1st NOVEMBER 2010


This is seriously outside the box for me... but i'll try anything once. This is... kind of a haiku- type... thing... or something like that.

'This' means someone is thinking- their thoughts.

Horizontal rulers (a line across the page) are page breaks or small time skips.

-X- means a scene change.

DISCLAIMER; I do not own Psychic Academy, or any of the characters that have appeared in the manga or anime. This is non-profit- i am making no money from this.


'There's something weird,'

'And unknown.'

'He is scared and insecure and pretty wussy.'

'Also kind of an idiot in many things.'

'Yet he's warm and kind and inspiring and somehow strong.'

'And he believes in me and my power,'

'It feels weird, like nothing before...'


Mew and Ai walked outside the National Psychic Academy- Ai flickering between looking embarrassed by other people talking about him hyping him up and stealing looks at Mew.


'She looked at me,'

Beneath that annoyed, moody look...'

'I'm not what she thinks i am,'

'Unless she thinks i'm a fraud, a fake, overrated, an idiot...'

'I'm not worth her time...'

'...Why does it feel so dark and cold when she's not near?'

'I freeze and scare like never before...'


'New and disturbing,'

'Cracking my icy bitchyness.'

'He seems so weak and spazzy'

'But there's something in him...'

'Not like anything before...'


A bunch of Academy students/goons were watching the pair from a window.

"He's so cool."

"She's so hot."

"He's a genius."

"She's... spunky."

They stopped and looked at goon number four, spunky is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the 'intelligent thought killingly sexy' Mew.

"They're weird."

"A couple made in heaven... or hell."

The ever detestable Purse butted in:

"They're freaks!"

"A milksop and a bitch!"

"A pervy geek and a skanky fire wielding witch!"

"The Goons butted in again."

"In the future,"

"Will they bang?"

"Will they make sweet music, will it be passion?"

"Will they kill each other?"

"They're not like anything that's been seen before."

"What?" (Purse screamed indignant)

"We said," (the goons replied annoyed)

"They're not like anything that's been seen..."




Was that the weirdest/stupidest thing i've done yet? Might do more of these. Please review.