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Tracks stared at the piece of paper in his hand, a dull look on his face. "Dear Reviewers on Fan Fiction dot Net-"

"No no no!" Minish took the page out of his hand and scribbled something on it. "You can't just say 'dear reviewers'! What about the people who don't review? You're leaving them out!"

"Well they deserve it," he said slightly agitated.

"Now now, don't bite the hand that feeds you," squawked Ezlo from atop Minish's head.

"There!" Minish gave him the page back. "Now read it."

With a sigh, Tracks read, "Dear Users of Fan Fiction dot Net- Hey, what about people who don't use fan fiction?"

Minish frowned slightly, "But it's on the site, right? In order to read the story they need to be on the site so-"

"Not necessarily. The letter should be read like this," Tracks took Minish's pencil and wrote something down. Clearing his throat and read, "Dear General Public-"

"What if its not the general public?" asked Ezlo.

Tracks rolled his eyes, "Attention People of the Universe. That good enough for you?"

Minish grinned, "Yeah! That way we're speaking to everyone! Great job, Tracks!"

"Kill me…" he muttered as he was smothered by Minish's happiness. Taking paper in hand, he read, "Dear People of the Universe, sorry we couldn't be in the main feature-"

"Which was a huge blow to my ego, by the way," said an annoyed Ezlo. "You can't have a story without the main player, am I correct? Where was my role? I'm supposed to be the lead character!"

"Don't worry, Ezlo," grinned Minish. "You'll get your chance in the Triquel!"

Tracks stared at them in disbelief, "You've got to be kidding me. There's already a Triquel?"

"Well, no… But there might be!"

"In any case…" He turned his attention back to the paper, "Sorry we couldn't be in the main feature and-"

"Aaahh! Green, make it stop!"

"Blue, look out!"

"Red, jump! Watch out for the-"


Tracks' sanity slowly diminished as Navi the Fairy chased the Four Sword Heroes around Minish's house with a giant hammer. Apparently the fairy did not like whatever they had done to her during their last journey and was out for revenge.

"Hold still!" she cried as she lugged the giant hammer around the room.

Minish laughed, "What a great group of friends!"


Ezlo stuck his beak up in the air as he said, "Well I never! What kind of side kick tries to whack her companion?"

Tracks groaned, "Side kicks…"

"Ah, but you had the best side kick of all, Tracks," said Minish envious. "Being alone with Princess Zelda for your entire adventure… You two must be really close."

"In my opinion, that brunette Link had the best side kick."

"But…he didn't have a side kick…" said Minish confused.

He grinned, "Exactly."

At the mention of 'brunette', Navi stopped her mad charge and flew to Tracks' side. "Did you say brunette?"


"Do you know where this brunette Link is?" she asked. "I'm certain that if I find him, I can find the Hero of Time. Please, any information you have will do."

"Why do you want to find this Link?" he asked.

"Well you see…"

Green sighed as Navi relented in her attacks. "Jeez… I don't understand why she's so bent on beating us up."

Red sniffed back some tears as he rubbed the bump on his head from where Navi had hit him, "I thought we were friends…"

"Seriously, what did we ever do to her?" asked Blue.

"How about we completely betrayed her and gave her to Tingle as a little play thing?" answered Vio.

They paused, "Eh heh… That could be it."

"'Could be?' I think it is…"

"Well what were we supposed to do?" asked Blue. "She just got in the way all the time. She's such a hassle and-"

"That's not true! She helped us a bunch of times!" Red forced a smile, "…Right?"

"Name one time she helped us," challenged Blue.

"Well…um… Uh…"

Green shook his head, "It doesn't matter if she helped us or was a burden to us. The fact remains that what we did was wrong and we should apologize for it."

Blue instantly disliked this. "Apologize? Why should we? That fairy was nothing but trouble and-"

"I agree with Green." said Vio, cutting him off. "The sooner we apologize, the sooner we can forget this whole mess ever happened."

"But, Vio-"

"Heh, you guys are still way too soft…"

The Four Links looked up from their powwow to find Shadow Link resting on the windowsill above them. He grinned down at them before hopping off to greet the Heroes.

"Sh-Shadow Link?-!" stammered Green in shock. "But how…?"

"Shadow!" Red erupted into a huge grin and tried to glomp him but tripped over the dark Link's foot. "Ow…"

Shadow frowned, "Don't touch me, runt." Returning to a grin, he wrapped his arm around Vio's shoulders, "Yo, long time no see, Vio."

He forced an awkward smile, "Same."

"What the hell are you doing here, Shadow?" asked Blue. "I thought you, well… You know."

"Heh, you should know it takes a lot more than that to do me in." Letting go of Vio, he faced them properly. "So what's this I hear about a fairy problem?"

"There's no problem," said Red, getting up. He rubbed his nose and smiled, "Navi is our friend!"

"Navi?" Shadow thought for a moment. "She that annoying blue speck that follows the Hero of Time?"

