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Chapter 12 – The Princess

Work on the road to Xak Tsaroth was underway. Harry and the others would take turns bringing a group out and work with the land. Neville and Pomona would be there from time to time gathering different plants that would assist with the potions and such. It was great having a Herbology Mistress in the group as she knew what plants could be substituted for those that were from their home planet. Of course it helped when the Gods were favoring you with information as well as the Tower mages that would offer advice and council from time to time.

Bill, Charlie, and Griphook were the ones to handle the corpse of the black dragon. Many shields, cloaks, and other armor were made from her scales and skin. It was something that they had the pleasure of being able to sell at the different bazaars. Flint was in his element selling all of these items. Even the elves in Qualinesti were interested in bartering for the coveted armor. The steel in their vaults was filling up nicely with each purchase.

Harry was sitting at his desk pondering where they should head out to next when a gryphon landed in the courtyard. He hurried out to find that a woman was riding on the back of the gryphon. As he approached, she dismounted and looked around. When she spotted him, she gave a sarcastic look and turned her back to him effectively dismissing him.

"Did she just dismiss me?" asked Harry to Cedric in annoyance. "I know that she didn't just dismiss me in my own home."

The duo approached her along with Tanis and Caramon. When they got there, she decided to speak to Tanis purposely ignoring everyone else.

"I am to understand that the Qualinesti Prince resides here," she stated stiffly. "Where is he? I wish to speak to him. You will see to it that I am seen immediately."

"He is not here," said Harry sarcastically. "He doesn't live here. This is our home and you are a visitor. If you have business here, then I am the person that you need to speak with."

"I do not have dealings with humans," she replied in a haughty voice. "Please leave my presence and get me a proper elf to speak with immediately. I would prefer one of the highest ranks possible. I have important business here and you are wasting my time"

"EXCUSE YOU!" snapped Harry clearly out of patience. "You are in MY home and you are treating me like a servant. Just who in the hell do you think you are. I am so sick of these high and mighty elves thinking that they are so much better than everyone else. I am the Lord of this Bastion and I insist that either you deal with me or you can piss off and take yourself elsewhere. I do not have time for people like you invading my home and telling me what to do."

"You are nothing but a human," she snapped right back. "You don't have the right to tell me anything. My ancestors helped build this place and I have more of a right to it than you do."

"Princess Alhana Starbreeze," said Tanis interrupting her before she could sink herself any further. "Allow me to introduce to you, Lord Harry James Potter. He is the owner here and he is the one in charge."

"He is a human," she said right back. "I have more rank and prestige than he does. I will not waste my time with puny humans that are vile and beneath me."

"Oh, oh," said Cedric backing up at the look of fury on Harry's face. Carmon and Tanis backed up as well. "You should not have said that ma'am. You are in big trouble now. When he gets that red in the face, even the gods back off."

Magic and power were coming off of Harry in swarms. His fury was righteous when it came to the snobby Elven Princess. He took a step forward and allowed her to view with her own eyes the symbol of the Platinum Dragon around his neck. He also allowed her to see the scales of the red and blue dragon allies.

"Now you listen here bitch," he snarled at her. "You have exactly two minutes to get back on your gryphon and get out of my home. I have gone toe to toe with all three Heads of the Orders of Magic and won. I have fought against a red dragon and won. I have fought against a blue dragon and won. I have even had Porthios Kenan hanging by his ankle in mid air for threatening me. I do not appreciate people like you coming into MY home and treating me like dirt. Now get out of here before I am forced to do something that you will regret. I am to understand that Elf blood makes great potions ingredients. Especially, they are sought after if they are Royal in blood."

By this time the medallion around his neck was glowing brightly. She took one look at him and then dropped to a low curtsey in front of him. She knew that she made a huge mistake and she knew that he was within his right to demand her head if he should call for it.

"My sincerest apologies Cleric of Paladine," she said in an awed voice. "I have heard rumors that you had done many great deeds in this area. However, they were paired with and accredited to Gilthanas Kenan, the Qualinesti Prince. I was led to believe that he was in charge around here. I meant no disrespect to you. I am frightened and am looking for someone to assist me in an endeavor in my homeland."

