Summary: She's just a pickpocket, a thief, and he just happened to be the victim. Against his better judgment, he takes her in. Unwillingly, this event bring them closer together than they ever wanted or imagined.

Renegade Hearts

"Sing along mockingbird, you don't affect me."

Chapter 1: The Pickpocket

She knew she had to strike now. It was now or never, after all.

It wasn't like she liked doing what she did, because honestly, if she had the choice, she would never resort to this. But that was the problem. She didn't have a choice.

Most people were given a choice to do good or bad. That's where she was different. If she had the choice, she would be good. Years before everything happened to her and her family, she was one of those people that chose to do good. It was in her nature to be a down to earth person, but that part of her was long gone now.

She sighed, running her dirty, bruised and cut fingers through her black locks of hair. She looked at her next victim; a normal looking guy wearing a suit with a black tie, white dress shirt, and black dress pants. Normal enough, and probably loaded.

What she did was the lowest of low, and she knew it, but you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.

She crouched down, eying the man as she reached into her pocket to make sure she still had her pocket knife. Just in case,' she reminded herself.

It was above and beyond her to ever hurt someone, and the only reason she kept that around was for her own safety. Living on the streets wasn't the safest, and even if you knew people, not everyone was friendly towards people like her.

People like her. She snorted at the thought.

The man pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number, putting it up to his ear to chat away.

Perfect opportunity.

She slipped into the crowd of people unnoticed, speeding up her pace to keep up with the man. As soon as she was close enough, she accidentally bumped into him and reached into his pocket, taking his wallet and shoving it into her own. The man glanced over at her, clearly annoyed. She bowed and said a muffled 'sorry' as she took off.

"Piece of cake," she breathed as she made her way back to the safety of the alleyway she previously occupied.

Sometimes it was a good thing she lived in Tokyo. It was so crowded, most likely you would only see a person once, and never again.

She leaned against the wall and flipped open the wallet. Her fingers gently pried open the middle section and pulled out two twenty dollar bills. It wasn't a bad amount, but it wasn't close to enough to survive for the couple days she needed it for.

She tossed the wallet down the alley and pocketed the two twenty's.

It looked like her day wasn't over yet, and it was starting to seem it never would be.

A few minutes later she saw another victim, and this one had to be loaded. Just how he carried himself showed he had money and that he wasn't afraid to show people it either. He had the most unusual looking long silver hair. She shrugged the thought off, knowing she couldn't have any doubt in her mind when she did this, or she would get caught.

She quickly mixed in with the crowd and followed him, waiting for the right moment to strike.


The silver haired man started to slow down.


He stopped, reached into his pocket, and picked up his phone.


She ran in for the kill, knocking into his side and reaching into his pocket. Almost have it,' she thought. At that exact moment the silver haired man grabbed her shirt by the collar and put her down in front of him.

"Toga, let me call you back," his monotone voice said. "It seems something has come up that I must take care of." He closed his phone shut and put it in his pocket, his full attention to the girl in front of him. His cold, amber eyes stared up at her. Her dirty black hair fell around her face, her brown eyes stared at him with fear, and her scratched, torn up face scrunched up. She looked pathetic. He felt... bad for her.

Was this pity he was feeling?

She was scared, no, that was an understatement. She was scared shit less.

"What is your name, girl?"

"What are you going... to do with me?"

"Answer me."

She gulped. "Kagome."

"What you're doing is dangerous. You need to stop." He didn't know why he even bothered lecturing this worthless girl. It's not like she would listen anyway.

Her face contorted with anger. "Why would you care you rich pompous jerk? You don't know anything about me!"

It looked like he was about to smile. "Nor do I want to."

"Than let me go!" she yelled, trying to break free of his grip on her shirt. "It's not like loosing a few hundred would hurt you any, anyway!"

It was then he smiled. "You're right."

She glared at him, wanting nothing than to punch him in the face at that very moment. He was like every other rich bastard, caring for no one but himself. "You make me sick." She spit on his shirt, a grin forming on her features. It was a daring move, but one she was willing to take.

If he was mad, Kagome couldn't tell. He didn't say anything to her, instead he grabbed the phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. It rang for a few seconds until you heard his cold voice speak again.

"Jaken, come get me. And bring the Limo, we'll be having a visitor tonight." Without saying goodbye, he flipped the phone shut.

Kagome let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding in. "What did I get myself into now?"

I know in Japan they use Yen as the currency, not dollar bills, but for the sake of this story, I'm using dollar bills.

Short chapter, but it's only the prologue, they will get longer. And about my other stories, I will get back to them. I've just had this insane writers block for them. It sucks. Anyway, tell me what you think!

Mistakes will be fixed later.