Blue nodded, "Yep."

"He's not here is he?"

"No… Why?" asked Green.

"Darn…" Shadow stretched, placing his hands behind his head, "I owe that useless Hero a good punch to the gut."

Vio decided it was best not to ask so instead he said, "You never explained how you're still here."

"Oh Vio, always needing to know the little details…" He grinned, "Meet me later and I'll tell you all about it…"

"I'll pass."

Green smiled. He didn't know how but Shadow was back with them. Things were looking up for once. Now if only they could solve their problem with Navi… "Shadow, you would like an apology if we had, um… Given you to a person of questionable standing, right?"

He smiled lightly, "Hmm… Nope. I'd want revenge."

Blue grinned, "Looks like Shadow and Navi have something in common."

"But it would be nice, wouldn't it?" asked Red. "To mend the hurts, apply happiness and love! That's the best band aide there is!"

"And people wonder why I hate you." Shadow looked back at the fairy in question. She was chatting with Tracks who looked like he wanted to kill himself. "Look, if you're dealing with Navi, there's only one thing to do."

"What's that?" asked Green.

"Torture. Maim. And Kill."

"Shadow! We can't do that!" exclaimed Green.

"Yeah, that's bad even by my standards," added Blue. "I mean, we're the ones in the wrong here."

Vio shook his head, "Shadow, I think you need to stop watching violent anime."

"You're horrible!" whined Red. "You don't torture your friends!"

"You don't? News to me…" Shadow sighed as the four continued to glare at him. "Alright alright… We wont torture the fairy."


"But you shouldn't apologize either. She did you wrong, right?" asked Shadow.

"No, we did her wrong," corrected Vio.

"Exactly. And everyone knows that the famed righteous Heroes of the Four Sword would never do someone wrong unless it was deserved." Shadow grinned at his logic. "So therefore, she deserved what she got."

Red looked confused, "But… What now?"

Blue frowned, "Shadow, quit confusing Red!"

"But its oh so fun and easy to do…"

"Shadow, we're not going to do anything other than apologize to Navi." Green looked at their dark shadow seriously, "She's our friend and we betrayed her trust. Apologizing is one way to gain that trust back. Of course, I don't expect you to understand."

"Oh I understand perfectly, Green. But there's always more than one way to do things." He gave him a sly grin, "That's what you don't understand."

Vio frowned, not liking where this was going, "What do you suggest then, Shadow?"

"A magician never reveals his tricks, Vio."

"You're not going to do anything bad are you?" asked Red.

"Red, that's Shadow Link. Everything he does is bad," said Blue simply.


Shadow jumped up on the windowsill once again as he said, "You guys go ahead and take the righteous road. I'm gunna prove that my way is more efficient."

With that, he turned and jumped out, disappearing into shadow.

"I hate that guy," said Blue honestly.

"What did he mean, prove his way is more efficient?" asked Red.

"It means that he'll be back." Vio sighed. "And we'll probably regret it."

"At least he's trying to help…?" Green forced a smile which was quickly dropped. Shadow plotting something is never a good thing.

Just as they were feeling pretty low, Tracks walked over with Navi in tow.

The DS Hero regarded the Four Sword Heroes with an air of agitation. "Hey. You guys."

"What do you want?" asked Blue rudely, sizing him up.

"Can we help you?" asked Red nicely, sporting a smile.

Tracks pointed at Navi saying, "I think you owe this fairy an apology."

"Well yeah, but what's it to you?" asked Blue.

"Blue, shut up." Green gave Navi a weak smile, "Sorry…"

"Don't tell me to shut-"

"Shut up." Tracks glared at him. "I usually don't get involved with other people's crap but thanks to this fairy I am. So just apologize and get it over with."

Navi bobbed up and down angrily, "You guys deserve to be locked away with fifty ReDeads for what you did to me you heartless jerks!"

"Navi, we're really sorry!" apologized Red. "I was against it from the start but Blue here-"

"Don't put all the blame on me!" he yelled. "The whole thing was Vio's idea!"

"And I now apologize for it." Vio bowed, "I am sorry, Navi. My blue clad friend here it seems, has had a negative influence upon me. No doubt the plan was a result of being exposed to his iniquitous behavior." He grinned.

"Apology accepted." Navi glared at Blue. "And you?"

He stared wide mouthed at his so called 'friends'. They had put all the blame on him! The jerks! Shadow was right. Apologizing was dumb. Under the stern stare he was receiving from Tracks however, he relented. Something told him not to mess with that Link. Gritting his teeth he mumbled, "Sorry, Navi…"

The blue fairy continued to stare at them intensely until her color lightened somewhat. "See? Now how hard was that?"

"So, that's it?" asked Green. "We're forgiven?"

She smiled sweetly, "Of course you are!" Navi brought out the hammer from earlier and whacked him. "All is forgiven!"

