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Chapter 13 – Saving Silvanesti

Harry left the Princess in the very capable hands of Minerva and Augusta. Word between the Qualinesti as well as those of the Silvanesti was passed back and forth via Fawkes and Dobby. Harry went to the area where Phantom and his family lived.

"Have you decided if you are going to work with me or leave for the other side of the globe yet?" Harry asked the Dragon in his native tongue. "As the leader in these parts, as well as the only Cleric of Paladine, I can assure that you and your family is safe here provided that you work with me rather than against me. The Dark Queen has assured me that she will not hinder those that wish to stay on this side of the planet and work with others."

"As a general rule, dragons of any color do not work with humans," said Phantom. "You are unique to most cases of the rule. You are compassionate with the chromatic dragons. You have worked hard to ensure that EVERYTHING that lives in this area is represented and protected from those that seek to harm. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I announce that my family would love to stay and assist in this area. All we ask is that you give us part of this swamp to live in comfortably and call our own."

"Matafleur does live in this area as well," remarked Harry. "While she will not actively seek you out, she has just as much right to this area as anyone else. We will also be looking into bringing some of the metallic dragons into the area and into play. We don't want a dragon war in our area. Should this occur then you will bring down my wrath upon those that start it. First and foremost, this area is MINE and I am allowing those who wish it to stay in my area."

Phantom didn't reply to that statement. Of all the humans or elves he had ever met, this one had the power and courage to do what he claimed. The event with Onyx in the lost city was all the proof that he needed to ensure that his family had a place to call home for as long as they wished to have it. He reached around and pulled a small black scale from his tail and handed it to Harry as a token of fealty. Harry smiled as Filius waved his wand and caused the scale to appear on the chain next to the others.

"How would you and your family like a little bit of fun clearing out a nest of green dragons?" asked Harry with an impish grin on his face. "It seems that during most of this work going on in this area that a group of them have made their bodies comfortable in Silvanesti. The Princess of the people has asked for assistance. I'm going to give it to them. I was wondering if you would like to help."

"What of the red and blue dragons in the area?" Phantom asked. "Will they be a part of this fight?"

"Matafleur has agreed to come with me," stated Harry. "Azure was talked with by Cedric and from what I'm to understand, he and his family will be joining us. So we do have three blue dragons and one red one joining us in the fight. Between you and me, I think that we can help ourselves as much as we help the elves should we help them get their homeland back. Not only will that open new trade routes, but it is possible that we will have more allies to assist us in getting a place for us to live for those that need it."

"Count us in," said Phantom. "There may only be two of us, but we can do some damage. When would you like us to meet you at Pax Tharkas?"

"Tomorrow if you would," answered Harry scratching his eye ridges. "The sooner we get everyone together the better it will be for all of us. We are still planning on getting Ariakus out of his little hidey hole. He needs to move to the other side of the world or pay the consequences for his actions. He is moving to slow for my comfort. He is still attacking the cities and areas of the north. Something will also have to be done about Sleet and Feal Thas in Icewall. They are being a pest as well. I need some metallic dragons to move into that area with me and help me get them out of there and moved to a place where they can serve their queen in comfort rather than harass the forces of light."

"We dragons have the ability to transform into humans if that makes things easier for you to help transport us," explained Phantom. "I don't know if that will help, but that is an ability that we all have."

"As none of us have been there, that won't help," explained Harry. "Had just one of us been there, we would have had an easier time getting there and a whole lot quicker. So if we fly and fly hard, we can get there within a matter of days."

"Very well," responded the dragon. "I shall see you tomorrow with my mate. We will get everyone ready to head out and make sure we lead you in the correct direction. Green dragons are vicious, but they can be dealt with."

"You should know by now that dragons of any color can be dealt with," said Harry with a snicker. "Keep in mind that before Ember had time to even sneeze, I had him wrapped up like cheese in dough. I'm not afraid of your species. I actually admire and respect you. However, if you attack me or my mate, I can be VERY vicious."

"We did get word about what you did to both the Elven Prince and Princess," said Phantom with a chuckle. "I would have loved to see Porthios Kenan hanging upside down by his foot in the air. That would have given me something to laugh at for a few centuries."

"Yes well, he is coming on this mission with us," said Harry. "He knows not to challenge me. I sincerely hope he isn't stupid enough to repeat what he did last time. This time, I will send him back to the Speaker of the Sun transfigured into a poodle."

