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Harry looked around curiously. The class was about to begin, and Professor Quirrell was nowhere to be seen. Maybe we won't have class, he thought hopefully. I still have to do that potions essay….

His hopes were dashed a second later, in the form of one Severus Snape.

"Professor Quirrell is ill, so he has asked me to teach."

He sneered at them.

"What can be taught to a bunch of dunderheads like you, I have no idea, but I will try my best."

As he said it, his cold eyes rested on Harry, and Harry couldn't repress a shudder. Snape went on to explain about a thing called a Boggart, which turned into your greatest fears. He said that today, they would learn to face their fears, as it was critical for their abilities in defense ('Severely lacking as they are'). Harry didn't pay much attention- it was easier to ignore Snape's cold eyes if he ignored what he was saying, as well.

"Mr. Potter, why don't you go first. Obviously, you are so experienced you do not feel the need to listen to me."

Harry, caught off-guard, mumbled, "Yes, sir"

He didn't notice the brief surprise that flickered across Snape's face at his polite response. He walked to the front of the classroom.

"When I open this chest, the Boggart will take the form of your worst fear. I will allow you to remain in its presence for a few minutes, before I want the next person to come up. After this lesson, I will show you how to defeat a Boggart"

"Get ready, Mr. Potter."

And with that, he opened the chest.

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