Red gulped as Green went down, "But Navi, we apologized! Don't-"

Blue winced as she whacked the red Link. "I knew this was a bad idea! Navi-"

The Link gone Conductor couldn't help but smile as Navi followed through with his idea. Apologizing wasn't enough for what they had done to her. They deserved some punishment.

Vio tried to protect himself with his shield but was foiled as Navi simply flew at him from behind.

Minish grinned as he joined Tracks' side, "See? I told you they were great friends! They're playing tag!"

Ezlo sweat dropped.

Tracks watched the carnage amused, "If that's tag, I'd hate to see dodge ball."

"Y-You!" Blue pointed accusingly at Tracks. "This was all your idea, wasn't it?-!"

"And if it was?"

Green got off the floor as Navi put the hammer away, her need for revenge satisfied. "Why would you do that?" he asked.

"Like you dont deserve some form of punishment. You Links are the worst."

"We're not that bad…" mumbled Red.

Vio rubbed his bruised cheek, "At least we don't sit idly by and watch as Zelda dies."

Tracks' face gave an angry twitch. "What did you-"

"Come on, guys. Calm down…" Green sighed. Today just was not going to be a good one, was it? "There's no need for arguing! Goddesses know we do that every day…"

"They're not arguing!" grinned Minish. "They're just getting to know each other better is all!"


"You guys used to argue all the time," continued Minish. "Now look at you! Best friends till the end!"

Ezlo had to nod at that one. "He's got a point. Let the boys argue. Its good character development."


"There was nothing I could have done!" yelled Tracks defensively. "That Byrne guy was a total ass and that crazed midget leprechaun wanted to get off on necrophilia!"

Red was now epically confused, "What?"

"Yeah well, you get off on spectrophilia, you pervert!" yelled Blue back.

"Spectro…" Green paused, closing his eyes from the images. "Ugh… Never mind…"

"Oh you are sick!" Tracks shook his head in disgust. "How you are even related to that dufus is beyond me…"

"Dufus?" Vio looked at him curiously, "Who do you mean?"

Tracks pointed to Minish who was smiling, "Him."

"Minish? But we're not…"

"Of course you're related!" squawked Ezlo.

"And how's that?" asked Blue.

"Both of your games deal with the Four Sword, correct?" he asked.

"Well yeah…"

"So Minish in a way, is like your great grandfather!"

The Links of the Four Sword stared at each other.

"Ain't no way," denied Blue.

"I…don't have a grandfather," said Green matter of fact.

Vio frowned, looking away, "Sorry, can't say I see a resemblance."

Red looked at Minish, "But we look the same…"

"Shut up, Red."

"Its okay if you don't view me as a grandfather." Minish laughed, "I admit its kinda weird. But if you simply view me as a friend, I would be happy."

Red grinned, "Yeah! Minish and I are friends!"

Green nodded, "Of course, Minish. You've always been a friend."

"Since when?" mumbled Blue. He shook his head as Green glared at him, "Yeah, fine… I'm friends with one dunce, why not make it two?"

Minish smiled, "Thanks, Blue. I always wanted a nickname. Yours should be dopey."

Red stifled a laugh, "Dopey Blue… Hahaha!"

Vio nodded, smiling at Minish's joke, "I think you and I can be great friends, Minish."

"I think Dopey Blue suits him," added Tracks seriously.

"Hey! Only friends can use nicknames!" glared Blue.

Green snickered, "He just said it was a nickname. Now we can use it."


Tracks smiled, "Whatever, Dopey. I'm outta here."

"You're leaving?" asked Red."

"You have a reason I should stay?"

The Links were silent.


As Tracks started to leave, Green asked, "Hey… Where did Navi go?"

"I believe I spotted the fairy leaving a while ago. She seemed very eager to find the Hero of Time earlier and only stayed to 'dish out some payback' as you young Links call it," informed Ezlo.

"That's a shame. I wanted to get some payback for that lump she gave me," said Blue, rubbing his head.

"Enough with the payback." Vio folded his arms. "We're even now. Lets leave it at that."

Green sighed, "I agree… No more plot twists."

As soon as the green Link said that, the door was kicked in revealing Shadow Link.

He held a giant bomb in one hand and a grin on his face, "Special Delivery for one Special Fairy!"

Their eyes widened.

"No, Shadow, don't-"

"She's not even here anymore!"

"Oh goddesses, why?-!"

Shadow Link tossed the bomb into the house and watched as everything exploded. The Links, the furniture, Ezlo, everything was caught in the explosion. He laughed manically as the five Links scrambled for safety, "If you have a problem, the best thing to do is get rid of it! Hahahahahaha!"

Tracks stared back at the house as he approached his locomotive, a mildly surprised look on his face, "Heh, sucks to be them…"

Just as he said that, a flying chunk of debris landed on his train.

"Really? Really?-! Oh for the love of… Dammit, Shadow!"

Shadow Link kept laughing, oblivious to everything. "Man, its good to be alive! Hahahaha!"

The End

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