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Chapter 1 – What In The Hell Is Going On?

After the disastrous attempt in the Department of Mysteries, Harry was fed up with the whole wizarding world. To Harry it seemed like every year the Ministry of Magic placed more on his shoulders than one person should have to carry. He witnessed Voldemort possessing a professor of the school in his first year. Dumbledore, who claimed to know everything, somehow missed the fact that Voldemort was on the back of the head of Professor Quirrell. Harry, Ron, and Hermione went down the shaft to save the stone from the most powerful Dark Lord in history. All Harry got for is trouble was more beatings from his relatives and more chores. He also got less food. Harry had to listen to Ron bemoan the fact that Harry got all the glory while he didn't get anything.

Harry grimaced at the thought of his once best friend and sank back into past memories. He was sitting in his bed at Hogwarts. He would growl at anyone who came to close to him that felt he needed to do something that he didn't want to do. The only two people in the fifth year boy's dorm that he allowed to talk to him were Seamus Finnegan and Neville Longbottom. Both young men were in Harry's corner. They did not expect anything from Harry and that was exactly what Harry wanted.

Harry thought back to his second year. Severus Snape, the Potions Master of the school made life a living hell for him. He had tried to get Harry expelled on more than one occasion. Dobby sealed off the entrance to the platform and he and Ron missed the train. Ron had talked him into taking the car and going back to school that way. Harry snorted at the thought. He was much too gullible. Too many people were able to talk him into things that he knew was wrong or that he didn't really want to do. Once again, Harry had rough year. It was then that he discovered that he was a Parselmouth. For the longest time that year, the school thought that he was the Heir of Salazar Slytherin. Many believed him to be a dark wizard because of his ability to speak to snakes. Lockhart had removed the bones of his arm in an attempt to fix it after an enchanted bludger broke it. This resulted in Madam Pomfrey almost having a heart attack from anger. At the end of that year, he and Ron had forced the DADA Professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, to come with them to the fabled Chamber of Secrets to save Ron's younger sister. In the end, Lockhart proved to be a fraud, and Harry nearly died trying to save the life of a girl that was greedy. He succeeded, but at a great cost. He had a basilisk fang stabbed into his arm. The poison would have killed him had it not been for the timely actions of Fawkes.

Fawkes was a phoenix. Phoenix tears are the only known cure for basilisk venom. In the end, Harry discovered that by stabbing the Diary of Tom Riddle with the broken fang, that he was able to kill the Horcrux. Once again, Albus Dumbledore did nothing to help Harry. He even told him that he had broken many school rules by saving the youngest of the Weasley clan. Harry left that year disgusted with the Weasleys and Dumbledore. His only smile of the occasion was when he thought of his other best friend. Hermione Granger was a muggleborn witch with prodigious skill. She was well advanced for her years and the brightest witch of her age. It was with her help that he was able to pull through all of these things and stay sane.

Harry went home that summer to find that the Dursleys hated him even more. Harry could not understand how it was that he faced the most powerful Dark Lord in history and beat him three times only to succumb to the abuse of his blood relatives. Harry decided to start studying wards that summer. He found that if he worked hard enough, that he could successfully make them. He also noticed that Dumbledore had lied. There were no blood wards surrounding Privet Drive. Dumbledore was sending Harry back there for his own personal reasons.

From there Harry went back for his third year of school. Once again, Severus was a snarky bastard that made his life a living hell. His smile during this time was Remus Lupin. Remus was a good friend of his father and mother. Remus loved him beyond anything. Harry vowed to not get to close, as every time he got close to someone they ended up being killed. That year he had to listen to Ron and his nonsense about being poor and how Harry always got everything. Harry ended up snapping at him to shut up and whine to someone who gave a damn. The year ended when Harry and Hermione saved Ron by following him down the hole under the Whomping Willow. Sirius Black, the escaped convict, had taken Ron down the hole. It was later discovered that it was not Ron that Sirius was after nor was it Harry. He was after the rat Animagus that was living as Ron's pet. Ron was too stupid to know that rats do not live longer than two or three years. This one had been in the family for twelve. Everything came to a head when Severus Snape interfered and had almost gotten them all killed. Remus had forgotten to take the Wolfsbane Potion and turned into a dangerous werewolf right there in front of them. It was the timely actions of Hermione and her time turner that saved them. Albus Dumbledore sent the two teens back in time to save Sirius and the hippogriff Buckbeak.

