A black tom walked accross the clearing of thunderclan camp. the black tom walked into a den covered by bramble,
only a beatiful white she-cat lay in the center of the den cleaning herself. "hello hawkpaw" the she-cat said putting her head on her paws. "Hi, Breezepelt" the black tom said sitting down. "have you seen blackheart? he said he was going to show me the borders today" hawkpaw asked. " I think he left on patrol you were sleeping when he left" Breezepelt said with a purr. a large yowl came from outside the den. Breezepelt and hawkpaw ran outside into the clearing to see Amberfoot, the large grey tom was covered in blood. " Amberfoot what happen, where is blackheart and stonepaw?" firestar the clan leader asked leaping off the highledge towards amberfloot. "we got ambushed by shadowclan warriors." the grey warrior said. " and...and blackheart and stonepaw are dead" he hesitated. A pain that hurt more than a fox bite hit hawkpaw right in his heart. hawkpaw ran for the apprentice den passing by every cat. the black tom layed down in a pile of moss. blackheart was hawkpaws first mentor, and stonepaw was his brother. the loss of his mentor and kin was to much for him to handle. A white cat appeared in the den."you ok?" it was breezepelt. "i'll be fine" hawkpaw said sighing. " I'm glad you didn't go with them or you would be dead to" she said laying next to him. " You should check to see if your sister is ok." she added. " Ya, i'll check on her tomorrow" he said getting closer to breezepelt. " firestar said I can be your mentor now." she said licking his ear. The thought of breezepelt mentoring hawkpaw lifted his spirit a little. " you better try and get some sleep" she said " Breezepelt...?" hawkpaw said looking down at his paws. " ya, what is it?" she said puzzled. "can you sleep with me tonight?" he said meeting her gaze. Breezepelt let out an amused purr. " sure, I don't see any harm in that." breezepelt said getting closer to the she-cat. Breezepelt's sweet scent and warm coat put hawkpaw into a deep sleep.