Who's in control now?

Authors Note: Again putting a M warning on this one. Hot one on one time with both Winchesters. Enjoy : )

Dean and Lori

Lori smiled as she made her way back over to the bed where Dean was lying there with a smirk on his face but she was going to change that, "Oh baby you wont be smiling after I get my hands on you." She said and dropped her toys on the side table.

Dean licked his lips as his eyes scanned her naked body, "Give me your best shot." He said.

"I plan to." Lori said and jerked both of his hand to her, "Hold still."

She straddled his chest and pulled both hands above his head and cuffed him to the headboard and Dean winced a little, "Aw too tight baby? But I thought you liked the pain." She smirked down at him.

"I hope you know what you're doing." He said and pulled on the cuffs, "Because you may be biting of more than you can chew, Lori."

Lori threw her head back and laughed. When she looked back at Dean her eyes where jet black, "Oh no. I think that's you. You have no idea what I have planned for you. I'm going to make you scream for me." She said and got off the bed, "I owe you a little payback for all you've done to me and you're going to like it."

"I better or else." He said.

Lori slapped him hard across the face and Dean groaned, "Don't threaten me! You are mine tonight and you are going to remember that!" she yelled. She was really getting into this and she loved it. To have all the control and power was a turn on.

Lori stood by the table and tapped her finger on her lips, "Hmmm, what should I do first." She said looking down at the whip and candles. "I know. Maybe we should start slow." She said and lit the candle. She wanted the wax to be nice and hot for him.

"Wasting time baby." Dean said, "I'm beginning to think you don't have it in you to control me, to make me scream." He teased her over and over.

Fire was building in her. She was going to show him who was boss. She jerked the whip off the table and slapped him hard across the chest, "What was that?" she asked and struck him again, "Huh?"

"Oh Fuck!" Dean screamed, "You bitch!"

Lori let out a evil chuckle, "Aw did I hurt you?"

"You'll pay for that." Dean said.

"Oh I don't think so." Lori said and hit him a little harder, "I can do what I want tonight. I'm in control here. Not you!" She said and slapped him again two more times.

Dean growled in pain, his eyes where black. He was in pain but at the same time all he wanted to do was fuck her harder than ever before.

Sam and Terry

Sam pulled Terry into their room and slammed the door behind him, "Our time to play now." He smiled.

Terry smiled and pushed him forcefully onto the bed, "Oh no baby. It's my time to play." She said and straddled his lap, moving over his cock, "I want to have fun with you before I let you have me again."

"Sure you want to do that? A pretty dangerous request." Sam said.

Terry gripped and hand full of his hair and pulled him up, "I like a little danger in my life. The question I have it do you think you can really handle me?"

"I can handle anything you give me and you better give me all of it."

Terry let go and pushed him down hard again, "Be careful what you wish for. You may not like what you get."

"I better." Sam said.

Terry leaned over and tapped his cheeks, "You just lay there and take it like my bitch then." She said and got off of him.

Sam sat up on his elbow and watched as she pulled something from the side drawer. She pulled out a lighter and a ring with a T on it. Terry smiled as she held it over the flame, "You know Sam, you have been in control for far to long. Making me do everything for you. Marking me as yours over and over. Well tonight that is going to change. Tonight I'm going to mark you as mine but you are going to like it."

"You think?"

"Oh baby I know." Terry said and pushed the ring into his chest and he screamed out in pain and in so much pleasure while Terry stood over him and smiled. Time to get started.

Dean and Lori

Lori smiled as Dean began to struggle more and more and she leaned down close to his ear and whispered, "Don't worry Dean, I plan on making us both feel oh so good but first you have to play by my rules this time."

Dean felt his cock begin to twitch at her seductive words but he was never one to just give in so easily, "I don't play by anyone's rule but mine sweetheart and you should know that by now. Don't forget who owns you."

"Oh…. a tough guy. Well Dean, we will see about that. I think I know a few buttons to push to make you beg me for more." She leaned over and ran her tongue over his nipple. His sharp intake of breath let her know how badly he wanted her. Lori just smiled and moved up his body to his neck and began sucking, marking him as hers.

"You know all you have to do is untie me and I will fuck you senseless baby." Dean said and looked at her.

"Now that wouldn't be much fun now would it? Like I said before, you belong to me tonight." Dean pulled and pulled but got nowhere and Lori laughed, "Baby, you're not going anywhere until I'm good and ready."

Lori straddled him and Dean tried to push his hard cock up into her but she smiled and lifted up, "Uh Uh Uh. Not yet." She said and leaned forward, her breast dangling in front of his face, "Suck them." She said.

