Destruction! A visit to Sunnydale!

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And yes, I posted this because it's the day after Halloween, and so it's the time for things like this.

"So Xander, what costume are you picking out?" Buffy beamed brightly.

"I was thinking of basic soldier. A fake gun, some old fatigues, a little fun and it could work," their taller friend replied, brandishing a fake laser pistol. "Two dollar costume king!"

"Oh wait, look at – wait, I wanted that!" Buffy reached out in vain as a young woman took the princess costume she had just noticed.

"Buffy, I think she had already claimed it, and it's not like there aren't other costumes," Willow chided awkwardly. Buffy began her premium pout until a tall British man appeared behind them.

"Ah, the dress, perhaps I could find something else for you?" Ethan asked innocently.

"I really wanted it," Buffy pouted, but the damage was already done, the costume was sold. Ethan motioned her over to another rack.

"What about this one, eh? I understand it's a dragon priestess costume. I got it in a shipment from Japan," he said, snatching a flowing set of white and pink robes off of a rack. "I believe they call it 'cosplay.'"

Buffy pressed the costume up against her. It wasn't a princess dress, but it had its own elegance. It was beautiful. Flowing white robes, a pink silk dress and petticoats. "Aw…, I couldn't possibly pay this much."

He motioned to two other costumes. "If you each buy another from the set, I'll give you all a discount. What say you?" Buffy gave her two friends a super pout. Xander, predictably, melted.

"Okay, what's the other costume?"

"This one here is a Prince costume," Ethan said motioning to a cream-white costume with a flowing cape and a blue sash.

"What do you think ladies? Think the Xan-man could pull off a dashing prince?" Xander asked with a flourish.

"Yeah right, Xander," Willow chided, nudging him with her elbow. Xander rubbed his side in mock pain. "A prince with a middle name like Laval?"

"She's right, you're not exactly what people think of as a prince," Buffy said.
"Fine! I'm just going to prove you both wrong," he said, grabbing the costume off the rack. "I'll take it!"

"Now you, young lady, what would you like,?" Ethan asked, leaning down a bit to her eye level.

"Oh, I'm a ghost. I don't do the whole flashy thing. Flashy plus me makes spaz," Willow practically stuttered.

"Willow, the discount," Buffy practically whined. She pouted again, this time directing it at both her friends. Once again, Xander caved first.

"Come on Wills, join the club," her Xander shaped friend pleaded.

"This one is a beautiful sorceress costume," Ethan suggested.

"It's like you'll be meeting us part way," Buffy said. "A little bit of wild, but no bare skin. It's got that nice little turtleneck and the flowing cape, even a little sword."

"Okay, fine."


Buffy opened the door to let Xander in. "Xander, you do clean up nice." She was referring to his costume. It took advantage of his height and broad shoulders which were then enhanced by his shoulder guards. "I am proven wrong, you can pull off the princely garb."

"Thank you, thank you," Xander paraded around to show off the full deal. "All I need now is a white horse and I'd be sweeping damsels off their feet and defeating evil witches."

"What do you think?" Buffy made a little pirouette to show off. Her blond hair was done up in round balls on either side of her head but the wig fell down to her ankles. Her robs flowed around her like waves. "Not bad for a second choice, am I right?"

"You are right, Priestess Buffy, let me worship at your feet!" He started to kneel, but Buffy caught him and dragged him back up.

"Wait till you see Willow."

"Beautiful Sorceress style?"

"Oh, it's perfect for her-"

"Okay, I'm ready, here I come," said Willow from upstairs.

"-If she were going as a ghost. Again."

Buffy looked up the stairs, to sure enough, see Willow walking down dressed in a white sheet with eye-holes and Boo! plastered across the front. "Nice boo you got there."

"I'm ready, really."

"The ghost really needs to go," Buffy said. Beside her, Xander crossed his arms and nodded in agreement.

"But-It's like a security blanket, except without all the you know, extra protection," She squirmed under her friends' gazes. "I'll take it off."

She pulled off the sheet and displayed a perfect costume. "Willow! You look great. Now we can't be late for our punishment for walking past Snyder, now can we? Let's go get dragged around by little kids on sugar highs!"

Several hours later, Cordelia, dressed in a cat girl outfit, burst into the library. The costume was a little worse for wear and the girl seemed quite distraught.

"Cordelia, what in heaven is the matter?"

"Giles! Willow and Buffy are blowing up the town!"

"What? I'm afraid I do not quite understand," the watcher muttered, cleaning his glasses.