Harry and the dragon talked for a few more moments before he headed back home. With a small pop, he entered his home and looked around. He smiled to himself as he admired all of their hard work and dedication. He could hear Augusta in the other room teaching some of the children how to count and do math. He could hear Minerva in the other room training Colin and Dennis on what they needed to know about Transfiguration. He could hear Narcissa and Ahlana talking quietly at the dining room table. He headed in their direction.

"Princess," he called softly. "Do you have a map that we can use to get to the Dragon Isles? Hermione and Filius have been looking for one in Palanthas, but Astinus is hesitant to give it to us. If I can get to the islands, I can talk with the metallic dragons and see if they would be willing to once again fly in the skies of the Light side of the planet. I think it would be nice to see wings of silver, gold, bronze, brass, and copper flying in the skies again."

"I believe we have on in the palace," said Ahlana. "Once we clear out all of the evil in my land, I would be honored to share it with you. Lady Narcissa was just explaining to me how you have done so much. For one that is so young, you have accomplished so much. I am very impressed with you and your people. You are both kind and courageous all in one."

"I have a special knack for being able to get people and other intelligent species to work with me," replied Harry with a low laugh. "People call it my charisma, but I like to think that I'm just plain stubborn. Before I forget, Phantom and Midnight are joining us on our crusade to free your land. We are mainly waiting for Porthios to arrive with his contingent of elves. Once we are ready, I shall have Mistress Ladonna or Justarius create a portal to your land so that we can get as many of the troops there as possible. I would create a port key for everyone, but we don't know the land never having been there before."

"We will get it all figured out," she replied kindly smiling at Harry. "We know that you are unusual in many ways. You are bringing in three blue dragons, two black ones, and a red one to our homeland to assist us with a batch of green ones. How are you going to counter the gas that the green dragons breathe?"

"A bubble head charm," answered Draco before he demonstrated it for her. "They keep out all harmful air, and allows us breathe clean air. We won't have any trouble with the breath weapon. We might have trouble with their claws and teeth though. Harry will be going after the main green that has your lands under siege. Once we pick him out, we will work on the lesser ones. It will all be taken care of. Neville and Aunt Pomona will be able to work with the trees. Uncle Severus will be working with Aunt Poppy to make sure your father is alright. We just need YOU to relax and not worry too much. Your people will be going home as soon as we can arrange it."

"Times are changing on this side of the planet," said Luna with a glazed expression on her face. "We know that the gods of darkness are still active here, but with people like Harry at the head of the army of Light, we will either get them to go to their side of the planet or eliminate them."

"We aren't cruel people," assured Harry at Ahlana's expression. "We are a tight fit family that is very protective of their people. We know that sometimes, we have to kill in order to live. We are much like the elves in that aspect."

Days later saw the group all ready to head to Silvanesti. LaDonna smiled at Harry as she created the portal to the edge of the Silvanesti lands. Smiling back, Harry and his party stepped through. What they saw shocked many of them to their core. The trees and plants were twisted with darkness and crying out in agony. Pomona and Neville got to work immediately to start healing the trees. Harry and his party did what they could to assist them as they made a straight line towards the Tower.

"I suggest that everyone clamp down on their Occlumency shields," said Severus as Harry nodded. "There is mind magic at work here and it isn't going to be pleasant for some of you. Goldmoon, I recommend that you and Porthios get the charms activated. Cedric and Harry can only shield you so much. Riverwind, we need you to cover Pomona and Neville as much as you can."

"We are going to work our way to the Tower of the Stars," stated Harry. "Those of us that are going to start shielding the area will have our hands full. Those of you that are able to use a weapon, you will need to keep a lookout for trouble. We know there are a few green dragons in this area. We have to find the one that is causing this problem. He is the main focus."

"Cyan Bloodbane is causing this," stated Matafleur. "He is a bane to all dragons. Once you find him, you can eliminate the problem surrounding the Tower. We will help keep watch over those healing the trees."

"We also sense there are greens in the general vicinity," stated Azure. "If we can eliminate those, we can ensure your safety to the tower. We need to get them out of the area before they start causing problems for you. Harry and his company can handle themselves against a full grown dragon, but many of the elves can't. This is no way an insult."

"We can evade, but not against their breath weapons," remarked Porthios. "We are also unable to combat their magic. Lord Potter, is there something you can do about that?"

"I can try," answered Harry. "However, the more I do the more strain I will feel. Even someone as powerful as I am will cave to exhaustion if I do more than I should. I will do my best. I can give you no better answer than that."

"That answer is good enough for me," stated the Prince. "We will help in any way that we can. I can see the improvements already. We will start scouring the area for the greens and hope that we can get them out of the area."

