Chapter One: Then Demon Infected Winchesters

By: Gumby Girl & DeansFallenAngel36

Authors Note: So there is a warning on this story. It contains Demon Dean and Demon Sam. This will be darker than our other stories. Will contain Sexual content, Hurt, possible some bondage in most chapter.(Not Wincest!) You have been warned now enjoy!

On the night of Sam's six month birthday, John Winchester heard a noise and went into the nursery to check on his young son. When he saw a man in the corner her began to panic and went after the yellow eyed man. It wasn't long before Mary Winchester burst through the door and firing at the man causing him to suddenly flee the room leaving John with many questions for his wife Mary. She told them about her family and what they did for a living. John was in shock but in order to protect there son's, Mary taught John everything she knew and from that day on they were a family of hunters.

Twenty five years later they finally located the demon who attacked their family but when they went after him something went wrong he was able to finally get to their two son Dean and Sam. They were infected with a demonic virus and are now they are living their lives as Demons.

Mary knew she couldn't save her sons along so she contacted an old friend and prayed that he would be able to help her out and save her boys.

Lori ran into the house from her garage just as she heard her father old cell phone ringing, "Hello"

"I need to speak to James Wilson."

Lori's heart dropped a little, "I'm sorry to tell you this but he passed away a few years ago. May I ask who this is?"

"Damn it! My name is Mary Campbell Winchester. He was a friend of the family a long time ago and I am in desperate need of his help."

"I'm sorry but is there anything I can do for you?"

"I'm not sure. Lets just say we were in the same business and you would have to know a few things."

Lori knew then that Mary must be a hunter, "Listen Mary. I think I know what business you are talking about and I would love to help. My father taught me everything he knew."

"We will be there in one hour." Mary said and hung up the phone. Lori could hear the panic in her voice and knew this job had to be big time. She grabbed her cells phone and called her long time hunting buddy, "Terry, I need you to get here as soon as you can. I may have a job for us.

It was only a half hour later when Lori best friend and hunting buddy Terry walked into her house, "Hey Lori its me."

"I'm in the kitchen." Lori called out. Terry walked though the house and into the kitchen to see Lori at the table with her fathers old contacts book.

"So what's the job?" Terry asked and sat next to Lori.

"I don't know yet. Right now I am looking to see if the people that are coming here are legit and it appears that they are.

"So what they knew your dad or something."

"Yeah she said she needed help or something. She didn't tell me much but they should be here in a minute."

"Great. I have been itching for a good hunt." Terry said.

It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door. Lori walked to the front door and saw a man and woman standing there. "Winchester?" she asked.

"Yes." Mary said and Lori opened the door, "Thank you for seeing us."

"Of course. Just tell me what's going on." She said as Terry walked into the room, "This is a friend of mine Terry."

"Hi." They both said to each other.

"We need help. It's our boys." Mary said.

"Are they missing or something?"

"No but I wish it was that simple. They have been infected."

"What do you mean infected? Terry asked.

"Demonically infected. It happened about two months ago and we have tried everything we could but we cant get near them. I know a long time ago your father knew of a cure."

"I remember and trust me it does work but it's not easy."

"We understand that but we are willing to pay you guys."

"How much?" Terry asked and Lori gave her a look, "What I just want to know."

"Ten thousand each but only after they are turned back and safe." John said.

"Sounds good to me. Just point us in the right direction."

"Wait Terry it's not that easy." Lori said and looked at John and Mary, "We have to have the blood of the demon that infected them for this to work and we only have a month to do this."

"We can take care of the demon. You just get the boys."

"Deal, we will meet you at St. Luther's church in Nevada before midnight on the 23rd. That will be are only chance for this to work."

"Deal and thank you guys." Mary said before her and John walked out the door to go and track down the demon. They had to get their sons back before they really hurt someone.

"Well Terry looks like we got work to do."

"Yeah but where the hell are we suppose to start?"

"I think I have an idea of where they might be." Lori smiled.