Never mind that it was illegal. Dumbledore felt he was above the law in some instances. If Dumbledore was so powerful, then why didn't he demand a trial for Sirius? As Chief Warlock, it was within his power to do so. Instead the Great Leader of the Light let Sirius become a fugitive of the law. What did Harry get? A trip back to his relatives where he was once again forced to do the work of a slave and not get to eat the healthy amounts of food he needed to get by on.

Harry was broken out of his reverie by the sound of Ginny calling him. He ignored her and shut his curtains so that he did not have to look at her. She had said that he owed them for their roles in the Department of Mysteries. She wanted money and fame. He was not giving her one galleon. He did not want them to join him. Harry made his self comfortable on his bed and went back to his thoughts. This time he thought about his fourth year. What a nightmare that had been.

Albus Dumbledore once again did not notice that one of his professors was not who they claimed to be. Alastor Moody had been captured at his home and spent the entire school year locked in his own trunk. Barty Crouch Jr. was using his hair for Polyjuice Potion and took his spot. Harry had to endure a magical binding contract due to this interloper. He faced dragons, merpeople, and Voldemort. It was Harry's timely actions that saved his friend Cedric Diggory. Seventeen year old Cedric was a competitor, but was also Harry's friend. The two teens helped each other through the whole tournament and brought a victory together to Hogwarts.

Harry looked at the scar on his arm where Pettigrew sliced his arm open and took his blood, thus regenerating the Dark Lord to his body. Once more it was the timely actions of others rather than Dumbledore that helped him that night. The Minister of Magic decided that he was too precious to listen to what a teenager had to say and had Crouch Jr kissed by the Dementors before he could be questioned by the proper authorities.

Harry snorted when he thought of the idiot named Cornelius Fudge. The man had the intelligence of a Grindylow. Were it not for Dumbledore carrying him all these years, the man would never have succeeded as Minister of Magic. Some people were just born to be stupid and Fudge was one of them, in Harry's opinion. Of course in Harry's opinion, Dumbledore wasn't too bright either. Harry had ended up giving the Weasley twins the money he got from the tri wizard's tournament. He didn't need it. His trust fund had plenty of money in it. Harry wanted to be an Auror when he graduated. He was studying hard to get the grades he needed. Severus was making things difficult for him in the potions department, but Harry was confident that he would succeed.

With tears in his eyes, Harry thought about the happenings of the current school year. Delores Umbridge became the new DADA professor and decided that the students were not allowed to use magic to learn the subject. She eventually ran Dumbledore out of the castle and tried to take over as Head Mistress. She used an illegal Dark Object known as a Blood Quill on Harry and a few other students around the castle. Just a few days ago during their OWL exams, Harry received the vision that Sirius was in trouble. Albus allowed the man that hated Harry the most to teach him Occlumency. Instead of making progress with the subject, Harry felt like his mind was raped over and over again by the dark man. Harry was all set to race to the aid of Sirius when Hermione stepped in and pleaded her case. While checking to make sure Sirius was safe, the group was attacked by Slytherins loyal to Umbridge or blackmailed by her. It took all of Hermione's cunning to get them out of the predicament that they were in. In the end, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna went to the Ministry of Magic by use of thestral, to save Sirius. It was the best laid trap ever. Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange intercepted the teenagers and an all out battle began. The prophecy ended up broken and during the fight, Bellatrix hit Sirius with the killing curse. He fell through the veil with a horrified look on his face. Harry screamed in anguish and raced after Bellatrix. He attempted his first Unforgivable Curse, but did not have the power to back it up. In the end, Voldemort arrived and he and Dumbledore battled. Voldemort tried one more trick and possessed Harry briefly. Voldemort taunted Dumbledore to try and kill Harry. In the end, it was Harry's pure heart that saved him. The Ministry officials entered as Voldemort was standing there in pain. He gave one disgusted look around and fled with Bellatrix. Dumbledore was able to finally convince the idiot Minister that Voldemort was really back and sent Harry to his office.