"What is going on?" asked Cedric as Harry took a few breaths to calm down and get his magic back under control. "What has you so frightened that you have come all the way from your homeland to look for the Qualinesti Elves? From our studies of the maps, you have travelled a long way to get here."

"We are under attack," she stated sadly looking at the medallion around his neck. "There is a green dragon in the area that is destroying my homeland. Other green dragons are moving into our forests and we can't get rid of them. My father sent us away. We are now trying to find a way back into the land. It is impossible. We have not been able to get around the magic that surrounds the land. The trees bleed and we have no way of ending the horrors that run through them."

Harry perked up at hearing all of this. He was all for going and fighting dragons. It was a favorite pass time of his to put the serpents in their place. He approached the Elven Princess and took her by the hand and draped it through his arm.

"Why don't we go inside and talk about this like rational people?" suggested Harry kindly grabbing his medallion with his free hand. "I am sure that we will be able to do something for you. We just need to hear the full story and everything that you can tell us about what is going on. I have no doubt that we can do something for your homeland and your people. We have managed to liberate Xak Tsaroth and between us, the hill dwarves, Qualinesti Elves, and mountain dwarves, we are slowly rebuilding the city."

She looked at Tanis and saw his subtle nod. She hesitated for a moment before she turned to look at Harry. With a tired and tear stained face, she nodded her head and gave him a weary nod.

"What am I going to do about my gryphon?" she asked in a humbled voice. "He is tired and in need of food and water. He is my faithful mount and I can not go without seeing to his needs."

"No problem," said Harry walking up to the animal and patting him on the beak surprising the Princess. "We will see to his comfort as well. Rest Princess, and be welcomed here. We will do what we can to assist you and yours in your time of need. Of that you have my word as the Cleric of Paladine and the Leader of this area."

With that, he turned and sent a patronus to Severus and Neville. Both apparated to Harry and was told what was going on. Both men took over the animal while Cedric and Tanis led the Silvanesti Princess indoors to freshen up.

"Are you all wizards?" asked Alhana staring in shock as two people appeared before her gryphon like they just walked out of thin air. "Is that the magic I sense around here?"

"We are wizards and witches," agreed Harry. "However, we are nothing like the tower mages. I am the Lord of this particular land. We are also the owner of the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas as well as the High Clerist Tower. However, when we got rid of Verminaard, we decided that for all intents and purposes, that this bastion would make the ideal home for us."

"We come from another planet," said Cedric kindly allowing the medallion of Mishakal to prominently show to the Elven Princess. "We got here quite by accident and we were able to send for others that would help us survive in this world. As of yet, we have not made any headway with getting all of the chromatic dragons out of the area. We have a family of blue dragons living in the area that are here by our invitation."

"There is an ancient red dragon living around here as well," said Harry. "We freed her from Verminaard. She loved the children around here and we asked her if she wanted to live around here so that she could see the children that she loves so dearly."

"I must admit that your feats have reached us even in Silvanesti," admitted Alhana hesitantly. "We have heard that you are ridding this half of the planet of the minions and servants of the Dark Queen."

"I have met all twenty one radiant beings," said Harry softly. "All of them have my deepest respect. However, I chose to be a follower of Paladine due to my nature. I have a hero complex."

"What he means to say is that he will put his own life on the line to help someone else even if it means getting himself killed in the process," said Cedric crossly. "On our own planet, he has done that many a time. He also is the one that everyone that lives here looks to for guidance and help when it is needed. While we may have our own branch of law enforcement and government, he is ultimately the one that is in charge around here."

"So it is true when you said that you cleared out Xak Tsaroth and killed the black dragon that resided there?" asked Alhana looking at Harry with profound respect now.

"She had the option of leaving," stated Harry simply. "Her Dark Majesty told her that she was to leave if she wanted and was given the place where she could go. Onyx decided to go against her Queen and was killed for her trouble when she attacked me and threatened my mate. I don't tolerate bullies and that dragon was a bully. Her carcass is now comprised of many shields, cloaks, and other armor. We used her body to improve our coffers."