Lori and Terry walked up to the security guard who was clearly a demon in a big bouncer. He stopped them and looked them up and down. Lori smiled leaning up to him, "Don't worry big boy we're here for the entertainment." She winked at him and Terry rubbed her hand up his arm.

"Yeah don't miss out," she bit her lip seductively and he smiled letting them walk in. As the girls walked in some of the demons turned to look at them. They heard whistles and cat calls.

"Alright now it's a party!" yelled one of them.

"Fresh meat!" yelled the other.

Dean and Sam were sitting at the bar looking over at the girls and sensing something different about them. Dean looked at Sam with a smirk before downing his shot and turning back to the girls walking in.

"Calm down boys," said Lori with a wink. Her hands were on her backside as she pushed out her chest more and more whistles went their way, "there'll be plenty of us to go around tonight."

Dean licked his lips staring at her and knew right away he wanted her. Sam took the last sip of his beer and stood up patting Dean's shoulder watching Terry like a hawk.

Lori was on stage her deep dark purple silk bra barely covering her overly sized breast. Her jeans were unbuttoned showing the matching silk underneath. The red, purple and white lights were blinking vigorously throughout the strip club.
Dean watched Lori from the bar, he's been watching her since she came in. Like he said he wanted her. He watched the others watching her, drooling over her but he knew who she was going home with and it wasn't any of these jokers.

Lori and Dean's eyes caught, staring into each others. She twisted her body and grinded the pole staring into his. He got up not taking his eyes off hers and walked towards her. He pushed the other guys off the couch. He sat down right in front his arms over the couch watching her, scanning her body with his eyes loving the way it moved. And she moved it just for him and if she didn't then he'd make her. Dean Winchester got what he wanted, always nothing stood in his way anymore.

When their eyes met again Dean nodded her over. She stepped down off the stage and watched her body swaying, her hips moving and he just wanted to grab her.
He used his finger telling her to turn around for him. She did as he told and smirked loving what he saw. He used his finger again telling her to come closer.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" she asked in a low voice.

Dean's smirk grew, "You can take those jeans off and show daddy here what you got." He sucked on his bottom lip watching her slip her jeans down her legs. Dean watched hunger in his eyes. The matching purple silk against her skin covering her body made him hard. He licked his lips, "Turn around again." She did as she was told and he slapped her ass. She clenched her teeth angrily forcing a smile out looking at him and pushing down the anger the swelled deep inside her to beat the crap out of him.

Dean pointed to his lap and she straddled his lap. He got comfortable staring up at her, his eyes never leaving her body. Her hands were on his shoulders as she moved against him.

"I think she likes you man," said a demon passing by giving Dean a wink and Dean nodded with a smirk.

"You think?" Dean looked back at Lori as she leaned forward her breast closing towards his face.

Deans hands moved from the back of the couch to her waist and she shook her head smiling grabbing his hands. She took them off her and said, "No touching sweetheart."

Dean let out a deep chuckle then grabbed the back of her head roughly pulling her down to him, his eyes turned black, "I touch what I want when I want." His other hand traced up her side, his black eyes staring into hers. "And if I want to touch you, no one is going to stop me." His left hand landed on her breast and cupped it making her gasp and close her eyes. Dean smirked as he worked her breast making her bite her bottom lip trying not to moan but a loud whimper came out, "That's it baby scream for daddy."

Lori opened her eyes as Dean's turned back to normal. His left hand traced up her neck and his thumb traced her pouty full bottom lip. "I want you screaming my name." He moved her head so he could whisper pushing her whole body against his, "You want to scream my name?"

She felt his left hand going down her back, across her ass then towards her center and her breath hitched making him smirk. He felt some moisture on her panties, "Mmmm…you're getting wet already. You like me controlling you? Answer me." His hold on her neck tightened and she nodded. "Say it."

"Yes," she said breathlessly, "I want you controlling me." She felt his hand loosen on her neck as he pulled back looking her in the eyes, "I want you to make me do whatever you want."