In the office, Harry ranted and raged at Dumbledore for his inconsistencies and withholding of information. Finally after an hour or so, Dumbledore told Harry everything he wanted to know and let the teenager head out to morn the death of his godfather.

This was where Harry was right now. He wiped furiously at his tears and wondered why people like Voldemort, Fudge, and Dumbledore were putting him through so much. All he wanted was a normal childhood with loving friends and family. He could no longer go to Cedric in person as the older teen had graduated the previous year. All he had now was people like Hermione, Luna, Neville, and Seamus. Whenever Harry was walking the halls, one or more of the quartet would walk with him.

Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini listened to everything with an open mind. They knew that Harry was hurting. Even the hard core Slytherins, were not immune to loss of family and loved ones. Both Draco and Blaise were in the same predicament. Both had family members that were loyal to the Dark Lord and known Death Eaters. Neither teen wanted to be a Death Eater. While Slytherin and Gryffindor may not agree on much, it was agreed that the Dark Lord was evil.

"Harry," called Hermione. "Professor McGonagall would like to speak with you in classroom twelve. There are a group of students that she wishes for us to work with this summer. Could you please walk with me?"

"Sure Hermione," said Harry wiping away his tears. "I would be happy to walk with you. How are you feeling? I know that curse was a nasty one."

"I will have a few scars," she said. "Madam Pomfrey patched me up quickly though. I am feeling better."

"Hermione I am so sorry that you were hurt," said Harry. "I am just glad that it wasn't more serious than what it was."

"Relax Harry," said Hermione. "We knew when we went that it would be dangerous. I am only sorry that we lost the friendship of Ron and Ginny in the aftermath of it all. I can not believe those two. If either one of them comes any where near me I will beat the shit out of them for their audacity. You did not ask them to go and they have the nerve to make it sound like you are some kind of bad guy and that you owe them for putting their necks on the line."

"So which students are we meeting up with?" asked Harry. "I don't think I can handle too many more surprises and betrayals. I have had far too many as it is. I am just thankful that I have friends like you, Neville, Luna, and Cedric."

"I know that Professor McGonagall had Cedric come to the castle," said Hermione. "He is waiting for you with her. He was furious that he was unable to go with us to the Department of Mysteries to save Sirius. I know that Neville and Seamus are going to be there as well. I am unsure as to who else will be there though. I would imagine Luna will be there. She is a good friend and has spoken out against many students on your behalf these last few days. Did you hear that she slapped Ginny across the face?"

"No I didn't," said Harry astonished. "Why did she slap her? Please tell me that she didn't get into trouble for standing up for me?"

"Actually she didn't," said Hermione. "Professor McGonagall heard what was said. Apparently Ginny was telling someone in Gryffindor about how much of a loser you are and that you needed to be committed for everyone's safety. Luna was standing not far away when she said it and became very upset. She called Ginny a back biting and conniving bitch and slapped her right across the face. Professor McGonagall took five points from her. She then took fifty points from Ginny. She then turned to Luna and gave her twenty points for standing up for a friend."

"That was nice of both Luna and Professor McGonagall," said Harry. "I am glad that she didn't get into trouble because of me. I don't want any of my friends to ever get into trouble because of me."

The duo made it to classroom twelve and entered. They were surprised when Professor McGonagall waved them over. Standing there was none other than Seamus, and Neville from Gryffindor. From Ravenclaw, Luna was standing there with a huge smile on her face. She walked up to Harry and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Harry touched his cheek. He gave her a smile and looped his arm over her shoulders. She really was a good friend and companion. What floored both Hermione and Harry was the fact that Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini were also standing there. Harry cleared his throat to announce their presence. Professor McGonagall looked over at Harry and Hermione and gave them one of her rare smiles. These two students really were her favorites. She treated them like a proud mother would.

Cedric took one look at Harry and stalked over and wrapped the younger boy in a hug. He leaned away and searched Harry's face carefully. When he was satisfied that Harry was ok, be hugged him again.