"Why is it that you wear the scales of a blue and red dragon?" asked Alhana pointing to the scales on a chain around Harry's throat. "If my knowledge is correct, then they have sworn fealty to you for what ever reason."

"They are my friends," said Harry shrugging. "I am currently in negotiations with a young black dragon named Phantom. He and his family are living in the swamps surrounding Xak Tsaroth. Once I am done with them, they will either work with me, or they will be forced to leave the area. However, I am certain they will join us and work with us. If they join us, I have no doubt that a black scale will join the other two. It is a good way of contacting them if I need assistance with something. Each scale is given freely rather than forcefully."

"What of the good dragons?" Alhana asked suddenly. "Surely you will befriend the metallic dragons as well. They will always assist those that are good of nature."

"Oh trust me Princess," said Cedric with a smirk while Tanis and Caramon snickered. "He will. Our Harry here doesn't like to kill a being of magnificence if he can help it. Dragons are family oriented. Once they make you a part of their family, they make you a permanent part. I am sure that once the metallic dragon put in an appearance, that Harry will befriend them just as easily as he did with their chromatic counter parts."

"This is simply amazing," said Alhana as she caught sight of Matafleur flying overhead. "I am very ashamed of my actions from earlier. You are the most powerful person I have encountered. I am sure that the surrounding areas are all working with you to stop the darkness that is spreading."

"More like decreasing," said Harry with a grin. "I will take part in ridding your people of your dragon problem. I am not afraid of them as I can speak their native language. Matafleur comes to talk with me all the time just so that she can hear her tongue being spoken by a human. Azure and his wife do the same thing. I also enjoy talking with them as I can get their point of view on the natures of dragons. We have even written two books so far that goes into detail about the lives of red and blue dragons respectively. We have split the proceeds with the dragons of course."

Alhana was speechless. Were wonders of this young man ever going to stop? He must be the first person to ever be able to speak the language of dragons with success. With that last line more than anything, she had hopes that this young human would be successful in ridding Silvanesti of the green menace.

Amelia and Minerva appeared and took the Princess off Harry's hands for a bit to freshen up. Harry looked down to the courtyard and saw that Neville and Luna were playing with the gryphon.

"It seems that the more we get comfortable the more people come to us for help," said Harry. "Now we have the Silvanesti elves seeking us to protect their homeland. Will it ever end for us so that we can be comfortable and not have to worry about who is being attacked and who isn't?"

"Would you have it any other way?" asked Cedric kindly. "If there was no one to protect, you would be bored out of your mind. Don't think that I haven't noticed that you are teaching the children of the former slaves how to read and write while you are finishing your own studies. You take more people under your wing with each and every passing day so that you can love and be loved."

"I do it because someone has to," said Harry smiling. "Minerva and Severus help me with all of that. You are a fine one to talk by the way. You are just as much in the thick of things as I am. I have seen you going to each home of the former slaves asking if they need anything. Also I want to point out that I have noticed a fluctuation of Clerics of Mishakal among those kind folks."

"You are so busted," said Draco coming in and hearing Harry's words. "He has totally nailed you to the cross as the muggle saying goes. I don't think that any of us are in any position to talk about what we do to help others. We are all just as guilty of it as Harry is. I for one am enjoying this side of life. It makes things so much easier to function when everyone is helping each other. Those of us from Earth are enjoying our lives better than we have when we were on our home planet."

"I agree," said Cedric with a smile. "We are all one huge happy family. For that, and that alone, I am grateful for all the support and love that we are able to give to one another. We all work together like a well oiled unit. When we set our minds to something, we get it done quickly and with ease."

"I need you to do me a favor," said Harry thoughtfully. "I need you to run a scan on both Minerva and Augusta. They are the oldest of our bunch and we want to keep them with us for as long as we can. Whatever potions you think they will need between you and Poppy, have Severus brew. Augusta in particular is looking kind of worn these days. She works just as hard as anyone else and she is still young if you think about it."

"I think she just needs to take a break and relax," said Cedric. "She works like she is twenty again. She needs to enjoy herself and work with the students teaching them to read and write rather than going off to Xak Tsaroth and working like a teenager. Not to worry Harry. I will make both of them see me and Poppy before too much longer."

