at that, he became ten times as enthusiastic once he got his new uniform. With a combination of the young elf and her eccentric Husband life never got boring here.

"Fiola has Alyssa been any trouble since I left?" FIola shook her head vehemently "No Mistress, young Mistress hasn't woken up since you left" Adriana nodded pleased. "Fiola we won't be able to leave the manor for quite some time, we will need you and Blinky to do errands for us over the next few years, are you alright with that?" Again Fiola nodded vehemently "Of course not Mistress, we is happy to aid Noble House of Black in any way possible, would you like anything doing now? Does young master need anything?"

Sirius decided to get his head back on after muttering under his breath since they popped in "No that's fine Fiola, Harry's just gone to sleep and it is late, we might just go to bed I think. Thanks" Blinky popped back in at that moment "Young Master's crib is set up, next to young Mistress, anything else Blinky can do?"

"That's all we need thank you Blinky. Fiola can fill you in on what we discussed I'm sure" Fiola's head bopping up and down when she heard her name mentioned. "Good night Blinky, Fiola" "Goodnight Master and Mistress Black" Popping out before Sirius retorted, he scoffed and began climbing the stairs. Entering their room and placing Harry in the crib and tucking him in Sirius got changed and got in bed, his wife soon following. As they lay there the full weight of what happened tonight hit them, they just held onto each other and cried silently for what they have all lost.

Privet Drive, Little Whinging October 31st 1981

A soft pop could be heard in an alley near Privet Drive. Albus Dumbledore, an odd looking man in an ordinary neighbourhood, wearing long silver robes and a dark blue cloak. Yes he was an odd sight to see indeed, of course this man wasn't known as a genius for nothing, he knew he shouldn't be seen. So before stepping into the light he took out a lighter from the inside of his robes, clicking it the complete opposite of what people expected happened. Instead of creating light in a dark place the lighter stole the light from the nearest street lamp, clicking a few more times the street was in complete darkness.

Smiling to himself Albus walked towards his target, Harry Potter's last living relatives, arriving at the right number he noticed a cat "Ahhh Minerva, I thought you might still be here, I thought you might have gone to celebrate" The cat shifted into a old woman wearing emerald green robes "So it's true then Albus, he's gone?"

Sighing he responded simply "I hope that is the case my dear, lemon drop?" Minerva scoffed irritably "Albus why exactly are you sending the boy here, these people are horrid creatures, they are..." Interrupting her rant he said "Family, I have my reasons for doing this Minerva, he will be safest here"

Studying him for a moment before sighing "It had better be a good reason Albus, you are condemning the boy to misery" Dumbledore looked at her sharply "They are family, they would not do that" She shook her head muttering about stupid old fools and trying to see the good in people. "So where is the boy then Albus?" Sighing he said "I sent Hagrid to pick him up, he should be here momentarily"

As he said that a soft sound like that of a engine could be head, it got louder and louder and seemed to come from the sky, casting a silent charm in the direction they saw Hagrid flying towards them on a flying bike. "What in the name of Merlin does he think he's doing, a man his size flying on a flying bike?" Minerva hissed.

Hagrid got off the bike and walked towards them "Professor Dumbledore sir, Professor McGonagall" Dumbledore instantly saw something wrong, Hagrid seemed nervous and his arms, were empty "Hagrid, where is the boy?" Grandfather Tone absent, Hagrid knew this wasn't a question, it was a demand.

"Ahhh bout that, when I got there sir, Sirius Black was olding arry, when I said I was taking im to his family he threatened me. Said he'd never let his godson go to those magic hating muggles, he created a portkey out of arry's toy and vanished." Minerva had a small upward twitch of her lips. Dumbledore however was furious. Trying to figure out what could have gone wrong.

After one of his devices began spinning he realized that the Fidelius had fallen around Godric's Hollow, sending a Patronus to Hagrid to collect Harry and bring him to Privet Drive. He apparated out, disillusioning himself after arriving just as the hole was blown in the house. Realizing immediately that Peter betrayed the Potter's and the prophecy would still need to be fulfilled. Quickly coming up with the best scenario, send Harry to Lily's sister, he would be able to make strong Blood Wards to protect the boy. But the young man in front of him now would need to be taken out of the equation as he wouldn't leave Harry under and circumstance with Lily's sister. It would also be likely that Harry would grow up in the Wizarding and be much harder to control.

Now Dumbledore may of manipulated people for his own sense of the "Greater good" but he was no murderer, so he did the next best thing. Placing a strong compulsion charm that would make Sirius blind with rage and want to kill Peter, with Sirius's current grief and shock he didn't realize what had happened. Smiling that he had succeeded Dumbledore turned and apparated to Privet Drive. He failed to notice young Adriana arriving at the same time as Hagrid as he was already gone.

Now somehow Sirius had come back to his senses and his Plans were beginning to fall apart 'No, he won't get away with this. Harry must be here for the greater good' he mentally smirked an idea forming in his mind "I see, Sirius was the Potter's secret keeper, which means he was the one that betrayed them to Voldemort, we have to find him and save Harry before it's too late."

Minerva gasped and Hagrid seemed to be thinking something over, Dumbledore misread it though as guilt "Don't feel bad Hagrid, we will get him back and safe with his family" Hagrid responded "Yes sir" Dumbledore continued "Alright Minerva I'll be at the Ministry explaining the situation, I won't let Sirius Black get away, we will need everyone searching for the boy-who-lived" And with that he apparated to the Ministry.