"Harry, I am so glad that you are alright," he said. "I was so worried about you. Professor McGonagall and I have been working on ways of getting you to safety this summer. We know that your relatives are not the nicest of people in the world. So we have been working on a way to get around Dumbledore and Fudge."

"Here is the situation," said Minerva catching the attention of everyone. "This group that is standing here now is the best in one particular subject or the other. Every subject that is taught in Hogwarts is represented by at least one of you. Professor Dumbledore has made it quite clear that you all are going to do things his way or else. I sent word to Mr. Diggory here and we have developed a plan that will make the eight of you disappear for the summer to somewhere safe. You will be out of the machinations of both Dumbledore and the Dark Lord. So I want you all to listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you."

"The eight of you are from all four houses and each has been chosen personally by the spirits of the founders," she said. "They came to me right at the time that Harry and his group were defending themselves in the Department of Mysteries. They have decided that it is time for them to step in and assist the lot of you."

"What is it that they have planned?" asked Hermione. "I do not mind working with this group, but past rivalries are rivalries none the less. So many things have happened over the last five years that just can not be forgotten."

"I am aware of that Miss Granger," said Minerva. "Just listen please. Harry, I forced your parent's will to be read. In it they named both Sirius and I as your guardians. You are no longer safe from Dumbledore. He knew what was going on and decided to act on your behalf. He is up to no good. I can only do so much until I hear what the will of Sirius says. As your female guardian, I have the power to push it through. I want the eight of you to stay together as much as possible for the last few days of school. When you get off the train, I will work for a few days to get you all to a safe spot. From there the four founders will tell us what is going to happen next. Unfortunately it will take me a few days to find a spot that Dumbledore can't access."

"What about the Chamber of Secrets?" Harry suggested. "I am the only one that can get in there as I am the only Parselmouth allowed within the school. We can get some tents and stuff like we had at the World Cup. Dobby, Winky, and Fawkes can get in there, but no one can open the Chamber except me."

"That is a great idea Harry," said Minerva. "We only have one small issue. I need Gryffindors and Slytherins to get along with one another. All of you are being used and abused in one way or another. It is in your best interest to start getting along with one another or we will not be able to succeed. Mr. Malfoy and his companion are both wanted by the Dark Lord to be the next generation of Death Eaters. The two of them have no desire to be Death Eaters. The Gryffindors are present as they are on the Dark Lord's hit list. Harry has a double hit as Dumbledore is after everything as well. Cedric has Harry's best interest at heart so he will be here with you all. All of you here today are on the hit list of either Voldemort or Dumbledore. Miss Lovegood is on that list because of her friendship with Mr. Potter as is Miss Granger. We have one more day to get the tents and such. Mr. Diggory and I will be going shopping today. I want the all of you from each house to stay together at all times. You will conveniently disappear soon."

"We just need you all to keep quiet about this," said Severus coming into the room. "We do not want to alert either the Dark Lord or Dumbledore to this plan as it will not be a good thing for any of you."

Professors Sprout and Professor Flitwick followed Severus into the room.

"As Heads of House," said Filius. "It is our jobs to protect you all. Each of us present has been visited by the founder of our house. They have all looked at each of your hearts and have found you all worthy of this protection."

"Just be very careful," said Pomona. "Follow our instructions, and all of you will escape this mad design of the two most powerful, yet mentally disturbed wizards on the planet. By doing what we tell you, you will all be safe to live your lives as you wish."

"What do you mean?" asked Draco. "We understand some of what you are saying, but I highly doubt my father and the Dark Lord will let us hop and skip away and live in the Chamber of Secrets."

"Draco," snapped Severus. "Your wish is to not become a Death Eater and to get out of the path your father and mother are laying out for you, is it not? Your fellow Slytherin is in the same predicament that you are in. Mr. Potter wants to be away from the stupidity that Dumbledore and the Dark Lord have set his life up to be. Miss Granger is a muggleborn. Miss Lovegood is under constant attack because of her imbecilic father. Let us not forget that Miss Lovegood is a true seer. Add in the fact that she was seen with Mr. Potter in the Department of Mysteries and she has a double hit on her. Each of you present here is on one or both lists because of your relation to someone in this war. Whether it is Mr. Potter, or your blood status, you are ALL in danger. Need I go on?"

