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Headmaster's office

Albus Dumbledore was back in his office after the feast. He didn't have time to think much over the events unfortunately as he knew as soon as the first years went to their dorms the prefects will notify their heads of houses of any trouble. They would then come up to his office to discuss the new students and what class schedules should be written up based on how they saw the new students interact before and after the sorting.

He knew that Severus will insist that he gets the Gryffindors and Slytherins in one class so that he can try anger Harry more by taking points from Gryffindor and giving points to Slytherin. Personally he liked the idea too but he could already see Minerva arguing against it. It would be a long night he could tell. Sighing when he heard the warning sound of someone correctly saying the password, he sat back in his chair and steeled himself for the yelling to come.

He however was surprised when not all the heads came in. Just Pomona Sprout came in with young Ronald Weasley, frowning he asked "Pomona, the staff meeting will soon begin, and why might I ask is Mr Weasley doing here?" Letting out an annoyed sigh she said "He refused to enter the Hufflepuff dormitories Headmaster, says that it was a mistake he was placed there and was requesting the prefects to take him to Gryffindor where he belongs."

Feeling irritated at this boy already for not befriending Harry or getting sorted into the right house he was not in the mood for childish games from him. "Mr Weasley the entire hall heard the sorting hat place you in Hufflepuff. Why will you not join your house?" He snorted "I would have said the hat was wrong right away, but I was hungry." The hat that was on the shelf shouted out "I made no such mistake. You only have a slight trait of loyalty when you have no traits from Gryffindor. You are in the only house I could sort you into."

Turning around sharply Albus stated "You mean this boy has no traits from the other houses." The hat sighed "He has ambition but no cunning, the ability to memorize but no smarts. He is neither noble nor brave on his own. But he did show the potential for fierce loyalty and he would work hard to achieve what he wishes too. He just needs the right motivation. But as I already stated, he showed no traits of Gryffindor. Slytherin maybe but he would fail without having a trace of cunning. He is where he belongs headmaster. A resorting would bear the same result."

Turning back towards the young man he stated "You heard the hat's reasoning yourself Mr Weasley, either join your house or leave Hogwarts, the choice is yours." Ron turned bright red but he wasn't stupid enough to yell at the strongest wizard in the world. So he muttered "Fine, how do I get there then?" Sighing not wanting Pomona to deal with the boy anymore he called out "Jilly" A house elf popped into the room

"Please take Mr Weasley here to the Hufflepuff first year boy's dormitories, don't answer any of his questions." The little elf squeaked out "Of course Headmaster, Jilly is doing this now" Before taking hold of Ron's robe and popping out. The warning chime went off again, this time the other head's came in. "Ahh good, we can begin" Dumbledore joyfully stated. "So what do you all think of the new students from what we've seen?"

Snape spoke first "Well I'd say we got a decent lot of runts this year, minus Potter and Black of course" Minerva scoffed "Just because you didn't like their parents doesn't mean they are the same, Harry is Lily's son too" Snape snapped back "Raised by Black, he will be no son of Lily's of that I'm sure" Filius interjected "Really Severus, let old grudges go, anyway I must say I am rather curious of how good the students will be this year. The display of power young Mr Potter showed impressed me."

Pomona stated "Agreed Filius, he should be an interesting one to watch grow. I am most curious of Miss Black as well, I didn't even know that Sirius had a daughter" Snape was getting redder "He will be pigheaded and a menace. No doubt Black's daughter will be the same, enough of them." He spat out. Sighing Albus said "Fine Severus, let's discuss the class Schedules then" So they began the lengthy talk on which houses to pair up for each class.

Hogwarts, the following morning

The two newly stated couples left the common room to head down to the great hall for breakfast. Harry and Alyssa were glad with their Godfather's/Father's efforts to teach them as much about the castle in as much detail as the old Marauder could remember using the pensive he had at the manor. Harry at the very least was confident they could find their way around but he wanted to get his hands on the Marauder's map. Sirius said that it was James that had come up with a lot of the charms used. He and Remus had been working on making a new one for years but they really needed to be in Hogwarts to do it.