Dean grinned his eyes flashing black, "I was hoping you'd say that."

Terry peeked through the curtains and say that Lori had finally made her way over to Dean, "Ok one down and one to go." She said to herself. All she had to do now was find Sam. Just as she was about to walk out onto the main floor, someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her tightly against them, "Well what do we have here?" He whispered into her ear.

Terry looked over her shoulder and was looking into the eyes of none other that Sam Winchester. "I have never seen you here before." He said as he still held onto her tightly.

"It's my first night." Terry said.

"Well then if you don't mind I would love to see what you got." He grinned. Took her arm and dragged her into a side room and locked the door.

Terry swallowed down the urge to kick his ass and put on a smile as she moved in closer to him, "Just tell me what you want and its yours." She said seductively as she ran her fingers up his strong chest.

Sam smiled down at her then suddenly ripped her top open, "I want to see it all." He said licking his lips as he looked down at her perfect breast.

Terry was feeling a little nervous but she knew she had to do something to stay in control and get the job done. She gripped the front of his shirt and pushed him down on the sofa. She straddled his lap and leaned close to his ear, "Then just sit there and enjoy the ride." she said as she grinded down onto his hard cock.

Sam gripped her hip tight and it caused her a little pain but she worked through it. This wasn't her first rodeo and it wouldn't be her last. He moaned as she rocked her hips against him along with the music, "God I want to fuck you." He said in a husky voice.

"We all want what we can't have baby." Terry said with a sinful smile that drove him crazy.

Sam held onto her hip to keep her from moving and looked her in the eye, "I can have whatever I want and tonight I want you all for myself." He gripped the back of her head and yanked her toward him and attacked her lips with his own.

He lifted her off of him and laid her down on the couch forcefully with out ever breaking that kiss. He began to move down her neck biting and nipping away and Terry knew where this was going and she needed to stop before things when to far here. "Wait." She said just before Sam took her left breast into his mouth.

He leaned up and wasn't to happen at being interrupted, "What?" he snapped.

"I was just thinking maybe we should get out of here. You know, go somewhere a little more private."

"I think right will work just fine." He said as he ripped the button off of her jeans.

"Whoa easy tiger. I promise if you get me out of here I will let you fuck me senseless any way you want."

"Fine" Sam said and climbed off her here, "You better be worth it."

Terry got off the couch and fixed her clothes the best she could, "Believe me baby, it will be well worth it." She said. Sam grabbed her hand and jerked her out the door.

Lori looked behind Dean to see Sam and Terry walking up to them. Sam had his arm around Terry's shoulders and their eyes caught each others for a second.

"Yo," said Sam hitting his arm and Dean looked at Sam angrily.


"Let's go."

"I'm busy here."

"Then take your business home. I want to go." Sam's eyes flashed black as if challenging Dean.

Dean squinted at him then looked back at Lori, "Get your clothes. You're coming home with me."

Lori got off of Dean and grabbed her clothes. Dean smirked watching her bend down then wrapped his arm around her waist not even waiting for her to put her clothes on. The four walked towards the exit.

The four of them were driving down a dark road and Lori bit her lip wondering where the guys were taking her and Terry that was "home." She knew not back to Kansas, that was for sure. She was still worried though because her and Terry had no weapons on them. They thought they would just go in, get the guys attention, get the guys to follow them back to their car and knock them out and get them to the church and perform the spell.

Terry was sitting in the back seat with Sam. She felt Sam's hands run up the side of her face as he sniffed her hair, taking in her scent. He licked the side of her face then pulled her into a deep kiss. She moaned deeply into the kiss, Sam's hands were rough on her body but she couldn't let her guard down she had to pretend to be some demons whore.

Lori had finished putting on her jeans and Dean shook his head, "What?" she asked.

"Don't know why you are bothering putting those back on," he said and looked into the rearview mirror seeing Sam and Terry going at it.