No one spoke. Harry looked at Severus in a calculating manner. The man had described his every feeling down to the letter. Severus caught him looking back and relaxed his glare.

"I am quite aware of your situation Harry," said Severus. "Despite appearance, I do NOT hate you. I never have. Your mother asked me before she died to play my role as spy well. To accomplish this, I had to pretend to despise you. I was very fond of your mother and I am sorry that your life has been so hard. The four of us will help you and the rest have a better life. Now give us twenty four hours to get everything in order and we will get you all to safety."

"Thank you," said Harry quietly. "Thank you all for doing this for us. We are going to be forever in your debt if you are able to pull this off. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am going to lay all past differences aside and work towards a friendship that will surpass a house insignia."

"Let the snake, badger, eagle, and lion work side by side," said Draco. "I think we can do this. I say lets make the world pay for what they have done to us. The Dark Lord has his army and Dumbledore has his. Let's form one of our own. We will teach the world that we are the wrong teenagers to mess with."

"Books and tents as well as supplies of potions ingredients and other things will be sent to the castle," said Minerva. "Cedric and I will be going and getting them, and sending them to the castle where Professors Snape, Flitwick, and Sprout are going to be intercepting the packages and storing them safely. Harry, I need permission from you to be able to access the Potter Family vaults to pay for it all. I am sure that Griphook will give us money pouches for you that will give you the needed currency at the time and have it drawn directly from your vaults."

"You have it," said Harry. "Use it to get what we need. If what you say is accurate, then this will save us all."

The group all dispersed after that and made their way to their dorms. Minerva and Cedric left immediately and went to Diagon Alley. Harry had signed the slip of parchment that she showed him before they parted ways and she asked for money from the Potter family vault. Once she had it, she sent Cedric with a list of things to purchase. Once Cedric left, she spoke with Griphook about putting a stop to anyone but her or Harry accessing the Potter family vaults.

"Now that Sirius Black is dead," she told the goblin. "I am his last guardian. There is no reason for anyone to access his family vaults. I trust that you are going to see to our wishes."

"The Goblins of Gringotts have always strived to do what is best for our clients," said Griphook. "Lord Potter is one of our top clients. He is also a friend to the goblin nation. Very few wizards can stake that claim, but he definantly can. We will ensure the safety of all of his vaults. Sirius Black has left him the Black family fortune as well. The will has not been read yet, but Sirius Black has named you the sole guardian of Harry James Potter. We will ensure that no one disturbs his vaults. You have the promise of the Goblin nation on this. Mr. Potter is our friend and we will take a special interest in making sure that he gets what he needs. Here is a bag that will allow Mr. Potter to withdraw funds as well as send letters directly to me. With this, it will allow him to send to me what he might need and we can send it to him from there. Consider it our gift to him."

Minerva thanked the goblin and left the bank. She headed to the book store where she met up with Cedric.

"I have eight tents," said Cedric. "I bought something that everything can fit comfortably in. It is called an endless bottom bag. I also made it to the quidditch store and bought brooms for everyone. I didn't know who had one and who didn't so I just bought one for everyone. I just left the apothecary. I bought a little of everything that they had as well as a dozen cauldrons in varying sizes. I was just about to get started on the books when you came in."

"We can get this knocked out fairly quickly," said Minerva. "We need all years of every subject taught at Hogwarts. We can pick up books on various other topics as well. I know that Harry expressed interest in wards and such. Each student will already have their own books, but it doesn't hurt to have extras. Each student will have their trunks. From here, we can go and get them all clothes in varying sizes and styles. A simple resizing charm will get them to fit."

Three hours later, the two of them made it back to Hogwarts. Minerva made her way to Severus and nodded. He understood her message clearly and passed it on to the others.

"Albus," said Minerva. "The other Heads of House and I have decided that we are going to escort the children home, by riding on the train this year. With so much that has happened it is only fair to the children, that we offer them the security that is within our power to give."

"Are you sure about this Minerva?" he asked trying to breech her mental shields. "It will only give them false hope."

Minerva raised her hand and slapped him across the face. He sat back stunned for a moment.