"It might be prudent if you get a health report on all of us," said Hermione. "The more that we know what is going on with us all, the better we will all be. It has been six months or more now and we are all showing some kind of wear and tear for all the work and such that we have been doing. We may all just need a small mini vacation to get our minds and bodies off of all the work that we have been doing."

"That might not be a bad idea," said Cedric. "I will send a notice to everyone telling them that we will do regular checkups for everyone. We need to view our bodies to see how we are adapting to the new climate and such. We are eating different foods and the ways of life are harder on our bodies here as we have more to do for the moment."

Harry nodded before he headed off to his office. He knew by the wards set that Minerva and Amelia had brought the Elven Princess there and made her comfortable. He entered the office with Draco and Hermione in tow.

"What can you tell us about what is going on in your land other than what you have told us so far?" asked Harry. "The more information that you are able to give to us, the better chance we will have of being able to defeat the evil that has taken over your land. We want to help."

"There is not much that I CAN tell," said Alhana to the group at large. "What I can say is that my father told me he had some sort of magic that he could use to protect our land. We didn't know what it was. He was a mage when he was younger. We knew he could perform magic and so forth. Then one day, as we were leaving, the trees started to bleed and then strange beasts started roaming our forests. We have gone to the sacred isles of the Kagonesti elves and taken temporary residence there. We just want to go home to our native lands."

"We shall have to send a party out and see what we can do to restore the lands of your ancestors," said Harry thoughtfully. "We will need one who is powerful enough to stand up to a dragon. We will also need one or two who can deal with the nature aspect of the curse. From there, we will need tower mages to help us counteract the magic that your father may have inadvertently created. On top of all of that, we need to make sure that your father is safe, sane, and healthy."

"Do you have such people that can help us?" asked Alhana hopefully. "The elves of Silvanesti will forever be in your debt if you would be willing to help us. We will even be willing to help you restore the lands of this area to their former glory."

"It IS time for all the races that walk on the side of light to stand together and be united in driving the evil away from our lands," said Harry with thought. "No one person is wholly pure and light. Each person has their own bit of darkness in them. No one is immune. However, for life to survive, good and evil, light and dark need to coexist so that the cycle of life may continue. Even I, as a Cleric of Paladine, have the need to kill those that threaten my life or those in my care. It is part of life."

"I can understand that sentiment," said the Elven Princess nodding. "You are correct. Even we elves have some darkness within us that makes it self known from time to time. We who are Paladine's children are known to have a bit of darkness within our person."

"We would not be able to live if we didn't," said Harry. "Give me two days and we will start heading to your homeland. I need time to talk to Solostaran and the Qualinesti Elves so that they can send some of their warriors to assist us. I also have to finish the task I started with talking to Phantom and his family. The more allies we have, the easier it will be to clear your homeland of the plague that it has upon it. You are more than welcome to join me as spokesperson of your people."

"Thank you Lord Potter," said Alhana. "It is your actions since I have met you that proves you are more than worthy of wearing the Platinum Dragon Medallion. I am gratified by your willingness to assist me when I was out of line and willing to make you suffer for not being an elf."

"We all make mistakes," said Harry kindly. "Minerva and Amelia, I need you both to gather our people. Send Severus to Qualinesti and have him bring Solostaran and Gil back here so that we can help the Princess."

"Of course Harry," said Minerva. "We shall have everyone gathered within the hour. I suggest that you take the Princess to the meeting room and have Dobby bring her something to eat and drink. She looks like she hasn't had anything in a few days."

With that, everyone went into action and headed to their assigned tasks. True to their word, within the hour, everyone was assembled and ready to hear what was going on.

"We have here, Princess Alhana Starbreeze, of the Silvanesti Kingdom," said Harry waving his hand towards her in a respectful manner. "Green dragons have taken over her homeland and she has informed us that her father has remained behind to try and counter the evil. What we need to do is to decide how we are going to assist her."

Alhana spent the next hour telling the group everything that she knew about what was going on. She tried to hide her emotions as he spoke, but people like Harry and Cedric were able to see through her misery. Both stood by her to lend her the support that she obviously needed.