"I went and bought this nice costume and then all the little kids turned into monsters and then Buffy and Willow started blowing up the town. Xander's just standing on roof tops and chuckling," Cordelia said, picking at the shreds of her costume. "I mean he sometimes screams out something about "good will to all men punch" and then decks some monster, but it's mostly pronouncing stuff."

"You wouldn't happen to mean 'announcing' would you?" Giles asked.

"Yeah, whatever. And then there's Harmony. I don't know what happened to her, but she's gone totally crazy, she's just wearing a black thong and bikini with skulls and a cape and a long black wig," Cordy said with some exasperation. "I know she isn't nearly as rich as me, or as pretty, and she is really, you know, stupid, but I mean, wow! Fashion disaster! I don't know what possessed her! And she's going around calling Xander Daddy, laughing at the top of her lungs with this really creepy laugh, and Willow's calling her goldfish poop! It doesn't make any sense at all. I mean really, why that costume of all of them?"

"Poor fashion choices aside, you say that their behavior has changed," Giles asked.

"Yes, that's what I'm telling you!"

"When did this happen?"

"When we were taking the kids out trick-or-treating. I am SO not doing this again next year," Cordy said with some finality.

"How were they blowing things up?"

"I don't know, magic spells or something. Willow keeps yelling 'Fireball!' and 'Dragon!' something. All I know is half the town is in ruins," Cordy said, throwing her hands up in the air. "I can't believe you haven't heard the noise."

"I was enjoying a good book, actually," Giles replied, motioning to the tome on the table. "I get rather absorbed."

"Well, come on! They need to be stopped before they get to my house!"

"Very well, we shall have to find them."


"Lina, are you sure we should just be destroying everything?" Filia asked quietly to her friend. "These people are under a spell."

"Aw, it's perfectly fine, I mean, only a few people have died and they went poof-dust and that suggests to me that they weren't exactly human, if you catch my drift," Lina replied. "I'm just keeping the situation under control."

"OH…HO-HO-HO-HO-HO! Lina! I'll show you what a real sorceress can do," Naga proclaimed. Lina grumbled under her breath. "Freeze Arrow!" Seven little demons were instantly frozen.

"Good work, Gracia, fighting Evil is every princesses' job! Lady Filia, have you found the source of the magical disturbance?" Prince Phil asked gruffly. Lina had almost instantly recognized the telltale signs of a magical curse placed on the costumed party goers.

"I think I have traced it to the center of town," the dragon priestess replied. "I think that we can solve this when we get closer."

"We must fight this Evil with Honor, Justice and Strength!" Prince Phil proclaimed, flexing a muscle.

"I know Daddy, but really, you and I could take care of this ourselves," Naga said, glancing down at Lina.

"I still can't believe Amelia and THAT are related," Lina grumbled, pointing to Naga.

"OH…HO-HO-HO-HO-HO! You lowborn peasant, Lina, you know I am far superior in both skill and beauty! And you're so flat-chested it just doesn't even become a contest," Naga taunted with a hand over her mouth. Lina growled and stalked forward.

"Let's just get this done," the beautiful, extra-petite sorceress snarled.

"Spiky, don't go out there. Miss Edith says there's bad things out there," Drusilla said, tugging on Spike's arm.

"What's the matter, Luv? I was just going to pick up something to eat," the bleach blond vamp asked.

"Fiery death awaits," Drusilla said under her breath.

"What's that Pet? It's Halloween, the most boring day of the year," Spike protested. "Did my Luv have a vision?"

"Chicken tastes like strudel tarts," Drusilla replied.

"Come on, Luv, tell me."

"Bad things outside. Spiky should wait until tomorrow," she said, tugging on his arm. Suddenly the entire building shook and a red glow appeared across the street.

"I think you might be right," Spike said appreciatively.

"This is certainly odd," Xellos mused. The mysterious priest walked through the chaos with a bemused look on his face. The demons and other creatures instinctively avoided him, acknowledging him as the greater power. When the mazoku walked out of the park and saw the destruction of the town he scratched his cheek. "Oh dear. It looks like Lina and her friends came to visit."

"Perhaps I should see what they're up to," the mazoku said to himself with a smile. His form blinked for a moment and seemed to shimmer as he teleported away.

Ethan was sitting in his shop, enjoying a cup of tea and the chaos outside. He watched as people filed by spreading chaos in their wake. Chaos and a nice profit. Things worked out well in the end.

