The elevator arrived with a sharp dinging sound, its steely door sliding back to reveal it's cavernous interior. Heinz Dooofenshmirtz stepped in hesitantly, his bony hands gripping the elaborately wrapped package he had spent the majority of the day slaving over to make picture-perfect. Once inside, he stood motionlessly for a long moment, his eyes closed and his brow furrowed upwards. He noticed his hands were shaking.

Stop being so damn nervous, he yelled to himself in his thoughts. He pressed the clear button by the door indicating the eighth floor and the elevator rose with a soft jolt. Then the doors opened with yet another ding. Doofenshmirtz exited and walked slowly down the corridor, which reeked of soap and dust, until he met with a door.

4242, he glanced at a scrap of paper from the pocket of his freshly dry-cleaned lab coat. This is it. He took a long breath before knocking on the door and waiting.

It opened with a bang, and there stood a beautiful black-haired girl, smiling happily, her face turned away talking to someone inside. Vanessa Dooenshmirtz turned to her father standing outside her apartment door. The color drained from her face.

"Vanessa! My darling! You're so big! How does it feel to be 17 now? Huh?" The tall, lank man strode into the room, grinning widely, all traces of his earlier nervousness smothered by an insane happiness. He handed her the package gently.

"Happy birthday, sweetie," his heavily accented voice was soft. He looked around the room as he finally noticed a group of girls peering out at him from the kitchen. "These are your friends, yes?" He ran his long, bony fingers across her head, caressing her hair. "I have never met any of your friends. Care to introduce me?" Vanessa's face contorted in fear.

"D-dad, I think I'd better go get Mom." She whispered, grabbing him by the sleeve and dragging him down a hallway to a lavishly furnished bedroom where she released him. He rubbed his arm softly and gave her a questioning look. She glared at him.

He averted his eyes, "Is there something wrong, sweetie?" He spoke quietly, holding his arms protectively.

"Mom! I think you'd better get out here!" The teenager called.

A voice answered from the bathroom. "What is it, hun? We out of soda already?" A woman walked into the room, her hands at her head, tying her hair back into a bun. She stopped abruptly at the sight of the man by the door waving weakly at her. Her face contorted in surprise, and then anger.

"Hi, Charlene." Heinz said nervously. She glared at him.

"What the hell are you doing here, Heinz?" She growled. He flinched.

"I-it's her birthday…I wanted to give her something…see her."

"You can see her this weekend, Heinz. Not now. Not with her friends here." She sighed. "I want you out of here. Now."

He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again after a moment and slowly backed out through the door. He glanced at his daughter.

"Happy Birthday, Vanessa…" he whispered. He ran out of the apartment.

Perry the Platypus sat in his chair before the huge image of Monogram displayed on the screen that took up most of the space in the room.

"So, Agent P., you guessed it," Monogram frowned deeply, "We our source has reported some strange behavior from Doofenshmirtz." He rustled through some papers on an unseen desk. "Evidently, he returned to the D.E.I. building about half an hour ago, locked all the doors in his living area, drew all the blinds, made a huge amount of ruckus for about…15 minutes before…" he cocked his eyebrow, "All sound died. He's up to something, alright. Very suspicious, and we can't be too careful." He looked at Perry in all seriousness. "Figure out what he's doing and stop it, Agent P. Good luck."

The platypus saluted the screen and was off before the transmission even ended.