"My pleasure." Dean said and he leaned up as far as he could and took it into his mouth, biting down hard.

"Oh shit!" Lori screamed, "Oh baby you know how I like it rough." She said pulling away from him.

Dean just smiled, "When you untie me, you are going to get it. I am going to fucking rip you wide open when I fuck your pussy."

"Promises, Promises." She smiled and sat upright. With his cock between her legs, she began to grind against him, making sure that he can feel the heat of her desire. "Mmmm baby you cock feel so good." She moaned as the tip slid across her clit.

"Let me fuck you with it them, make you scream." Dean said.

He bit on his bottom lip and moaned as she rocked against him but his moaned turned to groans when she grabbed the candle and pour the building wax over his nipples, "Oh fuck! Shit!" he almost screamed.

Lori laughed, "You like that baby?" she asked him, "I think you like the pain. It makes you hard doesn't it?"

"God baby you're fucking killing me." Dean said through gritted teeth.

"You know…..seeing you like this turns me on Dean." Just then she twisted his left nipple, causing him to arch off the bed.

"Fuck! Untie me bitch! Now!" Dean growled.

"Not yet. One more thing to first. I want you to make me cum." She smiled evilly at him. "Ladies first."

Sam and Terry

After putting up a fight, Sam was finally tied to the bed. His chest was still on fire from the burn. The T on his chest was very easy to see and Terry loved that. Ever demon whore out there would know that he was here and they better not dare fuck with him.

Terry straddled him and licked up his chest, her almost favorite part about him was his tones abs and chest, "You taste so good." She moaned and licked up his neck to his lips, "I want you to tell me you want me."

"No. Maybe I don't." Sam said with a grin on his face.

"Oh I know you do and you're going to say it." She said and gave him and hard slap causing him to grunt in pain, his face already turning red. "Say it Sam. Tell me that you want me."

"No because you are the one that want me. I don't want or need anyone." Sam said standing his ground. He was going to make her work for it."

"Fine. If that's the way you want it." Terry said and got off of him and Sam didn't see that coming. He watched her walk over and grab and chair and take a seat, "I'll just take care of me and only me while you watch."

"Fine but it won't make me beg for you I promise." Sam winked.

"We'll see about that." Terry smiled and slowly spread her legs giving him the full view of her pussy.

Sam watched as her hand slid down her slim body and she easily slid her middle finger in between her lips. "Mmm, feels good."She moaned. Her pussy was still so wet, letting her finger slip to her hole with almost no effort.

"Fuck!" Sam whispered and adjusted on the bed. As much as he wanted to he couldn't look away.

Terry felt her body quiver as she began to grind her hips against her hand. She moaned lightly as her thrusts became harder and her middle finger penetrated her tight pussy. "Iwish it was you touching me like this, Sam. You know you want to."She moaned as she wiggled her middle finger inside her and her index finger against her clit as she grinded against her hand more.

Sam's twitched as he watched Terry fuck her hand. God he wanted to fuck her again so bad but all he could do was watch Terry move up and down, knowing her fingers were plunging deep into her pussy. He pulled on the ropes as her moans were growing louder as her thrusts against her hand became faster. "Oh Sam I wish it was your fingers inside me."

Terry looked at Sam and she knew that look on his face. He was enjoying her show. She brought her wet middle finger to her lips and wrapped them around it, slowly sucking it into her mouth. She slid her finger out to the tip then sucked slowly back in, making sure Sam was watching her, "Mmm taste so sweet."

"Shit! Terry….please." Sam begged.

"Please what Sam?" Terry asked as she guided her hand back down to her pussy. "Tell me."

Sam bit so hard on his bottom lip that he could taste blood as Terry slipped her fingers of one hand over her lips and spread them apart, revealing her pink swollen clit. With her other hand she began to play with her clit, flicking her fingers around it and teasing her hole with her middle finger.

"Terry…fuck baby I…"

"You what Sam?" she asked as her middle finger worked her pussy, bringing them out completely then shoving it back in, moaning his name over and over. "Sam…Sam! Fuck! Tell me!"

When Sam heard his name come from her lips he lost all control, "I want you! Oh shit baby I want to fuck you so bad. I'm going to tear you apart!" he growled.

Terry smiled and removed her fingers, "That's what I thought." She said and made her way back over to the bed, "Tell me your mine."

"I'm whatever you want me to be. Now fuck this hard cock and take it all." He seethed.

"Whatever you want." She laughed, "No I mean whatever I want."

Dean and Lori

Lori straddled Dean's face and forced his head into her pussy, "Lick it. Make me cum." She said and gripped his hair tight.