"We can blend better in the trees as well," stated Phantom. "My mate and I will see about getting some of the smaller greens to flee the area. Should we be successful, you won't have to worry about many of them. You are to mainly concentrate on Cyan and let the others to us. We dragons can take care of ourselves quite well. With the six of us teaming up, we can have at least fifty percent of the greens in this area running for cover of another continent within the hour."

"We elves will assist your clerics in their work on healing the trees," said Porthios giving the command to his elves. "We are skilled in healing of a land. With their help, we can make sure to create a path straight to the Tower of the Stars. The sooner we get that dragon, the easier our lives will be. The one you call Neville has already healed three trees and it seems that he is barely even flinching at what he is seeing and doing."

"He is a herbology prodigy," assured Harry as he and Cedric made their way towards the direction of the tower guided by Ahlana. "He is the best of the best other than Pomona. Together, they can do anything with plants. Ah Severus, it seems our first green has poked their head out of the bushes. It's time to make them run. Her Dark Majesty has stated that we can do whatever we want with them should they not cooperate. It's in our best interest to give them the option to head to the other side of the planet."

"Does something smell like cattle here to you?" asked Poppy. "I swear I can smell cows or horses in the area. The smell is getting stronger as we talk. It's sort of like when you smell a wet dog."

"That would be my doing," said Sargonnas. "While none of you are my subjects, I was asked by my wife to send a squad of my Minotaurs to assist you in your endeavor. They live in Mithas which is in the ocean. The Minotaur Isles are for my people and they have no interest in coming this way. They know that Ansalon is not going to be our homeland. It is a favor that I ask that you allow them to stay where they are as they have been there since time began on this planet."

"I have no problem with that," said Harry with a shrug. "I may be powerful and I may lead the forces of light, but I can't be everywhere all the time. I have other things that I need to worry about than your people living their lives on islands that have been there since time began on this planet. So long as they respect us, then MY people will respect them. I'm sure that somewhere a trade route can be established. How many of them did you send?"

"I sent three hundred of my clerics and warriors to assist you in the cleanup," stated Sargonnas. "They will all have their company commanders, but they have been informed that you are in control. Once the cleanup is done, they will return home. I'll have my commanders speak with you about trade and such."

Harry grinned as the three company commanders bowed to their patron and then to Harry. Each one was close to eight feet tall and all were muscled and ready for a fight. Those that were skilled in working with the land immediately began to help out with the trees.

"I can sense about twenty smaller green dragons in this area," he told the commanders as they headed once more to the tower. "Please don't attack the blue, black, or red dragons as they are my friends and are helping as well. I need about fifty of your people to come with me to the tower so that we can get our hands on Cyan Bloodbane. Any mages in your company will go a long way in helping us to defeat him. Let them work with Mistress Ladonna and Raistlin. My people that are heading with me will assist me in healing anyone that gets hurt. For the most part, I will be the one to challenge the green and get him to surrender the land back to the elves."

All three Minotaur commanders bowed and started issuing commands to their company. One of the leaders opted to stay with Harry and act as a defender for the elven Prince and Princess. Sargonnas stated that Harry was in charge and so far, his advice was something that their own leaders would give.

The group headed for the Tower of the Stars. From time to time, they would pause and stop a green dragon or fight some of the phantasms that were trying to encroach upon them. Sometimes, the fights would be mild and sometimes they would be harsh. More than once, Harry's magic would flare up as he was shown images of Cedric's murder.

"I don't know what type of magic this is, but I'm REALLY starting to get pissed off," hissed Harry in annoyance when Cedric assured him for the third time that he was still alive and breathing. "Where is Porthios? I need him and his group of elves to help us get some of these trees healed. I can see the Tower, but the closer we get to it, the more trouble we are having."

"Last I saw of him, he and some of his warriors were busy fighting a green dragon about six yards to your left," said the Minotaur captain. "My men and women are helping him as this dragon seems to be stubborn. Would you like me to go and retrieve him for you?"

"No," said Harry as he sat down to rest. "Neville or Pomona would probably be best. I'm trying to save as much of my magic as I can. These illusions are getting on my nerves and if the dragon is causing all of this, then I want his head on a plate."

"Lord Potter," called Porthios coming to the group. "This dragon has stated that she wishes to work with the group along with her mate. I know that you allow all dragons to work with you no matter their color. I told her that I would talk with you. What are your orders for her and her mate?"

