Title: Wedding Jitters

Author: digitaldesigner

Beta: hazel_eyes_86

Word Count: 453

Rating: PG

Spoilers: A spoiler-free zone.

Pairing: Peter/Olivia

Summary: Olivia is nervous on her wedding day.

Disclaimer: If you recognize them, it doesn't belong to me. Otherwise, it's mine.

Author's Note: Written for the in the end challenge at jjverse.

Olivia didn't think she'd ever been so nervous in her life. She'd dreamt of this day for so long, she almost believed it was just that. A dream. But it wasn't. Today, she would wear a beautiful white gown, look into the eyes of the man she loved and promise to love him for the rest of their lives.

A soft knock sounded at her door, snapping her out of her thoughts. A moment later, Astrid poked her head in. "I thought I'd check and see how you're doing."

Olivia smiled. "I'm okay, just-"


Olivia nodded. "Yeah, more than I've ever been in my life," she admitted.

Astrid smiled. "It's only natural," she told the nervous bride, understanding shining in her eyes. She handed Olivia a small box. "I was asked to give you this."

"What is it?"

"Open it and find out."

"Who's it from?"

"Open it. You'll know," she told her softly. "I'll leave you alone. Let me know if you need anything." Olivia barely noticed as she slipped out the door as quietly as she'd come.

Sitting down, Olivia gently pulled the silver wrapping away from the box and lifted the lid. Inside, lying on a bed of cotton, lay the most beautiful necklace she'd ever seen. Lifting it from the box, she examined it closely. Shaped like a heart, it was made of 14 karat gold and encrusted with diamonds. Turning it over in her hands, the dedication there nearly took her breath away. "To my princess. Every time you wear this, I hope you'll remember that you have my heart now and always. I love you."

"Oh, my love," she whispered as one single tear slipped down her face. Quickly brushing it away, she rose and slipped the necklace around her neck. She walked to the full-length mirror and smiled at her reflection.

Ready now, she opened the door and took her soon-to-be father-in-law's arm as they made their way downstairs. As the wedding march began playing, she smiled as her eyes met those of the man she loved. At the altar, she placed her hand in his, knowing without a doubt that she was making the best decision of her life.

"Do you, Peter, take Olivia as your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for the rest of your lives?"

Peter smiled. "I do."

"And do you, Olivia, take Peter as your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for the rest of your lives?"

Olivia smiled. "I do."

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride." As Peter lowered his mouth to hers, the world around them faded away.