Sam continued kissing Terry his hands moving down her side and to her unbuttoned jeans. Terry bit her lip as Sam started to kiss her neck. His hand moved into her jeans and began to rub her outside of her panties.

Dean smirked looking away from the mirror and towards the road. He placed his hand inside Lori's thigh and she just grinned at him. She moved onto her knees and began kissing Dean's neck, nibbling and sucking on it. Dean moved her body so she was straddling his right thigh.

Lori took a sneak peek at Sam and Terry and her eyes widened. Sam was devouring every little bit of Terry while his fingers moved inside of her.

Dean chuckled his right hand grabbing Lori's ass, "You naughty girl," he breathed in her ear, "You like watching them don't you?"

Lori bit her lip trying to regain control of this situation. She backed up a bit staring at Dean as he drove, "The only thing I want to see," she moved to his ear and said, "is you."

Dean's eyes flashed black and he licked his lips taking her right hand and moving it to the crotch his jeans and she felt the bulge in it. She swallowed hard as he pressed her hand hard against it.

She licked his earlobe and began rubbing him through his jeans. He groaned and moved his right knee between her legs.

She gasped feeling a little sensation from him spark inside her.

Terry gripped Sam's arm roughly as she felt a spark of an orgasm, "Oh fuck," she said turning her head into Sam's chest and he grinned.

"Cum for me Terry, fucking want to feel it," he said thrusting his fingers harder into her hitting her g-spot. She closed her eyes biting her bottom lip. Sam continued to lick and bite every part of skin he could find.

"That's it," groaned Dean, "right there." He moved his leg against her again and she gripped his shoulder, her fingernails dug into his shoulder and Dean ran his leg roughly against her, "you like it rough." His breathing was desperate as his orgasm burned his belly, "Fucking love a naughty rough girl."

Dean gripped the steering wheel as he came in his jeans and bit his bottom lip. Just as he came Terry came behind them. She grabbed a handful of Sam's hair as her walls clenched down onto his fingers.

"Mmm, so tight," said Sam groaning into her neck, "Can't wait for my cock to be in you." Sam said just as they pulled into the driveway.

Terry smiled over at him as he removed his hand from her jeans, "Looks like you don't have to wait long." She said as they all got out of the car.

The girl followed the guys into the house and stopped in their tracks when they saw two bodies laying on the floor of the living room, "Damn it Sam I though you took care of them?" Dean said as he slammed the door behind him.

"You said you were going to take care of it." Sam said.

Lori and Terry just looked at each other and were getting angrier by the second but they had to stay calm and not draw attention to themselves, "Friends of your?" Lori asked.

"No anymore." Dean said and gave her a hard smack across the ass, "You two just stay here while we take care of this." he winked.

Sam grabbed the man while Dean lifted the lady over his should and they walked about back. When they heard the door slam, Terry turned to Lori, "Ok so what's they plan because you better have one before I rip them apart right now."

"You need to relax and beside how do you plan on killing them huh? Our damn bag is back at the bar and if we kill them they their parent kill us and we don't get paid and I need that money."

"Damn it I forgot."

"I can see that. Listen we just given these two what they want and we make it damn good. When they pass out we can leave and go back to get our stuff before they wake up."

"Then what?"

"Then we get the job done. How hard can it be?" Lori said just before Sam and Dean walked back into the room, "We were wondering what was taking you two so long." she smiled at Dean.

"Just taking care of some business." he said and walked over to her. Sam grabbed Terry by the arm and pulled her toward him forcefully.

"So what do you guys want to do know?" Terry asked as she felt Sam's large hands slid down her back and grip her ass tight.

"Oh we have a lot planned for you girls tonight and you are going to enjoy every second of it." Dean said as he began to suck on Loris neck.

"And...and if we don't?" he breathed out. Dean pulled away from her and looked over at Sam who eyes went black just as him did, "Oh believe me I say that you don't have a choice. Tonight you belong to us."

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