"Have her come here to me and talk with me," answered Harry. "The more that we get to help us, the sooner we can end some of this nonsense. It's no wonder the Princess asked for as much help as possible. Look at this nightmare. It's just too much. As I said, if it wouldn't be that I have a huge green to fight, I would probably cast a huge spell to stop some of this. As it is, Paladine is trying to keep me calm. Cedric has to spell me from time to time to keep me from losing my patience."

Nodding, Porthios returned to the two dragons and let them know what Harry said. Upon returning, Harry noticed that the dragons had morphed into elves. He knew they were dragons as they kept their greenish tint."

"If you want to help me, then you will tell me everything I need to know," hissed Harry using parseltongue. "How large is Cyan and what type of magic is he using that is causing all of this nightmare?"

"My name is Forest," said the female. "His name is Hunter. Cyan is the second largest dragon in the world. I can tell you that he isn't responsible for some of this. The elf king is using a dragon orb. While Cyan is causing the nightmares, the king is the one that is making the trees cry. All I can tell you is that if things don't stop soon, the forest will never recover. We have heard of your power and your ability to work with our kind. We may be dark and cunning, but we know that sometimes you have to work with those that you normally wouldn't if you want to survive in this world."

She opened her hand and presented a scale to Harry. With a wave of his wand, it joined the other three on the necklace around his neck. He loved the sapphire blue, onyx, ruby, and emerald scales that were hanging there. When the sun caught them just right, it was like he was wearing the Crown Jewels from England.

"Thank you for your gift and your fealty," said Harry in English to the dragons. "We need to get to that Tower. If you would be willing to help the Elves repair and counter some of this magic, I would appreciate it. You will be rewarded for your loyalty. You can ask the other Chromatic dragons that are working with me. I take care of my friends."

With that, the dragons and elves began to make a clean path from where they were to the Tower. Phantom was standing next to Harry observing some of the destruction. It wasn't long before they could see the actual from door of the Tower. Ahlana made to run off, but she was intercepted by Cedric.

"You have no magic of your own to stop the dragon," he told her. "You also don't have magic to stop what your father is doing. Let Harry and his dragon companions assist in stopping the threat before you rush to your father. As long as Harry can stop the dragon, then your father can be saved. We will help you. You have my word as a cleric of Mishakal on that."

"I can hear him crying out to me," she said in a whisper as Cedric held her. "He is calling out to me to rescue him."

"I have no doubt that it isn't him calling you," remarked Harry. "It's more than likely the dragon trying to stop him from doing what he is doing. If he can get to you, then he can get your father to surrender and stop the fight between them. If what the greens have told me is true, then your father is putting up a good fight. For now, just trust that we will get to him and save him. None of these people here will fail you."

She nodded as one of the Minotaurs aided her. Poppy and Goldmoon were with her as well. They were whispering prayers to the gentle goddess to assist them in helping the Princess. All knew it was hard for her knowing that her father was in danger of not only losing his sanity, but his life as well.

Finally, Harry and company made it to the Tower. It was a long and hard battle, but they made it. Harry was staring curiously at Raistlin as he felt that the young mage was troubled by one of his visions of wearing the black robes.

"Even if you chose to wear those robes, you will still be my friend," whispered Harry. "However, I can't see it happening. It's similar to you being possessed. I heard you speaking to Fistandantilus and I was wondering what he wanted."

"He apparently made a pact with me in the Tower during my tests," answered Raistlin. "Now it seems he wants more for protecting me. There has to be a way for me to remove his taint from my body. Would you be willing to help with that? If anyone can do it, you can. You speak freely with all of the gods and goddesses. Between you all, there has to be something that can be done. I may be ambitious, but I don't want to lose myself to this fiend."

"Let's free the King here and we can do something," assured Harry patting him on the arm. "I'm sure the gods will help with your problem. From the history that I read, Fistandantilus isn't well liked by any of the gods due to trying to cheat them. If anyone can help, it would be Takhisis as she has a personal score to settle with the wizard."

The group all sat and recovered some of their strength. There were times when the phantasms would attack them, but the effort to repel them wasn't as hard on their bodies. When you have three blue dragons, one red, two black, and two green dragons assisting you, threats just seem less ineffectual. With a sigh, Harry gathered his party and entered the Tower.

Ahlana led them quietly through the halls to the throne room. Lorac was sitting there with his hand on a peculiar looking orb. Harry and Raistlin approached the orb cautiously and examined it.

"This is a powerful magical devise created by members of all three orders," explained Raistlin as everyone came around to listen. "Its purpose is to control dragons. There were five created. This is one of them. I believe that Harry has the one that was in the High Clerist Tower. This one will do the same thing as that one. If I remember my history, two of them are destroyed which means that there is still one of them out there somewhere."