"What in the hell was that for?" he asked angrily. "I can have your wand for this you know?"

"The next time that you try and invade my mind, will be the last time," she snapped back. "I have tolerated that bitch Umbridge all year hurting my students. I will not have someone taking revenge on the children as payback for what she has done. You could have prevented all of this and you did not. So don't you dare threaten me, Albus Dumbledore. You are just as guilty as that moron we call a Minister of Magic. My loyalty is to the children. Deal with it."

Severus and Filius both smirked at this. Albus got up and stormed out of the room. Harry pulled out his map and looked at it. The Head Master left the grounds. He got up and walked over to Minerva.

"He has left the castle," said Harry. "Now is as good a time as any for us to disappear."

"Quickly," she said. "Let's go while we have the chance. I will send Dobby when and if we find better accommodations. He and Winky will stay with you and get you food and stuff from the kitchens as you need it."

Harry led them to the girl's bathroom. From there, he opened the entrance to the Chamber. Fawkes flew in and perched on Minerva's shoulder. Harry and Hermione took one look around at the rest of the group and jumped in. Fawkes flashed Minerva to the bottom. When she was standing there, he went and grabbed the rest of the professors, one at a time until they were all standing there. The students landed at the bottom one at a time and waited while the others arrived. The professors were all cleaning the area and casting a cleansing charm on the students as they landed. From there, Harry led the way to the next door. He hissed at it to open and it did. From there, he led them to the cave in. Together with the professors, eight other wands came out and everyone muttered Reparo at the same time. The ceiling lifted back to its original state. Harry led them to the statue of Slytherin.

"You are all to stay here for now," said Minerva. "I will send Dobby down with food. I will have Winky bring you all furniture and stuff to sit in. We will keep you informed as best as we can. Do you all know how to get out?"

"No," said Harry. "Fawkes got us out the last time. You may have to flash with him. I am sure that Dobby and Winky can apparate with you as well."

Minerva called the two house elves. With a pop they appeared.

"We need to get back to the entrance way," said Minerva quickly. "When you are done with that, I need you to stay with this group. Their safety depends on how well we can keep the Dark Lord and his minions as well as the Head Master away from them. Winky, I need you to pack as much food as you can without getting caught and send it with Dobby down here. Cedric has a bag that will hold everything in it. I suggest you use this time to get to know one another."

Both elves and Fawkes got the professors topside. From there, Dobby and Winky went around and gathered things such as blankets and food. Dobby shrunk many chairs and other furniture and sent them all down to the Chamber. When he and Winky had everything, they popped back to the Chamber to be with Harry.

Later in the day, the four founders looked at one another.

"I think the time is right," said Godric. "They are all talking and getting along. Minerva did a great job of getting their equipment."

"Their safety is more of a priority than this stupid war," said Helga. "I for one would like to see all of these children safely away from all of this nonsense."

"I agree," said Salazar. "Our ideals were changed too much since we died. It is time to get these innocents out of this madness. There are too many power hungry wizards after fame and fortune to realize that they are wrong."

"Let's cast the spell now," said Rowena. "We can always tell the others what we have done when the children are safely away."

"I only hope that we are doing the right thing," said Godric. "We have never interfered before. I hope we are not making a mistake."

"It was all prophesized," said Helga. "We have taken extreme care for this to go right. Merlin himself gave us the direction we needed to ensure that we succeed. My own vision at the time showed us to have done this correctly."

"Very well," said Salazar. "Let us do this. Time is running out. My blood abomination and the old fool are on the move again."

The four spirits appeared around the teenagers. None of them saw or heard the founders. They were all sitting around chatting in the Chamber of Secrets one moment and then the next; they were all in a forest.

"What in the hell is happening here?" asked Draco. "Where in the nine levels of hell are we?"

"I have no idea," said Cedric. "We were supposed to stay in the Chamber until McGonagall and Snape could get us to safety."

"I think it is in our best interest to be on guard," said Harry pulling out his wand. "We should find someplace safe to stay for tonight. The sun is going down and I don't fancy staying out in the middle of nowhere with nothing protecting me."

The others agreed and pulled out their wands as well.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – What will happen next? Where did they go? Find out in the next installment of this story.