Just as Dean licked Lori he moaned feeling her hand on his cock. Lori moaned as Dean moved his head going deeper inside her with his tongue. She ripped onto the headboard with one hand making it shake a little as Dean hit the right spot with his tongue.

Lori leaned back a little more and began to stroke him faster making Dean groan and shiver. Dean moved his head away and he bit her inner thigh and groaned and she cried out from pain and pleasure. "Oh Dean!"

"Shit. Faster baby." he said breathlessly and then moved back to Loris clit, licking and sucking. She moaned and her nails were digging into the headboard and her hips began to rock back and forth on his face.

"Oh shit…" she said tilting her head back.

"Dean…fuck…don't stop!" A few more strokes with his experienced tongue and Lori was cumming all over his face. Dean licked it up with his tongue, sucking every bit of juice that slid down her thighs. She shivered as her body was coming down from the high.

She removed her hand from his cock and moved off his face still trying to catch her breath. She reached up and uncuffed him. She needed him inside her and now.

As soon as he was free Dean flipped Lori onto her back and he grabbed her wrist, cuffing them above her head. "You think its fun toy with me huh?

"Dean! Please!"

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me now." Lori begged, "I want all you got baby."

Dean laughed as he eyes went black, "Oh you're going to get it." He said and thrusted hard into her.

"Fuck!" They both screamed. They had just had sex less than an hour ago but to them it felt like a lifetime.

He began to move with hard, deep thrusts of his hips. He moved faster and faster. She bit down on her lower lip, her hands clutching tightly at the cuffs above her head. His arms began to shake as he got closer and closer to his own release. "Pl-Please baby. Oh fuck me!"

"You gonna cum bitch? Gonna cum for daddy?" Dean said as he pounded into her harder and harder.

"Oh yes. Gonna….cum! Oh shit!"

Dean pumped into her again and again, and then he felt her clinched around him, "Oh Fuck! Dean!" she screamed as her heels dug into his back. Her hips thrust upward and locked as she screamed though her orgasm. Her inner muscles clamping tighter around him like a vise. With one final deep thrust, Dean growled as he came deep inside her.

Dean pulled out of her and rolled onto his back, "So...who's in control now?" He asked.

"That has yet to be determind. This was just night one for you." Lori said, "You wanted a demon well now you go one so get ready baby."

Sam and Terry

Terry climbed on top of him and led his dick into her warmth, "Oh Terry." He moaned, "Fucking ride me baby."

"Patience." She said and slowly began to bounce up and down on him, twisting her hips. He bit his lip and looked up at her as she began to move faster.

"Touch yourself again," he said. "I loved watching you touch yourself."

They began to move faster as Terry touched her clit, "Oh baby. Oh God Sam!" she moaned as she wiggled them around as she rocked faster and harder.

"Fuck, Terry."

"You like it Sam?" she asked touching her clit even more and moaned, "You like me touching myself?"

He looked at her and nodded. "Fuck yes!" He gasped as he felt his toes curl up and her walls tightening again for the last time. "Cum for me. Sock this fucking cock!"

"Oh God Sam! Yes!"

"Who's pussy is this?" Sam asked as he thrusted up into her harder and harder.

"Y-Your pussy. Oh its all yours." She screams, "Oh Sam…c-cumming!"

Sam threw his head back and closed eyes moving, "Oh yeah." He moaned as he felt her juices run over his, "Oh God it feels so good."

Terry looked down at him and slapped him hard across the face, "Cum inside me Sam. I want to feel it." She said and gritted her teeth. With her words Sam let go and came harder than ever deep inside her.

Terry eased off of him and lay next to him on the bed. Both where panting and completly satisfied. This was the beginning of a whole new way of life for them all. The fight for control continues.

Dean and Sam walked into the warehouse and closed the metal door behind them, "Boys, I was just about to come check on you." Azazel said and turned to them with a smile, "What the status on the girls? I need good news right now."

"Everything is still looking good. Infected them a few days ago and its working like a charm." Dean smiled, "So what now?"

"Keep a eye on them. I want to make sure we have this down right. I...I mean we have a lot riding on this."

"Yeah we know." Said Sam, "So far so good."

"Then boys I think we may have a winner. I want this shipped out by the first of next week."

"Whats the plan after that?" asked Dean.

"You just leave that to me. This time next month we will be the ones in control." Azazel smiled.

"Just what we wanted to hear." Dean said, "Now I think it's time to celebrate."

Sam smiled over at his brother, "You read my mind. Time to live it up our way. You think the girls are ready?"

"They better be." Dean said.

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