That was, until a quartet of his customers walked up to the door. The redhead called out something and suddenly the entire storefront disintegrated.

"Oh, bloody hell!" He glanced at the intruders and then at Janus. "Sorry, Janus old boy, it's me or you." Before the quartet could get inside, he ran to the back room and tried to smash the statue. He was a little too late and the force of a spell hit him just as the statue was in reach. His body protected it from destruction.

"Oh my," Xellos said as he teleported in. "Still up to the same old tricks. Oh, you're here." Filia growled at the mazoku in annoyance and rage, hiked up her skirt and pulled out a frighteningly over-sized mace. It vaguely resembled an eggplant with spikes and a handle.

"Xellos," the dragon priestess said with such venom it should have made paint peel. "How horrible it is to see you."

"The feeling is mutual." Lina pushed their heads apart.

"Okay, that's enough," She growled.

"Oh Lina, your friends are so lowborn. They don't have an ounce of nobility in them. OH…HO-HO-HO-HO-HO!" Naga proclaimed with a hand covering her mouth.

"Naga, you moron. Xellos is a mazoku and Filia is a golden dragon," Lina growled. "Let's get back to business of canceling the spell?"

"Break the statue," was the broken, feeble answer from beneath Xellos' feet. They looked down to see the storekeeper. Xellos was standing on his head, but Ethan still held the two-faced sculpture in his hands. "Would you please get off my head?"

A broken sculpture later, five high school students blinked as they shook themselves from their possession.

"So, you guys watch Slayers too?" Jonathan asked the Scooby Gang and Harmony. He was still holding his Xellos staff.

"What's Slayers?" The other four asked in complete confusion.

"Is everyone alright?" The five turned to see Giles and Cordelia run into the shop.

"Yeah, Giles, we broke the spell," Willow said, scratching her head.

"The shopkeeper, what's his name, Ethan, helped us break it," Buffy said. She was so confused, she didn't spot the dark look on Giles' face. "How'd you find us?"

"We followed the trail of destruction, duh!" Cordy said, pointing to the considerable number of fires and wreckage outside. "What were you guys on, really? Drugs or something?"

"It was like I was right here all along, but couldn't do anything," Xander said, plucking at his costume. "It was like we became our costumes."

"Where is Ethan now?" Giles asked, struggling to keep his voice from turning into a growl. The seven people glanced around to see the shopkeeper gone.

"He…kinda…slipped out?" answered Jonathan sheepishly. No one noticed Giles' fists clench.

Over the next few weeks Jonathan and Harmony started showing up in the library more often and were almost apprentice Scoobies. It was more than a little disturbing, because Harmony was still mostly Naga the White Serpent and still occasionally referred to Xander as "daddy." Every time it happened, Xander threw up in his mouth a little.

Several Weeks Later:

Buffy awoke to see Angel getting dressed. The night before had been incredible. Her first time, and, more importantly, her first time with him. It was a little shocking to see Angel just getting dressed and walking about.

"What's the matter?"

"Oh, you're awake," Angel said, glancing over his shoulder.

"You don't look too happy," Buffy said. "Was I not very good?"

"No, you were pretty good," Angel replied. "Actually, I almost thought you were a professional."

"What?" Of all the answers that was the biggest surprise.

"You know, a whore?"

Buffy saw red.

"YOU BASTARD!" she bellowed as she reached into her garter.

"Wait a minute Buffy! Where'd you get that mace?"

Buffy, in a fit of rage, bludgeoned her lover with a mace larger than her head. Angel flew through the ceiling, through the next floor and through the roof. He landed on the outskirts of town in a rather large impact crater.

"Ow," Angelus said.

A while later:

"Slayer, let me remind you, no weapon forged can destroy me," the Judge taunted callously. Behind him, Angelus grinned and Drusilla practically bounced with anticipation. The Scooby Gang was standing in the center of a room with the crossbow they had just used to distract the Judge.

"I just had to distract you while people got out of the way," Buffy said with a shrug. Sure enough, people were running for their lives.

"This cannot save them! I shall destroy you and continue on to the rest of the world when you are gone," the Judge laughed.

"Fireball!" Willow snarled, throwing out her hand and a ball of flame flew at the judge. Angelus and Drusilla wisely ran away before they could be caught in the blast.

The Judge laughed at the feeble attempt as the sprinklers turned on, wetting everything down.

"Little witch, it will take more than a common spell to harm me," He commented haughtily. Willow scowled at him for a split second, but it vanished as she thought of another.