The four raised their eyebrows when they turned around the corner heading to the entrance to the great hall when they saw Peeves obviously preparing to ambush people entering the hall. But as soon as Peeves saw Harry he began apologizing for his behaviour and flying off at full speed. "Ok I know that the Blood Baron said that Peeves wouldn't bother me but isn't that a little extreme?" The other three nodded before Neville stated "Hey Harry, maybe you should track down the Baron, he did say he wished to reveal his real name to you. Not sure why though" Harry nodded intrigued by that as well

"Yeah that did seem strange, from what we've heard he's never revealed his name to anyone here before? Why me then? Never mind we can deal with him once we settle into life here first" They walked in the hall and looked around. Everyone went silent as they noticed Harry Potter enter the hall, the four friends rolled their eyes at all the whispers that were said as they passed people. "Did you see him" "Wow check out his girlfriend" "Did you see his scar" "That magical aura was insane, wouldn't want to duel him"

Sighing they sat down at the Gryffindor table near the other first years "Hey guys, sleep alright?" Harry asked his year mates. They looked up "Not as much as you I'm sure Harry" Lavender stated before she and Parvarti started giggling. Harry had a shocked look on his face for a moment and death eyed Neville who put up his hands "Hey I only went to your bed after these two left" Seamus looked up at that "Why what happened?" Lavender looked up with a mischievous grin "Yeah Alyssa what did happen, I mean coming into the room still in your pjs but we were up early and didn't see you leave"

Alyssa had the decency to blush brightly as did Harry while Dean snorted back out his pumpkin juice. "You slept in the same bed as a girl?" Harry blinked and said "What haven't you?" Dean didn't react just looked down at his food and Seamus burst out laughing "Think you broke him Harry" Susan stated as she pulled Neville down into the seat next to her, Alyssa following suit with Harry. As per usual Harry dished up for Alyssa Parvarti asked "Hey Harry how come you dish for Alyssa?"

Looking up he shrugged "Been doing it for years, it's an old habit I guess. She doesn't seem to mind" Lavender giggled "Such a gentleman Harry, wish I could get a guy like you, got any brothers" Harry blushed at the comment "Can't say I do and Nev's taken, I'll do some asking around if you want?" That got her blushing and stuttered out "Uh, n-no thanks Harry, thanks anyway" He just smirked "Anytime Miss Brown, the offer extends to you to Miss Patil"

Seamus perked up "Want to help another guy out here Harry" Harry just laughed "Nah, sorry Seamus, I only help out the young ladies. Self made rule." Which caused all the first years to start laughing "Think you're something special don't you Potter" Harry looked up to see Draco Malfoy and his human boulders behind him arms crossed "Not really Malfoy, but I know I'm better then you so it's something at least."

Draco turned red and was about to retort when Professor McGonagall came over with the class schedules. "Is there a problem here boys?" Before Draco could respond Harry spoke "Of course not Professor" Getting a shocked look from Draco Harry continued "Draco here was just asking me for an autograph from the boy-who-lived. I just explained I don't give them out, he didn't like that much though. Said he would tell his father or something"

Draco was getting redder and redder as Harry spoke, at the end he was speechless. Harry just said what he was going to retort with, seething in anger and embarrassment he just turned around and stormed over to the Slytherin table. The first year Gryffindors were struggling very hard to hold in their laughter and even the Professor had a small twitch of her lips before she handed out the schedules to her Lions. "These are your class schedules, try not to lose them. Your first class is History of magic."

Harry looked down at his schedule to read what classes he had:

Monday: 9-11 History of magic with Ravenclaw

11-1 Lunch

1-3 Defence against the dark arts with Hufflepuff

3-5 Charms with Slytherin

Tuesday: 9-11 Herbology with Hufflepuff

11-1 Lunch

1-3 Transfiguration with Slytherin

3-5 Free Period

Wednesday: 9-11 Free Period

11-1 Break

1-3 History of Magic with Hufflepuff

1-3 Defense against the dark arts with Ravenclaw

12am Astronomy

Thurs: 9-11 Charms with Hufflepuff

11-1 Lunch

1-3 Herbology with Ravenclaw

3-5 Free Period

Friday: 9-11 Transfiguration with Ravenclaw

11-1 Lunch

1-3 Potions with Slytherin

3-5 Potions with Slytherin

"Well first up is History with Ravenclaw, looks like you'll get to see your sister again Parvarti" Harry stated and she did look pleased by that. "Ouch, a double potions with Snape on Friday and with Slytherin, that's going to be a rough four hours." Neville pointed out, Alyssa looked over at her new boyfriend "You know he'll be giving us a hard time Harry" He just waved her off "Don't worry about it, we'll deal with it at the time."

