You Only Live Twice


As soon as Jonathan and Maddie entered the room, they could see exactly what Reece had meant by "He's going crazy." Paul was sitting in an armchair in the corner of the room, and he was talking excitedly to a woman in glasses. He looked to be ecstatically happy upon first glance, but a second look revealed the tears on his cheeks.

"She was there!" Paul told the woman. "She...she walked straight past me – I was on a bench, just thinking, you know? And she walked past! She was...she was wearing red, a red jacket..."

"Paul?" asked Maddie, interrupting his rambling.

"Maddie!" he said, jumping up from his chair to welcome her, but she gestured for him to sit back down.

"Paul, this is Jonathan." She told him as he sat back down. "He came to the wedding with me."

Paul nodded. "I remember...Although I don't remember you telling me you'd found someone..."

Jonathan sighed loudly, as Maddie said "We're...we're not together..."

"Oh..." said Paul confusedly.

Everyone fell silent. Jonathan had nothing to say at all – he was fed up of being mistaken as Maddie's partner. It wasn't the fact that he didn't want to be, it was because it reminded him that he wasn't.

"Anyway...We've come to talk to you about Sarah." Maddie said, attempting to break the tension. Paul gestured towards the sofa opposite him, and the woman in the glasses shifted over to make room for Maddie and Jonathan. As soon as they sat down, Paul started rambling again.

"So, I was in the park, and I was sitting on a bench, just thinking...and then I looked up to see Sarah! She literally just walked past me! She was wearing red, a red jacket, and her hair...her hair was up in a ponytail. By the time I'd worked out what had happened, she'd left the park...I shouted after her...but-"

"Paul!" said Maddie loudly, stopping him mid-sentence. "Slow down!" She pulled out a notebook and pen from her pocket. "Tell me what happened. Slower this time."

"Well, I was in the park..."

An hour later, Maddie and Jonathan left the house, bidding Paul and his sister Kay (the glasses woman) goodbye. Reece followed them out to Maddie's car.

"You will find out what happened, won't you? He's not right...he just needs to know what's happening..."

"Trust me Reece, we will find out what happened. Jonathan's a right brainiac – it'll take him a week, maximum." Maddie said reassuringly. Reece nodded.

"I trust you Maddie. And you too Jonathan." He added. Jonathan nodded understandingly.

There was a small pause, whilst everyone tried to find something to say.

"We'd better be off; we've got a lot of thinking to do." Maddie said, breaking the silence.

Reece waved to them as they drove away, and once they were round the corner, Maddie asked Jonathan "So, what do you think?"

He smiled grimly. "I think that this problem is even more complicated than it seems. But I have an idea. Drive to mine – I've got to pick up some information."

Update! Whoo! I got round to it (but I am procrastinating from my Drama homework) :D