"Fine, I'll just have to use an uncommon spell," Willow said with a smile. There was an evil glint in her eyes when she said it. She meditated a moment before she started to glow. "Darkness beyond Twilight…" Xander, Buffy, and Jonathan felt a shock of fear run through them. Stunned, they shared one horrified glance.

"Everybody run!" Screamed Buffy, trying to get the mall shoppers to run a little faster.

"Crimson beyond blood that flows…"

"Faster grandma! Crap! We're all gonna die," panicked Xander.

"Buried in the Flow of Time…"

Angelus looked at Willow and the Scoobies' reactions, then looked at the judge (who didn't seem afraid) and then at Drusilla, who looked very, very afraid. He picked his childe up and started running.

"In Thy Great Name…"

Buffy forcibly picked up Giles and Jonathan and started running.

"I pledge myself to Darkness!"

The Judge started to slowly walk towards the witch with no sense of haste.

"Let all the foes who stand before us be destroyed!"

The energy ball in Willow's hands started to grow and spiral. The rest of the Scooby Gang ran for their lives.


The next day Buffy joined the wake for the Sunnydale Mall.

Several Weeks after that:

"Xander, Xander," Angelus said. "You really shouldn't walking alone at night, you never know who might be looking for a little snack."

"Dead-boy, how unpleasant to see you," Xander said, upping the snark to hide his fear.

"I've got a message for Buffy."

"I'm not your messenger boy," Xander growled.

"I think you've got the wrong idea, Xander," Angelus said in an apologetic tone. "You see, you're going to be the message." Xander dodged as Angelus lunged for him.

"THOUSAND HANDS OF FREEDOM STRIKE!" Angelus felt Xander's fists hit him in the chest more times than should be possible before he went flying. Angelus crashed into a house through the roof. He wasn't invited in, so he bounced, skipping across the roof and out of sight, hitting four more houses in the process like some form of demonic vampire pinball. Xander looked down at his hands with more than a little confusion.

"What-in-hell-was-that?" he muttered to himself. Glancing around, he started running to a safe haven.

Early That Summer:

Angelus was stopped in time by a quick mace strike to the face. Buffy then bound him with a Holy Spell she remembered. Willow cast the spell that shoved the soul back into Angelus and then gave both Spike and Drusilla back their souls. After that, a quick Dragon Slave on the beach and Acathla was no more. Angel's immortal progeny were currently bemoaning their acts in Angel's apartment.

Kendra, living again after a quickly cast Resurrection spell, went back to Jamaica, taking Mr. Pointy with her. Her watcher fainted when she told him about what the Sunnydale crew did on a regular basis. The Scooby gang, on the other hand, went back to patrolling the town.

"You know, if you don't kill the vamps right off, you can make a lot of money," commented Willow as she rifled through the pockets of an unconscious vamp. There were ten of them all stretched out, clamped to the ground by Earth Spells. Since Halloween, her redheaded friend had become much more greedy. Willow was making sure nothing valuable was being destroyed by random dustings. "I get about five hundred bucks more a week by doing this."

"Do you have to take their clothes too?"

"You kidding?" Willow looked at the Slayer like she was crazy. "I'm the biggest supplier for the thrift shop industry in Sunnydale. That's a lot of money."

Buffy just sighed and sat down next to her mace until Willow was finished.

"Willow," Oz said tersely. The redheaded sorceress raised an eyebrow to look at the neo-werewolf.

"What's up?"

"Please don't ever call me Dillgear again."

A few months later:

"Rupert, I do not understand why you refuse to prepare your Slayer for The Cruciamentum," Quentin Travers said to the Watcher. "This is not something that can simply be avoided."

"It is not a matter of avoiding it," Rupert Giles said to his superior. "I just do not feel it is going to change the matter any. Buffy will win with no trouble at all."

"I am glad you have confidence in your Slayer's ability, but everything changes when the strength is gone," Travers replied testily.

"You do not understand," Giles argued, cleaning his glasses with a huff. "I believe Buffy has not used her full strength in months."

"Then her resourcefulness must be tested even more," Travers said with a grin. Giles just rolled his eyes.

"Fine, do your bloody test," he said, storming into his office. "But you had better not let her friends know."

"Why is that?"

"Because you won't make it back to the airport, much less back to England," came the reply. Behind the door, Ripper Giles grinned at the thought of Willow and Xander getting their hands on Quentin Travers. "I should probably call them and let them know. The bloody test won't last more than five minutes anyway."