"Why would he do that guys?" Dean asked the two. Alyssa answered "From what Daddy told me Snape was best friends with Harry's mum up until 5th year when he called her a mudblood. Then she kept to just her girl friends during 6th year but in 7th she started dating James Potter, Harry's Dad. Snape considered James his worst enemy since James always liked Lily and did pranks on Snape all the time. My Dad joined in too obviously. So James dating then marrying the girl he probably loved and fathering Harry here he will hate Harry with a passion. And I being the daughter of another hated enemy will make me hate material too."

The four people who didn't know that nodded to say they understood. "Well let's head down to History then" 30 minutes later the only Gryffiindor's still awake was Harry and Alyssa, thanks to their occlumency they were able to sort information away as it came making it much easier to listen to the ghost and Harry was actually asking Binn's questions which the Ghost was startled with at first but after awhile he started to speak in more than just a monotone. Who would have thought some actual interaction would have made him more interesting. But the topics were putting the students to sleep still. Well putting the other Gryffindor's too sleep anyway, all the Ravenclaws were awake, Hermione glaring at the sleeping Lions.

The class ended with Binn's asking for a foot long essay on the topic covered. The first years then went back down to the great hall for lunch. "Harry, Alyssa how did you manage to stay awake for the whole class, I feel sleepy just thinking about it" Susan asked with a yawn to emphasize the point. Harry just laughed "I'm just that good Susan" while Alyssa just said "Organised minds" She just pouted at those answers which caused Neville to kiss her on the cheek making her give him a sleepy smile.

After lunch they headed to DADA on the fourth floor. They appeared to be the first there. The seats were set up in 5 person benches. The group decided sit at the back since there was such a strong smell of garlic towards the front rows. Alyssa sat on the end with Harry to her left, then Neville and Susan. A short time later Hannah Abbott came in "Hannah over here" Said girl looked over and smiled at her good friend Susan, walking over "Hey Susan, who's your friends" Susan responded "Next to me is my boyfriend Neville Longbottom" Earning a squeal in a tight hug from Hannah, surprisingly she then went to Neville to do the same.

"Then we got Harry Potter and Alyssa Black his girlfriend." Hannah smiled and shook each their hands before sitting next to Susan and getting her gossip on. The rate at which they were talking left Neville slowly turning away before asking Harry and Alyssa "Hey guys, so what you reckon our DADA Professor will be like?" Harry sighed "Well if he's put up this much garlic in the room I'm not too impressed so far" 'There's also the fact he's a legilimens user, something that takes extreme concentration, but the stuttering I've seen so far. He's suspicious, I've have to keep an eye out.'

Alyssa saw the look but didn't comment, he would tell her if it was important. The class began to trinkle in slowly and just before the bell rang Professor Quirrel came through the door at the front the same time as Ron came charging in panting. "Ahh j-j-just in t-t-time Mr W-weasley, take a s-s-seat and w-we can begin" Ron started searching the room obviously trying to find Harry, he then looked in the back corner where he was surrounded, he was about to move up to tell the Veela to move from his spot when "N-now Mr W-weasley" Sighing he took the spot at the front.

The class ended up being pretty much useless, they talked about vampires but Quirrel looked so afraid of even the concept of them, that much garlic when there are no vampires anywhere near. Sighing they headed to Charms with the snakes hoping this class would be better. Walking in they were surprised to see books all over the front of the room and a Goblin sized man standing on top of a pile of books. Harry was curious of Professor Flitwick, Sirius told him that he was a world class dueller.

Once they were all filed in Professor Flitwick took the roll, squeaking when he said Harry Potter. He began by saying they learned the theory of a spell in the first class of the week and did the spell in the second class. He started talking about charms and their uses in every aspect of a wizard's life. Harry asking questions every time the option was given. Filius was very impressed with the in depth knowledge Harry had and the questions were very well thought out. He had the makings of an excellent wizard indeed, he obviously inherited his mother's aptitude for learning.

