"The hell was that? Arthur!"

"Back off, lad, I'm alright. That was a- argh," Arthur groans as he struggles to his feet, using the wall to push himself up against. Alfred steps in to help and ignores the way Arthur tries to swat him off. "That was possibly a daeva. Shadow demon sort of thing. Nasty little bugger."

"Whoa," someone says, and there's two people coming down the dark street towards them, one jogging slightly ahead. "Oh, man, I'm so sorry," he says when he sees the gash in Arthur's temple, "Totally my bad."

"What?" Alfred says, looking between this short redhead, his partner with glowing orange eyes and Arthur. "Seriously, what the hell just happened?"

"Daeva," he says, and Arthur looks smug. "I sort of let it free. I mean, I found the person who was controlling it and kind of stopped him by accidently knocking him out so the daeva got loose and now I've really got to catch it, so, um. Sorry. I know a really good doctor who can deal with this sort of thing, though!"

"No hospitals," Arthur says, wincing as he rolls his shoulder. "I'll be fine."

"It threw you into a wall," Alfred says, gesturing wildly. Arthur cuts him off with a narrowed look.

"He's, uh, more of a private clinic. Please, it's my fault you got hurt, at least let me get you checked over," and the kid looks so crestfallen that Arthur can't find a way to refuse.

"I- oh. Er. Fine, I suppose. But I assure you it's a waste of time, I'm quite alright."

"You're still bleeding," Alfred points out, and just grins at Arthur when he turns to scowl at him. The redhead looks both thrilled and relieved.

This doctor is apparently close enough to walk to and introductions are made on the way over, to Hanna and his partner who goes through being called Kennedy, Emerson and Fabian in the space of the journey.

"So, daeva's are usually really vicious," Hanna says, leading the way. "How come you're not, you know. Dead. Although I'm really glad you're not! Obviously."

"I'm tougher than I look," Arthur says with an unflinching shrug. "How come you're hunting shadow demons?"

"Ha. Someone has to," Hanna replies, turning left down a dark alleyway and heading for a nondescript door. He pushes it open and calls out, "Worth?"

"Aw, fuck," the doctor says as they enter the dingy little office, eyes flicking straight to Arthur's wounds. "What did you do?"

"Nothing! Really. Much. Um, there's a patient for you." Hanna grins, as wide and innocent as he can manage and Worth rolls his eyes and turns to Arthur instead.

"Back room," he says, jerking a thumb towards the door that's slightly open, glimpses of a metal table through the gap, and grimaces as he stands up. Arthur looks unimpressed but follows him, and Alfred trails close after.

"So, me and Gerard here still have a demon thing to go catch," Hanna says, inching back towards the door. "So we'll see you later!"

"Hey! I've still got a lot of questions for you, lad."

"Later!" Hanna calls, and is out the door before Arthur can stop him.

"Yeh, good luck with that," Worth smirks. "Now sit and shut up."

"Best get this over with quickly," Arthur sighs, and perches on the metal table. "Although I'm fine," he directs at Alfred, who grins at him.

Worth swabs off most of the blood around Arthur's head wound and peers at it, poking at the skin lightly. "You're healin' a lot faster than normal," he says with a raised eyebrow. Arthur stares back. "Eh, keep your secrets. I got plenty of 'em."