At the Sunnydale Arms House:

"Hey, little girl."

Buffy turned to see a huge vampire standing in the door way. It was the same face she had seen in the photo with her mother.

"I have to thank the Watcher's Council on this one, you're gonna be tasty," Zachary Kralik said with a lick of his lips.

1.3 minutes later:

"Where's my mother?"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"That's not what I asked!"

"She's in the basement!"

"Thanks," Buffy said, a moment before muttering a spell and letting the serial-killer-turned-vampire join the dust on the floor. A minute after that she was untying her mother from the chair.

"Oh, Buffy, I'm glad you're alright," Joyce said, giving her daughter a hug.

"No problems! It is very much of the good," Buffy replied with a grin.

"Oh, Buffy, it looks like there's another vampire coming in the door," Joyce said.

"Sheesh. They can't all be in the same place so I can dust them at once," the blond girl grumbled. "Assha Dist!"

"So, what do you want for dinner," asked Joyce.

"I was thinking a turkey," Buffy pondered as they walked outside. Buffy blasted the door open with a spell she had learned from Willow. "And a few bags of potatoes, a couple of gallons of milk, a few pounds of stuffing, a couple of…" Several minutes later, Buffy was done listing food. It was like having thanksgiving for thirty people. "Well that's what I want," she finished. "What do you want for your portion?"

"I have to say, I'm glad you and Willow are taking the money from those vampires," Joyce said with a laugh. "I couldn't afford to feed you on a gallery owner's salary."

"What can I say? Slaying makes me hungry."

Several thousand feet above Sunnydale at that very same moment:

Quentin Travers awoke to find himself hovering several thousand feet above Sunnydale. As he frantically glanced around, he realized the reason he was hovering in the air several thousand feet above Sunnydale was a certain perturbed redhead who had ahold of his ankle. A black haired young man and a well endowed, scantily dressed woman hovered nearby as well.

"Hi, Mr. Travers," Willow said with a smile Lina Inverse usually used right before casting a Dragon Slave. "We want to talk about your actions these past couple of days."

"Let me down!"

Willow shared a look with Xander and Harmony. Harmony cackled in her usual way. Xander shrugged.

"Far be it from me to deny his request for Justice!"

Willow looked back down at the Head Watcher. Then she shrugged.

"Okay," she said as she let go. Quentin Travers, head of the Watcher's Council and general everyday prick, spiraled down towards Sunnydale with a scream. The hovering trio watched him fall from the sky for a long moment.

"You know, we should probably catch him," suggested Xander.

"Do we have to?"

"Yeah, I think we should."

"You know, what? I wish they'd never chosen those damn costumes!" Cordelia said, annoyed with the Scourge of Sunnydale.

"Done!" said the suddenly veiny faced Anya.

The next moment, Cordelia found herself making out with Xander in a janitor's closet. "I'm dating Xander? You made things worse!"

When she got into the Library, Buffy was playing with swords and Willow was making lovey eyes at the werewolf. Then she found out a slayer named Faith had gone all Quisling on the Scoobies and killed some guy. Oh, and Angle was crazy, Jenny Carpenter was dead and Kendra was too. Oh, and half the swim team were fish-men.

Later, Cordy summoned up the poor vengeance demon. "You need to change things back!"

"How can you say the other world is any better? How can you -herk!" Anyanka said as Cordy grabbed her by the necklace and started strangling her.

"LET ME GO BACK!" Cordy said as she slammed a large rock on the vengeance demon's head. She missed once and smashed the stone. A second later she found herself alone in the library with a big rock in her hand. She looked out into the night and saw the familiar red glow of vampire lairs burning in the night. The ground shook as another demon exploded off in the distance. Yeah, pretty much everything was better than a world where she was dating Xander.

At the Sunnydale Class of 1999 Graduation:

"DRAGON SLAVE!" screamed Willow.

"HOLY REZAST!" commanded Buffy.

"ELMEKIA FLAME!" laughed Harmony the White Serpent.

The Mayor didn't know what hit him.

Xander cleaned up by leading the troops using all of his Warrior of Justice powers to lead the righteous fight. There were two casualties. There would have been one, but Wesley fell on his face and got trampled by escaping vampires.

"Jonathan, I have been wondering," Giles said later that summer. He had started becoming closer to Jonathan and had been considering training him as a Watcher even. "The others tend to use their powers on a regular basis, I am curious as to why you do not."

Jonathan simply smiled a tricky smile and wagged a finger. "Now, that is a secret!"