The class ended with Professor Flitwick giving them an assignment to think of 5 different aspects that charms could help you within your dormitories before sending them on their way. The Gryffindor's headed down to dinner talking about their first day "Well that charms class was alright, but I think that History and DADA were pointless" Parvarti said. "Hey Harry could you help me with my History essay" Lavender asked sweetly. Harry stroked his chin "Hmm tell you what you try to do it, then I'll look it over, if it's wrong then I'll help you to find the right answers. It's pointless if you don't learn something out of it after all"

Lavender beamed at him and kissed him on the cheek before running off to get to the Great hall. Harry looked over and was surprised to see no reaction on Alyssa's face, she met his eyes and said "What?" He cocked his head to the side as if she were a puzzle and she sighed "I don't care because I can do this" As she leaned over and captured his lips. He just smirked when they broke apart "Ahh I see, well anyway Miss Black I believe a meal awaits us." She just giggled "Lead the way Mr Potter" Susan just shook her head, pulled Neville's hand and followed after.

Before they reached the Great Hall however the Bloody Baron came out of the wall. "Mr Potter if you don't mind may I have a moment of your time, your friends if you believe them trustworthy may also stay to hear what I have to say." Nodding his head they followed the Baron to an empty classroom. Looking around Harry asked "So what did you want to talk to me about sir?" Letting out a sigh the ghost began his tale "Very well, I am a ghost as you can see, I did not pass onto the next plane because I had a mission to fulfil that tethered my soul to this realm. That mission was to pass on my knowledge to one who follows the light, unlike my cousin."

"My family has a very unique ability, one that over the ages has been linked to dark wizards and as such classified as dark magic. That is not the case, like all magic this magic is capable of both good and bad, but because of the majority of users cannot understand the words of the spells they rather just call it evil and leave it as that." Harry cocked his head to the side "But what does this have to do with me sir?"

"I will explain once I finish. Now I have been around for just over a thousand years when this castle was first constructed. I've watched and waited for one of my cousin's descendants to show traits of someone following a light path, but alas they have all followed the dark arts. Around 50 years ago there was one powerful descendant who delved into the darkest of arts. Thankfully he never bothered to claim his birthright or he may have discovered the books pertaining to the magic of my family inside."

Alyssa gasped "Harry what if this descendant is Lord Voldemort" The Baron smiled "Very astute of you young lady, yes Lord Voldemort went to school here, although he went by a different name then, the name of his muggle father, Tom Marvolo Riddle. Yes he was no Pureblood as he made you believe. Now what could Voldemort do that was considered the sign of a dark wizard?" Neville looked up "He was a Parselmouth"

"Excellent now I'm sure you can guess who my cousin is" Susan looked shocked "Salazar Slytherin" The Baron nodded "Yes my name during my life was Zareth Slytherin". Harry looked on curiously now "But what does this have to do with me Zareth?" Smiling the ghost said "Everything, when my cousin's descendant attacked you he unintentionally passed on some of his power, with it I believe he gave you Parseltongue, which was what I was looking for the night when we met. I could see the magic hidden in you."

Harry seemed to be in thought "Did he give me anything else?" The Baron shook his head "I could not sense anything, I believe the good and a portion of his magic fused with your core, tell me is your magic much stronger then other's your age?" Alyssa gasped "That magical aura Harry, that was your growing magic as well as his." Zareth shook his head "It's a little more than that dear, his magic was small as an infant, it has grown as he has, if I am not mistaken he could very well hold at least twice as much magic than Riddle in his prime right now and it will continue to grow until he reaches the age of 17."

Harry looked shocked "Wait, Voldemort was thought to be as strong as Dumbledore, are you saying I'm stronger than him too?" Zareth sighed "In pure magic yes, in skill not even a fraction, you might have the power but you do not have the skills or experience that either of them do" Harry nodded his head in understanding "What is it you could teach me Zareth?" Smiling now he stated

"How to cast in Parseltongue, naturally you can't use it in public but if ever you find yourself in need of it, it might come in handy as a secret weapon. Parselmagics are stronger than the average spell. With your magic concentration however it shouldn't be a problem. It also has the advantage of your enemies not knowing what you cast like silent casting, but you lose no power, you gain it" Smiling Harry stated "When can we begin?" Smiling as well Zareth stated

"Wait a few weeks and then we shall see, right now many are monitoring you and would notice you disappearing for periods of time. Perhaps it would be best if we trained away from Hogwarts during the breaks. I am able to leave here after all, I just stay since all Slytherin descendants come to his school" Harry nodded in understanding. "We'll discuss it with Padfoot, my godfather, he'll have a good suggestion I'm sure" Zareth agreed "Very well, also you all know occlumency I assume?" The four nodded "Good no need for memory charms, also in public refer to me as the Baron" Agreeing to that he stated "Very well, until next time Harry" Before he floated off.