"As interesting as this is, we need to tend to the king," said Cedric kindly. "If you could help get him away from the orb, we can heal him so that he can get well enough to lead his people again. If my thinking is correct, he is still connected with the magic that's centered on the orb and it's draining him while he creates the chaos outside. Let's not forget that you still have a green dragon in here somewhere that you have to deal with."

Harry and Raistlin both nodded as they worked together to disentangle Lorac from the magic of the orb. Some of the other mages of Raistlin's kind assisted in casting the spells. Harry would have tried, but he didn't want to take the chance of harming the king further. Instead, he grabbed Severus, Poppy, and Porthios and his dragon companions and went in search of Cyan Bloodbane.

"You won't have to go far to find me foul cleric," hissed the dragon spraying them with his breath. "I will destroy all of you. I now claim the Silvanesti lands as my own for my kind. You may have gotten rid of some of my minions, but I can always find more."

Harry had already placed bubblehead charms on everyone. The other dragons were furious at the attack, but they let Harry lead the group. Cyan was surprised when none of his enemies fell to his breath weapon. He was also surprised that none of them were shivering in fear due to his dragon fear.

"I think you are mistaken when you said you owned the lands here," said Harry calmly. "I know that you are one of the most powerful chromatic dragons on the planet. HOWEVER, you are NO MATCH for me and my companions. If I hear one word of a spell coming from your lips, I will transfigure you into a mouse and conjure a cat to eat you. There has been a general call of all chromatic dragons to the other side of the planet. By you not going when your queen called, I was granted permission to deal with you as I see fit. Though I don't follow her as a disciple, she does grant me favors for protecting her children and other favors."

"You are a mere child," hissed the dragon angrily. "How can you think that you would stand a chance against me? Even with your allies, you are no match for me. Those dragons that are with you will be dealt with as traitors to our species. We are above humans and we don't have time for you and yours telling us superior beings what we are allowed and not allowed to do. You are inferior. You will bow down to me."

Cyan wasn't expecting Harry to start laughing at him. He was also not expecting to see the medallion of Paladine glow. Alongside of that medallion, a second one appeared. This one belonged to the Dark Queen who was blessing Harry. The four scales of his dragon allies were all sparkling in the light of the two medallions.

"That wasn't something I was expecting," said Harry looking at Porthios in confusion. "I didn't know it was possible to be a cleric of both. You are more familiar with the legends than I am. Is this even possible?"

"If I were to wager a guess, I would say that you could call upon ANY of the gods and get some kind of assistance," stated Porthios after a moment of thought. "From what I can see, your MAIN patron will be Paladine. The rest will bless you as you need them too. In this case, she is telling you that you have her blessing to pass judgment on her dragons as they are not doing what she wants them to do. She is not a deity that you want to betray."

Cyan was trying to get a word in, but the people and dragons standing in front of him were ignoring him. It was that which told Cyan that he wasn't anything more than a nuisance to them. The more they ignored him, the angrier he became. He went to speak a word of magic to stop them when Harry focused his entire attention on the dragon. The look in the eyes of the human was enough to stall him and the spell slipped from his mind.

"Even dragons have to constantly study their spells," hissed Harry in parseltongue shocking the massive green to the core of his being. "I DO NOT. My brand of magic is FAR superior then yours and I will not hesitate to take your head clean off of your shoulders. It seems that I have to teach you a lesson in manners and what it means to not disrespect those that are better than you."

"Normally I don't like to pull rank on anyone," said Harry switching back to a language everyone could understand. "However, in this instance, I think I will. You will go outside of this tower and we will fight. We will pit your skills against my own. I can guarantee that when I'm done with you, you will feel like an embryo just hatching from an egg. The only thing I will tell you is that if you want to escape a sound ass beating is that you had better flee and leave this side of the world. I can guarantee that, if I ever lay eyes on you again after today, I will make sure that your scales are decorating my bedroom suite and your blood is being used as ingredients for potions."

Matafleur, Azure and his family, Phantom and his wife, and the two greens all started to chant. When they were done, the group of allies along with Cyan was standing outside of the Tower some distance away. It wasn't long before the fight began.

While this was happening, Cedric and Goldmoon has used their combined healing powers and made the King comfortable. Ahlana, with tears of gratitude, sat with her father as the warriors and wizards made their way outside where they could head the fight between Harry and the powerful dragon begin.

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