"Well," said Solostaran. "I assume that you are going Lord Potter. What can we Qualinesti Elves do to assist you in this campaign? I am all for assisting my cousin with the restoration of his land. It saddens me to hear that our sister land is having these troubles."

"First and foremost, I am going to talk with Phantom, Azure, and Matafleur," said Harry. "The stronger the allies, the better chance we have of making sure that if it comes to a fight with the dragons that we have a good chance of winning. We don't know how many have moved into their homeland and we don't know what magic is in effect there."

"We are thinking that we can get some tower mages to come with us and help undo some of the magic," said Cedric picking up the tale. "Raistlin, Tanis, and Pomona are on the top of our list to come and assist us with this project. We know that Harry is going to go as there are dragons involved and he is the most able to stop them."

"I think that Severus, Filius, Draco, and Remus should come with us," said Harry. "This way we have more power and we can keep the danger to a minimal. I know that where I go, Cedric will want to go as well. It may be good that we have a healer with us that has both types of healing capabilities."

"Our mindset is that Poppy can stay her and tend to anyone here and Goldmoon can continue going back and forth between here and Xak Tsaroth," said Cedric. "Of course we would be honored if Gil and a contingent of warriors came with us. We are only asking."

"How about we send Porthios instead," suggested Solostaran. "This way, Gilthanas can stay here and assist with the running of this place in the absence of so many of the leaders of this place. I will make sure that Porthios understands that he is to follow every command that Lord Potter gives to him without question."

"Gil?" asked Harry. "What do you think about that? I am sure that if you wanted to come, that Amelia and Minerva could do fine. I know that many of my people are going back and forth and working in the city to clean it up."

"I will assist here," said Gilthanas after a moment of serious thought. "Thanks Harry. I appreciate the concern. Porthios is a skilled warrior. I know that you and he have had differences, but when it comes right down to it, he is skilled in what he does. He could help the Princess better than I can. I have more working knowledge of what you have going on here than he does. So what father says makes more sense as I can continue with the plans and such that you already have in effect as I know them so well."

"Then it's settled then," stated Harry with a smile. "If anyone doesn't want to come, then please speak up. We can always get others to come with us if you want to sit this one out."

"I think it is safe to say that we are all going," said Filius. "Are there any special orders that you need us to do before we head out?"

"Someone needs to contact Par Salien and Ladonna and let them know what is going on," said Harry. "From there, I have to talk with Phantom, Azure, and Matafleur. I need Hermione to keep her team going back and forth to get the information that we need on all of the cities both old and new. Make sure that Narcissa goes with you on that one. Neville can continue with the project that he and Pomona are working on. Other than that, I see nothing that needs to be done. Someone might want to make sure that Augusta takes at least a week off and does nothing but works with the children."

"Why is that?" asked the older witch sharply. "You better not be making fun of me Harry Potter! If you are, I can still make you regret it."

"You know that I would never do anything of the sort," retorted Harry. "You are working too hard and it is time for you to slow down and take it easy. If you don't, I will make sure that Poppy and Amelia makes you. Do you understand me? You can assist Gil with the running of this place in the absence of me and Amelia as she is working so hard with what is going on in the cities that we already cleared."

"I understand," she said grudgingly. "I have been working hard lately. Thank you for thinking about my health. I appreciate the sentiment. You are correct that it is time that I start acting more like a teacher and less like a warrior. Thank you for being brave enough to point that out to me."

Harry nodded his head to her as Cedric, Poppy, Goldmoon, and Amelia all let out a breath they had been holding. Augusta was a firecracker when she felt like she was being mocked. As Harry was able to get her to see reason, it made it possible for them to check up on her and to get her to take it easy for a change.

"When he does something he doesn't do it half way does he?" asked an amused Solostaran. "That woman makes me nervous. I for one would not want to go up against someone as formidable as she is. Now, if someone would be so kind as to take me back home, I can have Porthios and his warriors here in two days."

"Perfect," said Harry. "That gives us time to get the rest of our projects completed before we leave."

With that, the Elven Speaker left with Amelia and Harry saw to it that Alhana was taken care of. He left with a pop to go and speak to his dragon allies.

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