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Finn can't believe four years have flown by so quickly. He's fulfilled all of his requirements for his school loan repayment and the future is wide open. He can't decide if he should stay in this school or choose one of the offers from a higher paying district. Their tiny apartment is really feeling small and he'd kind of like a yard. He talks Rachel into looking at some bigger apartments in Brooklyn and even a few houses in New Jersey. She just can't get excited about any of them, but she knows they need to make a decision soon. She loves her theater job, and every now and then she casts herself in a role when she misses acting, but mostly she loves directing. She's been thinking a lot lately about what's next for them. Her dads and Carole are being much less subtle about wanting grandkids and when she sees pictures of Tina and Mikes' little girl on Facebook, she feels a little envious too.

They decide to see where he can get a job, and let that determine where they will live. He fills out a stack of applications while she's making dinner, ones for two private schools in Brooklyn and a public school in New Jersey. When she comes out of the bedroom with a packet in her hand, he starts babbling, he thinks she'll be mad.

"My mom just sent that one, and I put it in there. But I wasn't going to fill it out..." She stops him and says she thinks he should.

"Maybe it's time to go home, Finn. You could be close to your Mom and have a yard." He runs his fingers over the William McKinley High School letterhead and tries not to think to hard about it, because as much as he loves New York, he really misses home. "Besides," she says with a shy smile. "How can your mom babysit when she's so far away?" And his eyes go wide at her words and he can barely choke out "Are you..." before her smile and tears give it away. He pulls her into his lap and both the applications and their dinner are forgotten.

Rachel is sad when she turns in her resignation at the Community theater, but she's already checked into it and there are a few community theaters around Lima, and when she's ready she can get involved with any of them. Finn's application to WMHS was accepted almost immediately and he can't hide his excitement to be going home. The cost of living in Ohio is much lower than New York, and they are able to buy a little house a few streets away from his mom and Burt. Rachel's dads are disappointed she's given up on Broadway, but having their little girl home again and a baby coming soon go along way toward easing the sting.

Tina is thrilled to have Rachel living so closely and when Finn and Rachel announce they are having a boy, she starts planning the future Hudson-Chang wedding.

Sometimes, Rachel can't believe the way things have worked out. She spent her whole life chasing a dream, thinking that being famous and a star would bring her the attention she's always craved. But tonight, she stands on the stage of the Lima Community Theater and hears the applause of the crowd and she knows she's finally a star in her own little world. She gets recognized at the bank and the grocery (usually for being Coach Hudson's wife), but sometimes it's for her last musical at the little theater, and it's no Tony award, but it makes her feel special.

She watches her husband tossing a football with their two little boys, who look just like him, and she has never felt more successful. She thinks that song must be true. Sometimes, you can't get what you want, but you if you try, you might just get what you need.

The End